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A to Z About Photography

Take your photography to the next level with OrigaZoom. The complete photography tips and tutorials, including expert reviews of all the latest cameras, lenses, smartphones, and accessories, since 2019.

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Photography Tips & Tutorials

Ideas for Light Painting Photography
5 Amazing Ideas for Light Painting Photography

Today, I am going to tell you five amazing ideas for light painting photography. Light Painting isn’t anything new or crazy in the world of photography. Its effects are amazing and spectacular results…

How Do You Do Light Painting
How Do You Do Light Painting in Photography?

Today, I am going to tell you ‘how do you do light painting in photography?’ The technique of light painting also called brush, is easy to do, inexpensive, and produces fantastic results. …

Slow Shutter Speed Photography
5 Ways to Use Slow Shutter Speed in Photography

Using a slow shutter speed allows you to achieve amazing results in photography. It is a slow shutter speed that can show the starry sky, and plumes from the lights in your photographs. That can turn …

Bathing Photography
5 Bathing Photography Ideas: It’s Time to Take a Dip for Stunning Photographs at Home!

Water has always symbolized the purity of soul and body. Therefore, after trying too many ideas for a photo shoot, I decided to experiment with bathing photography. For the sake of such a case, I have…

Photography Ideas on The Floor
5 Photography Ideas on The Floor for Stunning Home Photography

Today I am going to share with you some great “Photography Ideas on The Floor”. Yes, it is strange that I have avoided this place until now. After all, how many wonderful and sensual poses…

Photography Ideas for Couple Photoshoot – Regular and Multi-Shot

Photographing a couple is a love story photoshoot that a photographer can show to the whole world. But how to make it non-standard, stylish, and engaging? I have collected some recommendations and coo…

Latest Product Reviews

Best Laptops for Photographers
Best Laptops for Photographers in 2022

As you know laptops are an important equipment for a photography career. So today’s article is about the “best laptops for photographers” in 2022. Professional photography requires a…

How to Choose A Ring Light?
How to Choose A Ring Light and Not Make A Mistake?

Ring lights are the most common lighting device nowadays. So how to choose a ring light from plenty of models and companies and not make a mistake? Taking good photos and videos requires not only a co…

Sony Products Highlights in 2021
Sony Products Highlights in 2021: Expansion and Consolidation

What results for Sony Products in 2021? The year was hectic for the orange and black brand, with many novelties regarding cameras and lenses. We take a look back at the brand’s highlights, as we…

Photography Tools and Equipment

Polarizing Filters for Canon
Choosing Best Polarizing Filters for Canon Cameras

Today, we’ll discuss the polarizing filters for Canon. Life events occur shortly but the memories live forever. It might be a road trip with your college friends, your graduation ceremony, or a …

Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos
Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos

Hello friends. Today we will talk about video production equipment you need (well, or may need) to create high-quality videos. It all depends on your goals and the purpose of your videos: what you wan…

Chroma Key
Chroma Key (Green Background) for Photography and Videography

Hello friends. Today, I decided to share information where you can buy an inexpensive Chroma Key for shooting your videos or taking pictures. I think it’s not a secret for you that many videos (…

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