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Photography Tips & Tutorials

Photography Ideas for Couple Photoshoot – Regular and Multi-Shot

Photographing a couple is a love story photoshoot that a photographer can show to the whole world. But how to make it non-standard, stylish, and engaging? I have collected some recommendations and coo…

Male Portrait Photography
Features of A Male Portrait Photography in the Studio and Required Light Scheme

Continuing my series of articles on studio photography, today I will tell you about male portrait photography: what a classic man’s portrait is, what kind of lighting is used to make a man&#8217…

How to submit photos to magazines
How to Submit Photos to Magazines: A Guide for Photographers?

Today’s topic is ‘how to submit photos to magazines.’ Publications in magazines, victories in competitions, and participation in exhibitions are three pillars on which a photographer…

Photo Montage Ideas
Photo Montage Ideas: 5 Fresh Ideas for Overlaying One Photo on Another

Today, I am going to tell you ‘5 fresh photo montage ideas’ in this post. Have you already mastered all the basic retouching techniques and want to learn something new? Try photo montage! …

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas – Top Ideas for a Beautiful Photoshoot in The City

Today’s topic is ‘spring photoshoot ideas.’ Spring is a fantastic time when nature comes to life, and photographers have dozens of ideas for cool spring photoshoots. After a monotono…

Top 10 Photoshop Hacks for Beginner Photographers
Top 10 Photoshop Hacks for Beginner Photographers

Today, I am going to tell you about the ‘top 10 Photoshop hacks for beginner photographers.’ Filming behind, there are gigabytes of photos on the memory card. The next step is processing. …

Latest Product Reviews

Best Laptops for Photographers
Best Laptops for Photographers in 2022

As you know laptops are an important equipment for a photography career. So today’s article is about the “best laptops for photographers” in 2022. Professional photography requires a…

How to Choose A Ring Light?
How to Choose A Ring Light and Not Make A Mistake?

Ring lights are the most common lighting device nowadays. So how to choose a ring light from plenty of models and companies and not make a mistake? Taking good photos and videos requires not only a co…

Sony Products Highlights in 2021
Sony Products Highlights in 2021: Expansion and Consolidation

What results for Sony Products in 2021? The year was hectic for the orange and black brand, with many novelties regarding cameras and lenses. We take a look back at the brand’s highlights, as we…

Photography Tools and Equipment

Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos
Video Production Equipment for Creating High-Quality Videos

Hello friends. Today we will talk about video production equipment you need (well, or may need) to create high-quality videos. It all depends on your goals and the purpose of your videos: what you wan…

Chroma Key
Chroma Key (Green Background) for Photography and Videography

Hello friends. Today, I decided to share information where you can buy an inexpensive Chroma Key for shooting your videos or taking pictures. I think it’s not a secret for you that many videos (…

DIY Softbox
DIY Softbox: Making A Softbox for Photography

Welcome, my friends to ‘DIY Softbox’. Today I finally got to the publication of an article, which, to be honest, I planned to write for you much earlier, but crawled to it just now. But be…