Canon EOS 500D Review: Outdated or Not?

Good afternoon friends. Today I want to make a brief overview of the camera Canon the EOS 500D. Yes, not some new super monster like the Canon 5D Mark IV full-frame or the latest novelty – the Canon 7D Mark II camera, but an old “five-point” – a camera released by manufacturers for non-professional photographers and advanced amateurs. Let’s leave the reviews of fantastic new products to professional photographers with half a century of experience and quickly talk about the Canon 500D.

I will try to assess the capabilities of this camera soberly (what is possible, what is not, who is suitable for a 500D, and in general, is it worth buying.

Let’s Talk About the Canon EOS 500D

Well, what can I say? When it’s already 2020, the Canon EOS 500 D is already outdated. But does this mean that the camera has become bad? Probably yes, because there were such incredible photos as Canon 750D, Canon 80D, Canon 7D Mark II, and long-awaited Canon 5D Mark IV.

But are megapixels of matrix and wi-fi with touch screens so crucial for real creativity? Is it essential to shoot with a camera for 100 haymakers with an Elk screwed onto it for 150 thousand wooden ones to take exciting shots?

Landscape Photography by Canon EOS 500D
Landscape Photography by Canon EOS 500D

I have seen pictures of several photographers taking pictures of the old 30D and 5D, and their work will wipe the nose of many stamp owners. After all, some photographers told the truth that a camera is just a tool in the hands of a photography expert. And the person himself creates great compositions – he builds a frame in his head, thinks over the future picture and prepares for it, chooses models and conditions.

A Little About the Cost of The Camera

Yes, prices are biting nowadays. But let’s not look at the windows of online stores, where the cost of some cameras is calculated in numbers with five zeros.

Let’s pretend you are a budding photographer with a small budget, and at the moment, you want to buy a DSLR and start photographing. On the secondary market, the Canon EOS 500D can now be bought for a ridiculous price.

And once it was a novelty – Canon positioned it as a camera for non-professional photographers and advanced amateurs. And then Canon EOS 500D was recognized as the best European DSLR in 2009-2010. Let’s talk a little more about it.

My acquaintance with the Canon EOS 500D took place in 2010 when my cousin bought a DSLR. We began to slowly explore the capabilities of the camera, try to understand the settings and, of course, take pictures. A little later, my passion for photo hunting began to cool down, and I decided to try myself as a photographer. I didn’t have my camera, so I borrowed a DSLR from my brother.

Canon EOS 500D
Front and Back View of Canon EOS 500D

Even then, it seemed to be a convenient tool. Canon EOS 500D has many “goodies” compared to 450D – the camera learned to shoot video, the creators plugged in a more powerful processor, threw more megapixels onto the matrix. In addition, the camera has a larger buffer and increased maximum light sensitivity.

It was then that the camera seemed cool to me. I took it to shoot from my brother; later, I bought myself Canon 40D, then 7D. But recently (7 years after I first took it in my hands) I retook it from my brother for a few days, took a few pictures and was amazed – even seven years later this camera seemed convenient to me, gave good photos and worked like a swiss clock.

Surprisingly, with the 500D, there are fewer defects than with the 40D – autofocus worked flawlessly, even though it is much easier than in the 40. Then I decided to write a review for the 500D – after all, many novice photographers with a limited budget among us choose their first DSLR at Amazon or another online marketplace.

Top View - Canon-EOS-500D
Top View – Canon-EOS-500D

Expensive cameras are too tough for them, and beginners do not need those bells and whistles that manufacturers shove into modern semi-professional and professional cameras. It is necessary to start with something more straightforward, and Canon EOS 500D is quite a good choice for future photography masters.

Let’s get away from the bland pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and say why it is worth/not worth buying a Canon EOS 500 D today. So, we continue to review the 500 D.

Canon EOS 500D
Photo By: Canon EOS 500D

Why Is It Worth Buying A Canon EOS 500 D?

Price. To buy a wooden DSLR for 1 to 2 thousand is great. Good, let it be used, but on the other hand, you can already learn all the delights of shooting with an SLR camera. Many DSLRs are gathering dust on the shelves; many beginners have not managed to become a beginner, after playing a little, but the toy in a distant box, and then sell it. You can find your camera in excellent condition and start shooting right away.

Ease of Control. As for me – quite a convenient joystick. I read the instructions – canon cameras have good instructions. For xxxD models, everything is chewed up. This is not enough for professional cameras; one instruction, you need to read the forums, listen to the pros, understand and experiment. And here – an evening for reading an instruction book, and you can shoot.

Ease of Control

Video Shooting. Photo and video in one bottle are great. It will come in handy on family vacations and at a matinee in kindergarten, but you never know where else.

View Mode. It’s excellent and valuable. We will not delve into the material; it will be exciting but later – most helpful feature.

Display Menu of Canon EOS 500D

Weight and Dimensions. For beginners, this is a plus. After switching from a compact camera or digital zoom, even a small DSLR like the Canon 500D seems enormous. Convenient to shoot for.

Card Slot Canon EOS 500D

In general, I think that in this price category, even today, it makes no sense to look for weaknesses in the camera.

Why Not Buy A Canon 500 D?

The camera is outdated. Although, as I wrote above, this is not an argument. It would be something to shoot, and what – there is. And, of course, if you are no longer a beginner, you are unlikely to buy it. Although, to be honest, I sometimes think about buying it with a second camera for a photoshoot for that kind of money.

If you are a photographer, then 3.4 frames per second are not the top of the rate of fire. It often happens that three and a half frames are not enough to capture the dynamics. Although again – let’s not look for excuses; they can always be found.

The screen embellishes the colors and gives the wrong picture in terms of exposure. At the very beginning, it happened many times – you look at a photo – a class, and at home, it is dark. Of course, I later found out what a histogram is, but the screen was often confused at first.

  • Not the best sound on video, and there is no jack for an external microphone.
  • Spot-type focusing other than the center point. The same 40D has all nine cross-type points (for beginners – focusing with cross points is more accurate).
  • No Intermediate ISO Values. The set is simple: 100,200,400,800,1600. And sometimes, the values ​​250, 640, or 1000 are missing.
  • Interestingly, size and weight can also be a disadvantage, especially after filming with xxD series cameras. Try it, and Canon 500D will seem to you already some kind of. Childish!


Well, that’s all for today, friends. This is a brief overview. Currently (July 2021), the Canon EOS 500D can be safely recommended to novice photographers and people on a budget. You will not regret it.

In addition, a little later, the 550D model came out – a more advanced version of the Canon EOS 500D (to buy here is the Amazon Link). For more experienced photographers – wells in the xxD line or whatever the money is smile. See you. All goodness, health, and great pictures.

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