The Insider’s Guide to Bridge Camera and It’s Top Models

Best Bridge Cameras

The key to Bridge Camera is that it bridges the gap between the small point-and-shoot camera and the larger DSLR. It has a large optical zoom lens like DSLR (versatile but not interchangeable). The sensor is generally not as advanced as a dedicated DSLR, and therefore Bridge cameras tend to fail in low light / high ISO situations (but better than P&S).

What is Bridge Camera?

The bridge camera is a camera category that bridges the gap between point and shooting cameras and something better than a DSLR camera. You can say it is a bridge between advanced features and manual control, but this could also mean that it is a relatively bulky superzoom that may not provide much control or even high image quality, but looks like a DSLR camera.

A Bridge camera will typically have DSLR-like controls and processing and will come with a program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual exposure, just like DSLRs and compact point-and-shoot cameras.

You won’t get an optical viewfinder on a Bridge camera. This will be either an LCD or an EVF (meaning that when you look through the eye of the viewfinder, you see the image of what the lens is seeing as captured by the sensor, not the actual image, the reflected mirror). Of course, by its very definition, a DSLR will have an optical viewfinder.

Professional or amateur, you may dream of a more elaborate camera than the one you already worked on. Among the models swarming on the market, from classics to the most ingenious, your choice is directed to a digital bridge camera. That said, some features still elude you. Before taking out your wallet and tying yourself to a product, you should think about the model and design of the device. Which subsequently leads you to analyze the lens, sensitivity, and functions of the device.

Lack of time, you can not dwell on our bridge camera buying guide and product selection. Find out at least the two best models who stood out. Canon’s PowerShot SX60 HS features an ultra-sharp, versatile zoom that includes complete control of your photos and videos. And the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 is equipped with a large aperture of the lens, allowing it to capture a moving object.


Canon Powershot SX60 HS Bridge Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SX60 HS Bridge
Canon Powershot SX60 HS Bridge

Canon Powershot SX60 HS provides you with a very powerful zoom equal to 65x. With some cameras, when this function corresponds to such a considerable value, the quality of the image obtained is not satisfactory. This is not the case with this model.

If the recognition of Wi-Fi in Windows had worked well, this model would have been even more appreciated by its users.

Canon Powershot SX60 HS is the best in our selection, given its ability to offer a powerful zoom to the user.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Bridge Camera 12.1 Mpix Optical Zoom

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Bridge Camera
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Bridge

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 allows you to take quality images by offering various functions. The aperture of its diaphragm is constant at f/2.8 and its sensor is efficient. The set offers an exceptional result with each shot.

The materials that were used in the manufacture of this product are not the good quality.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 has the best value. By investing in its acquisition, you are guaranteed to have quality images at every shot.

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Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera Bridge16, 76mpix 83x Optical Zoom

Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Camera Bridge16
Nikon Coolpix P900 Digital Bridge16

Nikon Coolpix P900 gives you access to a very reduced response time that is limited to only 0.12 seconds when you take your wide-angle shot. Because of this, this model ensures that you do not miss any crucial moment to immortalize.

The main flaw of this product is that its focus in the video is slower, especially when the zoom mode is activated when you record the movie.

Nikon Coolpix P900 is the most expensive model, but this is the counterpart to the fact that its characteristics are unique. It offers a very reduced response time.

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How to Choose a Good Bridge Camera?

The bridge camera is the perfect choice for those looking for an intermediate model between the compact and the SLR. It is made photographers anxious to get each shot the best image.

The Lens of Bride Camera

Consider the lens first, since the quality of the lens is crucial to have the best shots. It is important that the minimum focal length is about 28 mm so that you can easily photograph a wider field, including a group of people without having enough space to retreat.

The immovable lens of a bridge is often cumbersome, but its large focal ranges are advantageous to ensure its versatility. It can thus be used without any problems to take family photos, landscapes, groups, portraits, and sporting events.

It is worth noting that the lens of a bridge is irreplaceable. However, demanding users have the choice of connecting optical components to extend the focal range terminals. In maximum zoom, you must use a good mechanical or optical stabilizer, in order to reduce possible blurring.

For those who are wondering how to buy a better value digital bridge camera, check the zoom values together with the lens. Depending on the models, you will find an optical zoom of 30x, 40x, 60x, 65x, and 85x. The latter allows you to enlarge a distant target and capture it more easily.


The sensitivity of a bridge camera is also equally important for successful photo shoots. This is the ratio of the shutter speed to the diaphragm. The sensitivity is displayed in ISO, the more is always better. It has varied values, from 100 to 1600 ISO.

