5 SEO Agencies Mistakes Which is Killing Your Dreams?

Despite the fact that the segment of professional website promotion has been developing for a long time, even the well-known SEO Agencies Mistakes that can seriously affect the result of the promotion. What can we say about those agencies and specialists who work relatively recently? Therefore, in order to be able to control the results of the work of such specialists, we recommend that you pay attention to five key points in which mistakes are most often made.

No. 1. Slow Download Speed

The factor is quite controversial. As recent research by the RebootOnline marketing agency has shown, for some reason, pages with even a low download speed may well be in the TOP-10 based on the results. But the position in the extradition is one thing, but the conversion is another. And just the download speed has the most negative result on the conversion of the site – users do not want to wait until the page loads to place an order and just leave the site.

What Needs To Be Done To Increase Download Speed?

  • We remove the “heavy” plugins that reduce the speed;
  • We check the quality of hosting;
  • We remove unnecessary JAVA scripts;
  • We make data caching;
  • We apply technology of Turbo pages and AMP;
  • Combine CSS styles.

No. 2. Low Number of Internal Links

Internal links – this is one of the most important factors in promoting a site on the Internet . But for some reason, more than 50% of SEO Agencies neglect this factor. Although using internal links you can achieve the following goals:

  • “Build up” reference mass;
  • Improve the usability of the site;
  • Increase the relevance of a web page to a search query;
  • Simplify indexing by designating the site structure.
  • Sites look like oxymoron without internal optimization, but with very high-quality content on the pages. Here are the simplest options for internal links:
  • Site Map. It leads to all pages and at times facilitates navigation;
  • Recommender. They are placed under the product cards, prompting the user to interesting or similar positions;
  • Cross-cutting. They are located on each page and serve to facilitate navigation;
  • Tags improve navigation on similar content;
  • “Breadcrumbs” clearly indicate the path from the main page to the page you are viewing;
  • Contextual links within the page itself leading to other pages.

IMPORTANT: Search engines index anchor text as important key queries. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think through the content of anchor links in advance and their optimization according to the necessary requests.

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Number 3. Indexing Extra Pages

The simplest “site:” command in the Google line allows you to see the number of extra pages that should not be a priori at all. Ships include blank pages, individual pictures, and so on. Therefore, do not forget to regularly audit pages that are indexed by the search engine and delete them.

Number 4. Uninformative And Irrelevant Content

The times when the text was written for the sake of text have long gone down in history along with Ancient Greece, sausage 3 rubles 50 kopecks and the browser Netscape Navigator. Any content that you post on your site should be as informative as possible and meet user requests. Therefore, SEO-specialists and SEO Agencies must ruthlessly remove content that does not meet these requirements, even if the site owner wrote it personally and is proud of it as if they gave a literary prize for it.

No. 5. Insufficient Optimization For Key Queries

HF, MF and LF queries in texts are very good. But this is not enough for modern algorithms in order to consider texts relevant. Therefore, do not forget about LSI queries, which include synonyms and words that are similar in meaning. Such words allow the search engine to more accurately understand what exactly the content on the page is dedicated to.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget that re-optimization is as harmful as insufficient optimization. Pay more attention to the quality of the content and its value to the user, rather than the number of keys in the text.

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