Best Compact Cameras for Travel

Best Compact Cameras for Travelers

We conducted a large survey (from Feb 22 to April 25, 2020) with 963 people who made a long trip. We asked them many questions about the camera they used to take their photos. And found 25% travelers used compact cameras for their travel photography. In this article read more about our finding and interesting facts about compact cameras for travel.

According to survey these are the most used brands:

The Sony is the most used compact camera brand among travelers, around 34% of travelers used this for their travel photography. Here are the most used compact camera brands:

  • 34% – Sony
  • 24% – Canon
  • 19% – Panasonic Lumix
  • 10% – Olympus
  • 6 % – Fujifilm
  • 5% – Nikon
  • 2% – Leica

Most Used Models – We grouped the devices by series, because some old models are no longer on sale today.

Selection Criteria

Cameras for Travelers


The sensor is the basic component of cameras. It serves to convert light radiation into an electrical signal. A large sensor allows to have a shallow depth of field (which allows to have the subject sharp and the arrival-plane blurred) and offers a better rendering when the brightness is low or contrast.

The number of megapixels is not a determining criterion for choosing a camera. All devices sold today have a sufficient number of megapixels to make satisfactory enlargements.

The higher the maximum ISO sensitivity, the more the sensor is able to store light and thus take pictures indoors without flash or pictures of moving subjects.

The Lenses of the compact cameras, lenses are not interchangeable. The focal length of the lens determines the proportion in which your subject will be enlarged. Wire maximum opening line indicated this way: f / number(s).

The smaller the f, the larger the aperture, which allows you to take pictures in low light without the need to increase the ISO sensitivity or use your flash.


Compact devices are smaller and lighter than other types of cameras. With the lens, they weigh between 400 grams and 1 kilo. The bigger your device will be, the more it will weigh your bag, attract lusts and will be difficult to get out to capture life scenes.


Many compact cameras support 4K (or UHD) video that provides more accurate image contours than Full HD. 4K video also has the advantage of allowing cropping. This is especially useful for stabilizing your image in post-production, since the software does not need to interface pixels. Be careful, the 4K requires a large storage space and a high-performance computer if you plan to do video editing.


The larger the dorsal screen and displays a large number of points, the more pleasant the viewing of photos and navigation. UN adjustable screen facilitates framing. A touch screen simplifies menu navigation and allows you to scroll through photos like on a smartphone.


The higher the maximum shutter speed, the more you can take pictures of moving subjects without them being blurred. However, the compact devices we compare here all have the same shutter speed: 1/2000 s. the burst mode allows you to take several images in a row automatically. The higher the maximum burst speed EST, the more chances you will get a good shot.


WiFi: This is the most common connection on cameras. It offers fast throughput and is used to upload your photos or display the target on a smartphone or tablet when remotely piloting the device. However, it consumes a lot of energy and require to disconnect phone wires from the Internet.

NFC: This is a connection with limited range and very low speed. It is used for just two devices without a password. With the arrival of Bluetooth Low Energy, the usefulness of NFC becomes questionable.

Bluetooth: This connection consumes very little power and does not require disconnecting your phone from the Internet. It allows you to maintain a constant connection with a smartphone to synchronize the camera clock, automatically retrieve GPS coordinates to add them to photos and upload photos to the phone continuously.

Built-in GPS: It allows you to add GPS coordinates to photos. It is not required when the device has a Bluetooth connection (see above).

Microphone Input: It allows you to connect a microphone of better quality than the one built into the camera.

Flash Claw: It allows to fix UN external flash or other devices.

USB: A USB 3.0 connection is ten times faster than a USB 2.0 connection.


With optical stabilization, it is the lenses that move in the lens so that the image follows the movements of your device. The 5-axis stabilization combine optical stabilization with mechanical stabilization at the sensor pour correct five different lags. Electronic stabilization is generally the least efficient.


The autonomy of compact cameras est usually quite low. It varies greatly from model to model. You can carry a second battery and an independent charger to avoid running out of power. However, this will increase the weight of your equipment.

Impact and Water Resistance

Some compact cameras, such as the Olympus Tough TG – 6, are designed to withstand falls from the height of a person and to be able to take underwater photos, which can be convenient if you are diving or snorkeling while traveling.

Selected Best Compact Camera – The Lumix ZS100

In our opinion, in this price range, it is the Lumix ZS100 that offers the best value for money. It zooms up to 10x, against maximum 4.2x for other devices in this price range. It has a 1″ type sensor, which provides better image quality than 1/2.33″ type sensors. It supports 4K video.

It is fast and allows to take 11 frames per second in bursts. It is also equipped with 5-axis stabilization. It owns UN electronic view finder 1,166,000 points.

Lumix ZS100
Lumix ZS100

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Second Choice – THE LUMIX ZS200

In our opinion, in this price range, it is the Lumix ZS200 that offers the best value for money. It zooms up to 15x, against maximum 5x for other devices in this price range. ZS200 has a 1″ type sensor, which provides better image quality than 1/2.33″ type sensors.

It supports 4K video. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is equipped with 5-axis stabilization. TZS200 has Un electronic view-finder 2,360,000 points and a very good autonomy for a compact: 370 images.


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The Best Photo (Taken with Compact Camera)

Best Compact Cameras for Travel
By: T. Devour

Compact cameras are not always a good choice for travel photography but for beginners it is a best and affordable choice. In this article we tried to provide an overview on best compact camera for travel and hope you like it. Please don’t forget to share this article to your travel companion.

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