Canon Announcements 2020: Canon is Preparing to Announce 6 New RF-Mount Lenses

Canon Announcements

Canon will introduce six new RF-mount lenses for Canon EOS R / R5 / R6 / RP full-frame mirrorless cameras during 2021, according to multiple sources.

So, the following lenses will be presented:

  1. Canon RF 70-135mm F / 2L,
  2. Canon RF 250mm F / 2L,
  3. Canon RF 500mm F / 2.8L

These three lenses will be released first, and a little later we should expect three more lenses (no longer L-series):

  1. Canon RF 18-45mm IS STM,
  2. Canon RF 24mm F / 2.8 Macro IS,
  3. Canon RF 100-400mm IS USM.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information on these lenses, however, according to one of the sources, these new items have already been approved by the company for future announcements.

In addition, let me remind you that just recently there was information about the upcoming Canon EOS R5s camera. According to updated information from several sources at once, this camera will receive an RF-mount mount. In addition, the same source has hinted that one of the prototype Canon EOS R5s will receive a new electronic viewfinder with very high resolution. At the same time, what kind of permission will be – is not specified.

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