Business Portrait Photography: A Necessary Investment in Brand Promotion

Business Portrait Photography

A business portrait visually embodies the business qualities of a person’s character. It is a powerful tool for promoting and increasing brand awareness. It is used to attract new customers and advertise the company. It is a mandatory attribute of a successful business owner.

When You Need Business Portrait Photography?

A business portrait photography, first of all, is necessary to create a business image and an image of a person. It will emphasize the status of a businessman or help the employer like him during the job search.

However, a business portrait is used not only for a resume. It becomes part of a personal brand. A business photo is posted as an avatar on social networks to attract new customers. It is also used in messengers to create a favorable image in communicating with customers, buyers, and partners.

Business Portrait Photography
Business Portrait Photography

You will need a business portrait photography:

1. Top managers and other senior management staff. A personal brand implies such a thing as a “business with a human face.” Official representatives of the company engaged in public and business communications directly affect the organization’s image. The image of the person representing the services is associated directly with the product being sold. In part, a business photoshoot builds consumer confidence in the company.

2. Officials and other political figures. The presence of business photos for government employees of the management apparatus is a mandatory requirement. They are posted in the media: on the official websites of political departments, after press releases, or within the framework of an election campaign.

The personal image from the photographs of the person. Moreover, such photography requires professionalism from the photographer because people pay attention to details: light, facial expression, hand position, and the surrounding environment. Such nuances strongly influence the perception of a professional by the electorate.

3. Specialists who interact directly with people and entrepreneurs. It applies to various professions, for example, doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, and others. Proper social media submission is the key to effectively attracting new customers via the Internet. From the first glance at the photos, a potential consumer should feel confident in the specialist and want to use his services.

The finished photos are posted on a personal online resource (website, page in social networks, or forums). They are also used in catalogs and presentations, printed on booklets, business cards, and other promotional materials.

Types of Business Portrait

There are two types of the business photoshoot:

  1. Studio on a solid background. Its main advantage is the concentration of attention on the person himself and not on his/her entourage. This style is strict, simple, but elegant;
  2. Interior. The office environment is not always chosen for this type. Live photos can be taken in an expensive restaurant or hotel. The choice of location depends on the purpose of the images, where they will be used later. Interior photography is often carried out directly at the customer’s workplace. It is necessary to reveal the character of the person and convey the company’s atmosphere.
Business Portrait Photography
Business Portrait Photography

There is a misconception that only static and emotionless pictures are suitable for a business photoshoot. However, the customer’s portfolio can be filled with various types of photos: where he actively gestures directly interacts with the product being sold or his subordinates. They can be taken close-up, full-length, or waist-high.

Business Portrait Photography
Business Portrait Photography

Business Portrait Features & Benefits

Marketers actively use a business-style photoshoot of a person in the process of promoting a company’s (or person’s) personal brand. Such a survey performs the following functions:

  • increases brand awareness;
  • increases confidence in the product (company) among consumers;
  • creates a strong connection between the appearance of a company representative, his business’s appearance, character, and direction.

It should be understood that a high-quality business photoshoot is not just a set of pictures taken at the workplace with a digital camera. The photo set should create a composition – a story that will give customers information about the commercial success of the business and the strong-willed nature of its owner in a favorable light.

Technical Features of Shooting A Business Portrait

At first glance, the process of shooting a business portrait in the studio or the interior may seem simple. However, it requires experience and skill from the photographer. For a high-quality result, a professional should note and emphasize the strengths of the client’s appearance reflect his character and manner of behavior.

Business Portrait Photography
Business Portrait Photography

Most often, lenses with a focal length in the range of 50-85 mm are used for such photo sessions. The aperture indicator should not be greater than f/4. The rule “the less, the better” applies in this case. You can choose different angles.

The client’s position should take into account:

  • age;
  • figure;
  • his clothes.

Lighting plays an essential role in creating a business portfolio. It is better to preference daylight, choosing rooms or locations with good natural light. Then the pictures will be bright and contrasting even without special equipment.

Photos are taken with a flash to avoid overexposed background for pictures near the window (or other sources of daylight). If there is poor lighting in the room, lamps or other lighting equipment are used to create an atmosphere and entourage. If you can’t install it, you can limit yourself to the built-in camera flash, but you will need a light disk in front of the lens.

Processing Business Portrait Photos

Retouching photos of a business portrait is as follows:

  • Identification and elimination of skin defects of the customer. The task of the retoucher is to remove minor imperfections on the face – bags under the eyes, redness, and irritation – so that the treatment is invisible and looks natural.
  • Business photography always implies a tight deadline. Therefore, it is impossible to conduct it in an ideal form. In the process of processing, you can correct the environment, that is, achieve harmony by adding, removing, or moving some interior objects;
  • Retouchers pay a lot of attention to the client’s dress code and makeup. With the help of photo editors, you can remove excess hairs, smooth out wrinkles on clothes, “play around” with makeup colors to achieve the perfect image of the customer.
  • Also, processing involves color correction – changing the contrast and sharpness of images.

The result of business photography is a series of pictures at several locations and surrounded by different people. With the help of technology, you can achieve that all photos are combined and are made in the same style.

Business Portrait Photography
Business Portrait Photography

After professional retouching, the pictures in the portfolio will favorably emphasize the client’s image and present his person in a favorable light.

What is included in the cost of photographing in business portrait style?

The final cost of business portrait photography is calculated individually. It takes into account the following stages of creating a portfolio:

  • thinking over the client’s image (services of makeup artists and stylists who prepare the client for shooting);
  • the photoset itself (in the studio or on the road, according to the standard, photographers request hourly payment for their services);
  • image processing and retouching.

Business portrait photography is a necessary investment in brand promotion. It is impossible to save on it because such photos substantially impact the target audience and potential partners. Ready-made cases and services can be found on the Internet or developed with a photographer.

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