100+ Best Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas in Nature

An Autumn family photoshoot in nature will be a great idea to decorate your family album. Many of us do not like autumn – after all, most of us associate this time of the year with rains, slush, sadness, and dreary gray days. Yes, the hot summer full of vivid attraction and impressions has passed, but this is not a reason to get depressed. Autumn is not only drizzling rain, and the sky is covered with a blue canvas of clouds. And even if the sun is not so bright, and evenings are not so warm – each pore has its aces up its sleeve.

The only autumn can deftly and imperceptibly repaint the green foliage into a variegated palette of warm shades of yellow and red. The only autumn gives us rich harvests of gardens and fields. And what about Indian summer? And the subtle aroma of late flowers and drying grass? All this happens only in autumn, so it is simply impossible not to love this time of the year.

Therefore, if you could not update your family photo album for some reason in the summer, it is unnecessary to postpone this task until the following year – you can have excellent photography in the fall. And to make it easier for you to plan it, I have prepared for you the best-compiled information about autumn family photoshoot ideas in nature.

Autumn is not as dynamic as summer. Therefore, the photo session should take place slowly, without haste and panic. Think it over, discuss it with the photographer, and start preparing without delay.

16 Best Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas in Nature
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Features of the Autumn Family Photoshoot

Although various photo sessions are held according to a similar principle, they have their characteristics and differences.

Autumn is the time when nature goes to rest. After a busy summer, we also desire to slow down a little and start a measured, quiet life.

16 Best Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas in Nature

An autumn photo session in 99% of cases is held outdoors – after all, no studio can convey the unique atmosphere of this time. The leading tone of such photography is set by the weather – sunny morning, rainy day, gloomy, tired evening.

Autumn is not only sadness and longing. September and early October are often quite warm, bright, and truly sunny. And it is imperative to have time to “catch” this moment – when the summer has already passed, but nature has not yet had time to plunge into long winter hibernation.

What is the Difference?

The autumn photo session has its characteristic features, the main of which is the color scale of the pictures. The photo is always dominated by shades of yellow, red, brown. Of course, at the beginning of the season, the grass still turns green, the foliage has not yet had time to color in warm autumn colors.

However, the atmosphere itself is still not summer at all – one can feel the relaxation, smoothness, and even fatigue of the surrounding world. Therefore, the autumn family photoshoot pictures are appropriate – measured, restless, filled with calmness and tranquility.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas in Nature

The highlight in any photoshoot, including the autumn one, is lighting. You can choose any time for shooting in autumn from early morning to late evening; the same landscape will look completely different at different hours.

Morning fog and a slight frost will add some mystery to the pictures, and at sunset, soft sunlight will allow you to take a couple of romantic and gentle shots.

Positive & Negative Aspects of The Autumn Family Photoshoot

The main positive feature of the autumn family photoshoot is their unique atmosphere. The good news is that you can make beautiful shots almost at any time of the day.

But there are also disadvantages here:

The weather does not please us with stability at all. Having looked at the weather forecast, you are counting on a sunny warm day, but in fact, you get drizzling rain and cold winds in the morning.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Don’t be upset! If you can’t reschedule the shooting, the photographer will undoubtedly save your photo session – after all, a professional always has a couple of techniques in his arsenal that can turn disadvantages into advantages.

Cold and high humidity significantly limit the participants in the photo session – if in the summer you can safely lie down on the grass or wander barefoot along the lakeshore. It is better not to allow yourself such liberties in the fall: the cold season is just around the corner, and catching the flu during shooting is not the best gift to start autumn. Therefore, carefully prepare your props – dress warmly, take umbrellas and warm blankets with you.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

As you can see, if you thoroughly prepare for the photo session, you will not be afraid of any weather surprises. And for the photos to turn out rich and colorful, do not forget about a good mood – this is a fundamental moment in any photography.

How to Prepare for An Autumn Family Photoshoot?

Have you already chosen the day and time for the photo session? Excellent! Then let’s start a thorough preparation.

It is no secret that in front of a photographic lens, people begin to shade, feel shy, wholly lost, and the result is entirely different from what they would like to see in the pictures. First of all, remember – you should not pose (after all, you are not posing for the cover of a glossy magazine). The family autumn photo session is a separate chapter of your life. It is life., therefore – live.

autumn photo session

Be natural and forget about the presence of the photographer. Run, jump, play with children, hold hands, kiss, throw fallen leaves at each other. Don’t try to be someone else.

autumn photo session

If the photographer needs to take a couple of staged photos, he will undoubtedly take into account all your wishes and tell you how to behave so that the picture turns out to be harmonious.

