Background for Video: What Background is Better for A Video Shoot?

Background for Video

This question worries everyone who shoots a video with their participation in the frame. It is asked to me quite often and they are surprised at my opinion, because from most video marketing gurus they hear something completely different.

You’ve probably already heard that you need to shoot video messages to viewers on a neutral background. And they saw how the majority embodied this, finding a single-color wall at home.

So it is better to never shoot against such a background.

Because, to call a spade, it is advised by non-professionals in shooting, who have picked up the tops from some marketing gurus. Or, at best, from photography, where a white background is common. But it is precisely white pure color that is a special even monochromatic background with professional light, and not a wall of indeterminate color.

No professional cameraman or director will ever put a person close to the wall when shooting. You will not see such shots on TV - I mean large competent channels. Instead, the person will be asked to take a few steps away from a wall or any other background.

A monochromatic background is good when you plan to add titles or graphics, but it is more demanding in terms of lighting, appearance, and even diction, because there is nothing else for the viewer to look at.

An interior or street background gives depth to the frame, creates an atmosphere and carries information about the person in the frame, so this should also be taken into account. And they are more vital and closer to the viewer, create a feeling of confidential conversation and reduce the distance. This also has meaning and impact.

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Therefore, for different purposes, different options are suitable - all this needs to be thought out. But a clean monochromatic background is more difficult to organize at home - you need not only to buy it, but also lighting devices. But if you decide, it makes sense to get a green background and use the huge variability of the chroma key.

What recommendations do you hear most often and what do you think about this?