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Incredible Men Photoshoot Poses
Incredible Men Photoshoot Poses: 12 Successful Poses for Men’s Photoshoot

Today, I will tell you about poses for men’s photoshoots and show some incredible men photoshoot poses for inspiration. Impatient, constantly busy men often feel insecure in the frame. In contra…

How to Take A Great Mirror Selfie At Home?
How to Take A Great Mirror Selfie At Home?

Today, I will tell you how to take a great mirror selfie at home. Self-isolation in the mirror is almost the only option to take a decent photo for your social networks, and not the worst one. This me…

15 Simple Tips to Take Great Selfies at Home
How to Take Great Selfies at Home: 15 Simple Tips from Professional Photographers

Today, I am going to tell you 15 tips to take great selfies at home. During quarantine, you have probably already taken a lot of pictures in an embrace with your favorite camera phone. It’s time…

Lens Distortion
Lens Distortion: How to Fix Lens Distortion?

Lens Distortion (from Latin distorsio – curvature) is an optical distortion of space. Distortion is most common when using wide-angle lenses. There are three types of distortion: barrel (convex)…

7 Steps to Take Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie with Your Phone
7 Steps to Take Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie with Your Phone

Currently, the most popular and easiest way to tell everyone that you have got a marriage proposal is to post an engagement ring selfie on social networks. Brides from all over the world upload photos…

Engagement Ring Selfie Ideas - How to Take an Engagement Ring Selfie
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas: How Do You Take A Good Engagement Ring Picture?

Tody’s topic is engagement ring photo ideas and I will tell you how do you take a good engagement ring picture to post on social media. A wedding, an engagement, or a marriage proposal are those…

Latest Product Reviews

Nikon Z FC Review
Nikon Z FC Review: Buy This When Look and Performance Really Matters

In this Nikon Z FC Review, I will try to review all the aspects and features of the beautiful Nikon Z FC Mirrorless Camera. Do you remember the days when the camera was the thing that made you stand o…

Sony a6300 Camera Review
Sony a6300 Camera Review: Features, Price, Design, and Ergonomics

Sony’s most popular APS-C camera has received another update. The design has practically not changed, the resolution of the matrix has remained the same, and the autofocus has been pumped up so …

Nikkor Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR Review
Nikkor Z 24-200mm F/4-6.3 VR Lens Review: The Best Ultrazoom Lens

Ultra-versatile or so-called ultrazoom has always been and will be famous among travel photographers, those who do not like or do not have the opportunity to carry a lot of camera equipment with them.…

Photography Tools and Equipment

Selfie Mirror
Selfie Mirror: All You Need to Know About Selfie Mirror

Today, I am bringing your attention to an original device “Selfie Mirror” that opens up vast opportunities for advertising and business. Selfie Mirror is an interactive panel that allows y…

Buying A Ring Light
What You Need to Know When Buying A Ring Light?

After buying a ring light, the imagination draws in mind great pictures and excellent video quality, which can be obtained with this inexpensive lighting accessory. However, soon the cruel reality sha…

benefits of ring light
The Key Benefits of Ring Light for Photographers & Bloggers

There are many benefits of using a ring light for photography and videos, I’ll tell you about the key benefits of ring light in this post. The ring light is designed for professional and amateur…