1. Accessories for An Autumn Family Photoshoot

Autumn is an unpredictable time. Sun in the morning, but it may rain by lunchtime. Therefore, take with you everything you need for a comfortable pastime:

  • Umbrellas (or raincoats) for all family members. You can also grab rubber boots.
  • A change of clothing for everyone. It’s easy to get dirty when playing outdoors, so it’s great to have a spare pair of pants and a new sweater with you.
  • Plaid, bedsheets. Autumn picnics are a very popular form of recreation. Most likely, you will want to have in your family album a few professional photos of breakfast (or lunch) in nature.
  • Thermos with hot tea or coffee. Several hours in the fresh autumn air can slightly “cool” even the hottest. Besides, drinking tea in the autumn park looks very romantic.
  • If you are going to a photoshoot with children, take care of a healthy snack – cookies, fruits, homemade sandwiches.

It is better to discuss the choice of accessories for shooting with the photographer in advance – most likely, he has certain vital information that will be useful to you. If you only want your personal belongings in the photo (for example, a picnic basket, blanket, children’s toys, etc.), collect everything in advance.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas in Nature

An autumn photoshoot assumes the presence of a minimum amount of props – a unique atmosphere in the photo is created by the surrounding landscape and the mood of the participants, and accessories play a secondary role here, so they should not be very noticeable.

2. Clothing for Autumn Family Photoshoot

To get harmonious photos, it is important to make the right wardrobe for shooting:

  • Dress for the weather. If it’s cool outside, don’t torture yourself by wearing a thin pullover and light summer shoes.
  • Choose clothing that is comfortable and free of movement.
  • Knitted things look very stylish on autumn photos – cozy pullovers, cardigans, or light coats.
  • Try to keep all family members dressed in approximately the same style. Agree, the pictures in which mom in a strict coat and hat, dad in a T-shirt and shorts, a son in a tracksuit, and a baby daughter in a fluffy tulle dress with a fur cape will look rather ridiculous.
  • Choose one direction and stick to it – for example, urban style (jacket or parka, jeans, boots) or classics (coat, pants/skirt, shoes).
  • As for the colors, it is preferable to use “autumn” tones in clothes (red, orange, brown). In order not to merge with the landscape, choose things with bright accents (contrasting belt, colorful scarf or scarf, embroidery or print).
  • Shades of blue or green look beautiful against the background of autumn foliage. Well, and of course white – it is appropriate always and everywhere.
  • Don’t forget about hats – cute knitted hats, berets, scarves. They will not only protect you from the cold but also create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

When preparing for an autumn family photoshoot, you do not need to rush to the store and completely update your wardrobe – choose things that are dear to you, in which you feel confident.

3. Best Location for Autumn Family Photoshoot

When deciding where you will go for a photoshoot, start with your wishes first. Perhaps you would like to visit the place where you met your soul mate or where your wedding photo session took place. Or maybe you want to walk with the whole family in a park or square not far from home. Any site that evokes positive emotions in you will certainly do.

Best Location for Autumn Family Photoshoot

When choosing a place for a photoshoot, study the weather forecast – if it is cold and damp on the scheduled day, then the forest or park will not be the best place for photography.

Best Location for Autumn Family Photoshoot

It is not necessary to go out of town – an autumn family photo session in an urban setting will also turn out to be very bright and colorful.

4. Best Time for Autumn Family Photoshoot

An early autumn morning is a fresh, light frost on the grass and leaves (if we are talking about mid-October – early November), bright rays of the sun. During the day, it is usually warmer than in the morning; not so damp, bright sun rays make their way through the rare haze of clouds.

autumn morning

In the evening, especially just before sunset, everything around is transformed, filling the atmosphere with a subtle scent of romance and dreaminess. Choose the time of the photo session based on the desired result.

autumn evening

If you are planning a photo session with a child, try to adapt to his regime – an excellent option would be a morning or evening walk.

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100+ Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

16 Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas for Stunning Photographs
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

1. On Bicycles, Rollerblades

In autumn, no one canceled active sports. We take bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters for all family members and run to the park.