The highest sensitivity allows even shooting images in dark environments. However, pay attention to models with high sensitivities that can generate factors that impair the rendering of the image.

Other Essential Features of Bridge Camera

The burst mode is necessary if you want to photograph moving subjects, especially during sporting events. It usually allows shots of 2 or 3 frames per second.

The booster flash may be essential to substitute for the built-in flash that may be less powerful. To install it, you need to have a claw that can accommodate it.

The RAW format helps to save raw images and then retouch them according to your wishes. But, it requires a large-capacity memory card.

5 Best Selling Bridge Cameras of 2021

Bridge camera buyers are disoriented by the abundance of supply in the market. Follow this comparison of bridge cameras to discover the features that match your expectations to avoid buying an inadequate device and losing your investment.

Best Selling Bridge Cameras

1. Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Canon Powershot SX60 HS

Main Feature

The zoom of the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS bridge camera is a point that differentiates it from other models. Very powerful, it will allow you to capture distant subjects without sacrificing the quality of the rendering of your photo.


If you want to capture any moment in day or night you need proper brightness. Understanding this need, the manufacturer offered this model with excellent brightness. So you won’t have to worry about the time to photograph with this camera.

The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS has a highly sensitive system. But not only this, we also find in this model a DIGIC 6 processor as well as a CMOS sensor of 16.1 megapixels. This winning combination gives you superior image quality and excellent sharpness, regardless of the lighting conditions at the time you take the picture. And even if the flash and tripod are indispensable accessories, here it will not be mandatory to take them out. These three elements are sufficient for adequate brightness. The goal of the manufacturer is always to offer excellence.

Lens Quality

We are always conquered by the powerful zoom of this device. The starting focal point can indeed be multiplied by 3. By and large, even the most distant subjects will not escape from the lens eye of this device.

In addition, the shooting angle is 21 mm, and with similar characteristics, the photographer will be able to capture different angles and appreciate the landscapes at their actual sizes. You can even capture the details of a scene more neatly. It goes without saying that the more you use the zoom function, the more you will see on your final rendering the small details of each object photographed.

And to find the initial zoom, you will only have to press a dedicated button that will take care of it automatically. So you can get back the starting shot and photograph with multiple viewpoints.

Video Function

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS allows you to switch from photo mode to video mode in no time. To do this, you will have to press a button only. And you can send your viewers to the time and place where you captured the images. Like all innovative cameras of the latest generation, every video you take is in Full HD. But it is almost impossible to make the event live without sound. Which allows you to immortalize the moment as it was, without missing anything.

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Rating: 9.7 / 10

The ease of use makes this camera a perfect choice for anyone who wants to invest in a higher-quality bridge camera. For all this, it deserves a rating of 9.7 out of 10.

Main Drawback

The only downside is the small camera sensor. Because of that, creative photographers will be somewhat limited to primary landscapes.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC – FZ200

Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ200
Panasonic Lumix DMC – FZ200

This model is the best cheap bridge camera for lovers of beautiful images and quality videos that you can find in the market. Lumix DMC FZ200 is the first device with a 25-600 mm Leica lens combined with a constant F/2.8 aperture. That means it can capture any subject at a long distance and moving, thanks to the rapidity of the shutter speed.

The quality of the image offered by this camera has nothing to envy with those of reflex cameras that are intended for professionals. Its MOS sensor, with 12.1 megapixels and very high sensitivity, gives shots of sharp quality, thanks to its innovative Venus Engine. For video lovers, the device can record in full HD 1920×1080 in MP4 format.

You can capture burst images in the order of 12 frames per second to accompany the movement of a subject. This feature is handy for photographing or filming a bird in flight, a wild animal in full flight, or just your child running in the garden.

Professional photographers choose the best bridge camera usually based on the image quality that the camera produces. In this regard, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 scores good points, mainly thanks to its F/2.8 diaphragm with a constant opening.

Main Features

Image Quality: Thanks to a constant aperture of the diaphragm at f/2.8, the Panasonic gains in image quality. The sensor allows for an excellent image quality of up to 800 ISO.

Video Quality: A good video is not the first vocation of bridge cameras in general. However, this Panasonic FZ200 can record videos in full HD 50p, with a bonus stereo sound.

Response Time: Thanks to the reactivity of less than one and a half seconds, you will have less risk of missing a crucial moment. You also won’t have to wait long between two photos.

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Negative Point

According to consumer reviews and my own experience, Panasonic has somewhat neglected the choice of materials on this model.

