Best Canon Digital Camera of the Year Selected by Photography Experts

You plan a trip or vacation with your family, friends, or colleagues. And you want to capture and memorize your adventures and your most beautiful moments spent in their company. A Canon digital camera would be best suited to your wish. It will allow you to capture on the fly your highlights, unusual facts, or landscapes that attract you. This state-of-the-art equipment in its category will be helpful to make your memories and remember your landmark events.

Although there are several models of Canon cameras, it is not easy to choose the best model at a glance, which is why I help you select one through this comparison table below. Not all digital cameras are the same. They are presented with variable performance and price-quality ratios. That is why one must consider each of its essential criteria before deciding on a purchase.

So, before you get excited, it is essential to be interested in some decisive elements. First of all, make sure of the power of the sensor of the device of your choice. This sensor capability is a criterion that will help you determine the quality of your future images. Make sure that the sensor is equipped with an optical zoom. This optical zoom will give you an enlarged and sharp appearance. Then it is advisable to look at maneuverability to determine whether the model suits you and will be convenient. Make sure that it is easy to handle so as not to cause you too much trouble.

It is then evident that to get you the best digital camera. Therefore, it is better to choose high-performance prototypes, which will be easy to use and handle and equipped with a zoom option. Some brands offer you digital cameras with all these qualities as the three models that will follow.

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Recommended Best Canon Digital Cameras

Best Canon Digital Cameras

1. Canon EOS 800D – The Best Canon Digital Camera of The Year

If you are looking for the best digital camera of the moment, look at the products of the Canon brand, a brand that is no longer to be presented in the field of photographic equipment. This EOS 800 D model is out of the lot.

Canon EOS 800D

It is a reliable device with an APS-C 24 sensor, providing you with high-quality images with 2 million pixels. The shots will be with precise details and high contrasts. By the way, it’s not just a camera. You can also take videos with this camera, capture every object or moment you want, and then save the files to the device or an SD card. Since this is a digital camera model, the transfer of files will be easy.

As for the accessories that come with this camera, a battery charger, a wide strap, a cable for power supply, and an additional battery. If this is the first time you use this kind of material, then the user manual will be of great use.

For better protection of the device, its housing is robust and of high quality. You will also have a cap for it as well as an EF eyelet.

Positive Points

Positive Points

High-Quality Images: When buying a camera, you expect it. But with the Canon brand and especially this model, you will be amazed by the quality of its images.

A Complete Pack: You will no longer have to buy any accessories separately since everything is already in the pack.

Excellent for Beginners: This camera is great if you are starting in photography.

Negative Points

Negative Points

Video: With this camera, you will capture videos, but not with ultra HD resolution.

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2. Canon M50

When you are about to buy a camera, the first thing you notice right away is the amount of information to remember. For this reason, many people find it challenging to find a model that fits them. Compact, the Canon M50 is 11.63 cm long, 5.87 cm wide, and 8.81 cm high. As for its weight, it is in the order of 390 grams.

Canon M50

In terms of ergonomics, know that this camera comes with a 3-inch touch screen that is also perfectly adjustable. As for the finish, this model is available in white and black. In terms of performance, its CMOS sensor has a resolution of 24.1 megapixels. This configuration allows the camera to capture videos in 4K. as for the images; they have a maximum resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels and an ISO sensitivity of more than 25600. Also, know that the shutter speed of the camera is estimated at 1/4000 seconds.

In terms of connectivity, the M50 comes with a wireless connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Incidentally, this device will be accompanied by an EF-M 15-45mm lens. As for the warranty, Canon has announced a one-year duration.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Lightweight: Thanks to its featherweight, this device can be held easily in hand and will not be difficult to handle.

Easy to Use: Unlike other models, this device has an automatic mode, which is very convenient, especially for beginners.

A Good Visual Rendering: Whether in photo or video mode, the rendering is close to a high-end camera. This is explained by the fact that this device is equipped with dual-pixel autofocus technology.

A Touch Screen: Although this camera equips most of the devices of the moment, know that it makes all the difference. In addition, this screen is rotatable.

Negative Points


Misplaced Controls: Most control buttons do not fall under your fingers. Indeed, they are pretty far from each other.

Poor Battery Life: The battery that Canon provides does not last long. In addition, it costs quite expensive.

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3. Canon EOS 200D

In DSLR, some manufacturers distinguish themselves from other brands thanks to the diversity of its catalog. Currently, Canon is among the market leaders, and it’s not for nothing. Indeed, its products are aimed at all user profiles. Well known to photography enthusiasts, the EOS 200D is a must-have model.

Canon EOS 200D
Canon EOS 200D

Space-saving, this camera measures 122.4 mm long, 92.6 mm wide, and 69.8 mm high, for a total weight of 453 grams. Equipped with a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, this model can record videos in 1920 × 1080. In addition, it supports MOV, MP4, JPG, and RAW formats. Like all devices in this range, the EOS 200D is equipped with a 3-inch touch screen and incorporates a 10x digital zoom.

In terms of design, its silver finish differentiates it from its competitors. As for the power supply, know that this SLR runs with an LP-e17e battery.

Thanks to the integration of Bluetooth and WiFi, files can be transmitted to smartphones, tablets, or computers. Additionally, it comes with an EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 STM lens, power cable, charger, and user manual.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Easy to Handle: Since it is more compact than the devices of the upper range, its grip will not require any time of adaptation.

The Beautiful Photos: Whether it is good or bad, the quality of images, including photos, will always be at the rendezvous.

Good Editing Software: The software takes into account all capture modes, including the automatic one. In addition, its use facilitates the focus of photos, but also videos.

Simplified Navigation: Thanks to the menu layout, navigation is easy. In addition to this, all the instructions are easy to understand. Thus, there is no risk of making false manipulations.

Negative Points


Heavy: This model is heavier than its competitors, including the Sony A5100, and this is felt from the first use.

SD Card Socket: Usually, this socket is located on the side of the device, which is not the case with this model. Indeed, the card socket is placed on its lower part.

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