On Bicycles, Rollerblades
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

You can arrange a family relay race – so everyone will have an incentive to give 100%.

2. With Animals

If you have a pet, be sure to include him in a family photo shoot.

With Animals
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Dog, cat, rabbit – any four-legged friend will look great in the frame.

3. Picnic

A light snack in nature is a great way to replenish your strength after active games in the fresh air. Make yourself comfortable on a warm blanket and treat yourself to the autumn gifts of nature.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Don’t forget to bring a thermos with your favorite hot drink.

4. Active Games

What will help you keep warm during a walk in the fall? Of course, running, jumping, playing hide and seek, catching up, etc. Delight your children – play leapfrog, football, volleyball, or tennis with them.

Active Games
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

You will certainly feel warmer, and the guys will be delighted with the resulting photos.

5. In The Field

For some reason, we associate autumn with the fields. Prepared haystacks lie decorously and wait for them to be taken to the farm.

In The Field
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

In the meantime, they are waiting; you can use them as props for an autumn family photoshoot.

6. With Food

During a photoshoot, feeling hungry can catch you off guard. To prevent this from happening, think in advance about bringing along light snacks (fruits, vegetables, sandwiches).

With Food
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Sit comfortably at a table in the park (don’t forget about a tablecloth and dishes) or on a warm bedspread – and here’s another story for autumn photography is ready.

7. Under the Tree

You can comfortably stay under a tree with the whole family. It is better to take children in your arms – sitting on the ground, you can easily catch a cold.

Under the Tree
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Another option is a photo on a tree. Usually, children are photographed this way, but if you have certain sports skills – why not?

8. Embrace

They say that to achieve moral peace, a person needs at least 40 seconds of hugs daily. During the autumn family photo session, you can easily fulfill and even overfulfill this plan.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

9. Jumping Photo

For several years now, the jumping photo has not given up its position in ranking the most popular ideas for a photoshoot. In the fall, you can add throwing leaves up to the usual jump.

Jumping Photo
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Such photos always turn out to be very lively and emotional.

10. Campfire

Fire is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness. It personifies home comfort and well-being. Family photos by the fire are very symbolic. It’s also just beautiful.

Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

You can look at the flame, or you can fry a sausage or marshmallow on the fire.

11. With Umbrella

If suddenly the weather lets you down and instead of a sunny day slipped rain and slush, do not be discouraged. With bright umbrellas, you will save your day. And along with your photo session.

With Umbrella
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

But what is here … Even if the sun is shining on the street, you are unlikely to refuse a photo with an umbrella.

12. By the Water

Swimming in the fall is not worth it. But sitting by a pond, lake, or riverbank is a great idea. The peaceful atmosphere of the pond will help you take some high-quality family photos.

By the Water
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

13. With Pumpkins

You don’t have to go to a pumpkin field to do this (although it’s not a bad idea). Most likely, the photographer will find the necessary props – several dummies of ripe pumpkins.

With Pumpkins
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Such photos are especially relevant on the eve of Halloween; a holiday celebrated on October 31st.

14. On the Swing

Both adults and children love to ride on a swing. Who will ride and who will ride – decide for yourself? The photo must show sincere joy, love, and care.

On the Swing
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

15. On the Bench

Finding a free park bench is not difficult. Throw a blanket on her casually and make yourself comfortable, not forgetting to take your favorite book or a cup of aromatic coffee with you.

On the Bench
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

Or sit, talk about your plans, remember the happy moments of your life together – all the rest of the work will be done by the photographer.

16. With Wreaths

You can weave wreaths in autumn from wildflowers (they bloom until late autumn) or from fallen leaves. As a rule, pictures with wreaths are hot and delicate, imbued with a “vintage” mood and grace.

With Wreaths
Autumn Family Photoshoot Ideas

You can come up with dozens of more ideas for an autumn photoshoot with your family – with balloons, soap bubbles, walking on the street, and so on. The main thing is that your mood matches the chosen direction.

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An autumn family photoshoot will help you get many positive emotions, relax your body and soul, and spend precious time with the most important people in your life.

If you want this day to be flawless and remembered for many, many years, do not neglect my main advice – choose for work only an experienced photographer who knows how to find a way out of non-standard situations and is fluent in communication with adults and children.

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