3. Nikon Coolpix P900

Nikon Coolpix P900
Nikon Coolpix P900

People wondering about the best Nikon bridge camera on the market probably have not yet tried the Nikon Coolpix P900. However, it is of particular interest to astrophotographers and animal observation enthusiasts. It can also help you to immortalize all kinds of moving images. Indeed, its AutoFocus is speedy and causes the reduction of the response time to the trigger, that is to say, only 0.12 seconds in wide-angle. This way, you can not miss any critical cliche.

The other asset of this bridge camera is its very powerful 83x optical zoom that can still be extended up to 166x, thanks to the Dynamic Fine Zoom. You will be amazed to discover the details of your shot that have escaped your naked eye. In addition, it is possible to record in a few seconds the positions where you have taken your photos using the systems GLONASS, GPS, and QZSS to mark with great precision the route.

Finally, it has a 7.5-inch adjustable screen with anti-reflective treatment to improve your visibility and increase the comfort of use. You can share your images without difficulty with built-in Wifi in the device and its compatibility with NFC technology.

Suppose you are wondering about a bridge camera for long-distance photos. The Nikon Coolpix P900 with its record zoom of 83x will probably catch your attention.

Positive Points

Ultra-Powerful Optical Zoom: The exceptional 83×24-2000 mm zoom of the Nikon Coolpix P900 will be helpful when taking photos at a distance (during an animal observation, for example).

Ultra-Fast Response: Not to miss the crucial moment you want to capture, take advantage of the reduced response time of about 0.12 seconds (in wide-angle) of this P900.

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Negative Point

Video Focus: During video recordings, the focus is rather late when zooming in while filming.

4. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ72EF-K

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ72EF-K
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ72EF-K

If you do not know which Panasonic bridge camera to buy, opt for this device that is an excellent alternative to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200. If both can take shots in bursts, the former has a higher resolution (16.1 megapixels) which means better image quality. It is equipped with a wide-angle lens of 20 mm and a telephoto of 1200 mm, therefore allowing you to take remarkable photos with this camera.

When you take close-up photos using the 60x optical zoom, most of the time, the slightest tremor or movement of your hands will affect the image quality that becomes blurred. The optical stabilizer now erases this adverse effect. This feature can also be activated when you switch to video mode.

Thanks to its active mode, your images remain stable even if you shoot while walking. This feature is interesting to keep sharp images of all your shots. In addition, the microphone is protected from the wind, which reduces about 70% of the noise, giving quasi-professional quality sounds.

Panasonic, one of the best brands of bridge cameras, offers here its Lumix DMC-FZ72EF-K with its exceptional zoom 60x and it’s a quality optical stabilizer.

Positive Points

60x Zoom: Take high-quality photos from a long distance thanks to the remarkable 60x zoom with an ultra-wide-angle 20mm. The zoom can also be used freehand.

Optical Stabilizer: The optical stabilizer of the F272EF-K is potent and allows you to make sharp shots at 1200m even without using a tripod.

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Negative Points

Response Time: If one were to compare the response time of the F272EF-K with that of the other devices, the latter is a little backward. Indeed, you have to wait more than two seconds between two shots.

5. Canon PowerShot SX400 IS

Canon PowerShot SX400 IS
Canon PowerShot SX400 IS

If you are looking for the cheap best bridge camera, we can only recommend this one. It is a gem of technology, its 30x optical zoom coupled with the ultra-wide angle of 24 mm. It allows you to take group photos without difficulty and take stunning landscape photos without moving from your place.

In addition, the Smart Auto Mode allows you to make adjustments to have beautiful shots. All you have to do is the frame and press the trigger. It makes this device easy to handle for beginners, and even kids can use it.

It also has an economical mode to minimize the consumption of the Lithium-Ion battery. With this feature, you only have to recharge your battery once to take photos throughout the day, whether it’s a trip or a seaside getaway.

Finally, with intelligent stabilization (IS) technology, you can get sharp shots in all circumstances without blur, even during walking. The excellent quality of the images reaches 16.6 megapixels due to the high resolution of the sensor.

If you are looking for a cheaper bridge camera but still with good performance, be interested in this Canon PowerShot SX400 IS. Please do not rely on its small size; this camera is equipped with an impressive 30X zoom.

Positive Point

Value for Money: The Canon PowerShot SX400 IS is a good compromise between the simple digital camera and the SLR. In addition, despite its low price, tests have revealed that it offers quality photos.

Zoom: The ultra-compact case of the Canon SX400 IS is small in size and very light in weight. This camera can be easily carried in a travel bag. Nevertheless, it still manages to embark on a zoom of 30x with an ultra-wide angle of 24mm.

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Negative Point

Memory Card: You need a memory card with this camera but you have to buy it separately. A memory card provided would have been welcome.

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