Ideas for An Artistic Photoshoot

Are there any objective laws by which an idea moves from fantasy to a real artistic photoshoot? How and who translates ideas into real photos? The answers to all these questions are given below.

But first, a little about the main categories of professional art photography. The difference between a professional art photo session and an amateur one is obvious, although amateur equipment is capable of much today. But a professional approach to a photo shoot is not only modern equipment, but also competent lighting, and composition, and visage with decor.

Portrait Art Photography

The most traditional embodiment of a professional art photo shoot is a photographic portrait. The aim here is the idea of ​​expressing the beauty and individuality of a person: emphasizing personal charm, aesthetics of the face or body. Make-up and staging of portrait photography are designed to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of human appearance in the picture, nothing more.

Artistic Photography as A Staged Photo and Idea

Artistic photography has a wider range of goals. Firstly, a photo shoot involves a staged approach and the creation of an artistic image.

The transmission of a conscious idea is what distinguishes the genre of artistic photography from other genres of photography.

To create the image, a whole professional team is involved, consisting of stylists, makeup artists and photographers.

Creating an image here is a creative process of materializing ideas for a photo shoot, in which the customer can take the most direct part. An artistic image is an expression of the idea of ​​the inner content of a person through external attributes – clothing, makeup, decorations and special props.

Make-up for portrait is different from make-up for art photography. Makeup for portrait art photography is needed to highlight the beauty of the customer. But when creating an image, it is also an artistic tool that serves as the embodiment of the concept of the character being created.

It is similar in its character to theatrical make-up, giving the image completeness or playing in contrasts. For example, gothic makeup can add an uncharacteristic shocking or mysterious gloom to a good-natured open face. He makes the viewer peer into the photograph in search of hidden meaning, unexpected features of nature.

So, the creation of any artistic image attracts the customer’s creative abilities, makes him generate ideas and transform. And the involvement of professionals – make-up artists and photographers – will help the earliest material embodiment of fantasies, the result of which is highly artistic photographs.

Basic Ideas for A Photo Shoot and Professional Execution

The services of a professional creative art photo shoot today allow us to embody virtually absolutely any (the most unusual and crazy, or, on the contrary, sophisticated and stylistically sophisticated) idea of ​​the customer.

Professionals and amateurs, thanks to the possibilities of modern photography and digital image processing, are fully equipped to capture our wildest ideas, artistically play with fantasy costumed images. Popular (traditionally already) is artistic photography in the style of decadence of the beginning of the last century, prim and sinister Gothic, futuristic and classicism.

At the same time, it costs nothing to modern technology to repeat the effect of black and white elegant photographs of the Victorian era, adding to them “worn by time”. As well as it costs nothing to create ultra-bright photos with juicy color combinations in the “trash” or “anime” style. Shooting of the session can be done in studio or on location as you wish, evaluating the advantages of each option.

Where Do Creative Ideas for An Artistic Photo Shoot Begin?

An idea for photography is a concept or image from which all subsequent artistic photography (or a given topic that will be understandable to the performer of the photoset) can start.

Choosing A Mood for An Artistic Photo Shoot

In the context of the main idea, it is necessary to find the mood that the photograph should carry. It can reflect, for example, the romance of love or the joy of summer vacations, or the beautiful aesthetic sadness and satiety of decadence.

The mood chosen for an artistic photo session should be lived as organically as possible, you need to get used to the image – this is a condition for obtaining a professional, mind-disturbing, spectacular picture. The question of mood is ambiguous. There can be two or more mood lines. For example, a business lady can order a photoset that should reveal her professional qualities.

Being in the business environment of her office, she must convey the mood of respectability and reliability of her company. However, no woman will refuse to look chic and sexy.

Therefore, behind the business-like severity and strong-willed focused gaze of the first plan of the mood, there will always be a second, reflecting a slight playfulness and coquetry, romanticism and elegance, a subtle hint of the content of the heroine’s inner world.

For summer vacation art photography, one basic line of mood is enough – the carefree joy of life and well-being – a celebration of life that evokes a blissful smile from the viewer.

At the same time, the charge of photographs is within the framework of the basic mood: it can be both open and unobtrusive, it can be consciously absent altogether. The general rule of thumb is that there is always one priority conscious basic mood for an art photo shoot.

 Idea for A Photoshoot: Image Plot Performance

Photo sessions are held for both adults and children of any age. They can be individual and group. Personal and corporate. Wedding and carnival. Anything. The photoset has only one basic condition – inspiration and readiness to experiment with the images of your personality.

How does one overcome the path from idea for a photo shoot to execution? When the idea is ripe, and the mood to embody it is in full swing, then you should immediately contact the professionals. For this:

  • You need to choose a suitable studio or location. Make a phone call.
  • Already during the first conversation, as a rule, there is a detailed discussion, preparation for filming begins immediately.
  • At the preparatory stage, the studio (based on the customer’s idea or together with him) selects accessories and costume details, discusses the image with a stylist.
  • If the idea for the client’s photo shoot is not very clear, he is usually asked to experiment with creating an original photo.
  • If there is no idea at all, the customer can send his photo to the studio stylist, and he will select several ideas and images to choose from.
  • In addition to a professional stylist and makeup artist, studios often have a body art artist.

The techniques of this fashion trend serve the embodiment of the most unusual creative ideas: body art and face art allow you to transform, for example, into images of animals, whole groups of children at holidays and carnivals with a minimum budget of funds and time costs, receiving emotional exotic photos. The techniques of body art, face art and face painting will help girls create a unique artistic image for photography, especially if body plastic and dance dominate in the photo set.

So, based on their goals, capabilities and fantasies, everyone is able to come up with quite successful ideas and choose the best places for a photo set. Ideas for a photo shoot can come up on the go, because there are so many interesting things around.

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