What is the Best Canon Wide Angle Lens of 2021?

A great photographer who seeks to evolve in his art keeps digging to achieve better results. This is why changing the lens is one of the main strengths of digital SLR cameras and hybrids. Indeed, the user adapts it according to the shot he wants to make.

Wide-angles are considered essential lenses for photographers seeking to who want to take beautiful pictures of landscapes. This is due to their short focal lengths, which allow a very wide frame to capture all the details of a vast panorama. Their technical characteristics also make them highly prized lenses for the realization of portraits, reports or architectural images.

Many sites offer different models of Canon wide-angle lenses like this comparative. Of course, they are not all the same. They are presented with variable performance and price-quality ratios. That is why one must consider each of its important criteria before deciding on a purchase.

So, before you get excited, it is essential to be interested in some decisive elements. First, find out about the focal length of the device of your choice. This is a criterion that will help you determine the field covered by the lens associated with a sensor. A lens is also characterized by its aperture that reflects its brightness. Then it is advisable to look at the question of the weight of the lens. Take care that it is not too heavy or bulky.

It is then obvious that to get you the best wide-angle lens. It is therefore better to choose high-performance prototypes, which will be easy to use and handle and will be equipped with a zoom option.

So, we will present you a model that will interest you.

Canon EF-S 10-18 IS STM

Its high optical quality makes it the choice of many users. It is a short-focal wide-angle lens, as it is between 10 and 18 mm. It will allow you to cover wide viewing angles, and therefore is well suited for shooting landscapes without having to move around. It is also able to photograph on a certain degree of angle. It offers an extensive capture of landscapes and sky.

Indeed, this kind of lens offers you the ability to integrate what you want into the framing and in addition to changing the perspective. As a result, you get photos of dynamic and striking landscapes. This lens also makes the background blurred while maintaining all the sharpness of your target.

The choice of item to highlight is up to you, although it can take pictures of the sky even in front of a dim light.


This device reflects a quasi-circular diaphragm opening. Its indicated aperture is f/4.5-5.6. Which determines that this lens gives you a very good area of sharpness of your photos. Especially since you can get closer to your target without moving it away from the frame, which accentuates the size of the building you capture a little more.

Also, this lens will be a great help to integrate all your subjects in your shots when shooting indoors in a limited space.

Not to mention that its STM technology ensures you a smooth focus when you record videos. It is also equipped with an image stabilizer system that guarantees clear images against the impact of accidental movements.


This wide-angle lens is the ideal partner for travelers or for any trip thanks to its compact size and featherweight. Indeed, it weighs only 240 grams and is only 74.6 x 72 mm. this model will not burden your luggage or cause you much clutter. Just be careful not to lose it in route.

The design and lightness of this device make it easy to carry. So, you can take the opportunity to explore the world to capture shots of striking landscapes or even the most expressive architectural photos. You can also enjoy the smooth and silent auto focus of the latter during your video recordings.

Canon EF-S 10-18 IS STM
Canon EF-S 10-18 IS STM

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