Top Lenses for Canon: Comparison and Review of the Best Models

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Canon Lenses

Do not hope to get beautiful shots without possessing a good lens. The quality of the photos you will take depends largely on the lens. It is therefore out of the question to choose it at once. We welcome your initiative to consult our article to help you make the best choice. For now, we will focus on the products of only one brand: Canon. It is one of the leaders in the field, its reputation is no longer to be done. Canon offers a wide variety of lenses.

Our preference goes to the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II. It is distinguished by its small template. The lens is both compact and ultra-light (130 grams). This does not diminish its performance however. It has a focal length of 50 mm and an aperture of f/1.8. The Canon EF-s 18-135 could also please you with its image stabilizer that guarantees sharp images. Its focus is silent.


CANON 2514A011AA LENS EF 50 MM F / 1.8

CANON 2514A011AA LENS-EF 50 MM F 1.8

This fixed-focal lens allows you to enhance your subject by making it perfectly sharp, while the background will be blurred. The focus is done very quickly and silently. Its aperture of f / 1.8 makes it very bright.

Some users expressed some problems about the robustness of this lens, especially at the level of fixing lugs.

If portrait photography is the area that attracts you most in photography, this lens is the one you absolutely need to have permanently in your bag.

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CANON EF-S LENS 18-135 MM F / 3.5-5.6 STM

CANON EF-S LENS 18-135 MM F / 3.5-5.6 STM

Thanks to its focal length ranging from 18 to 135 mm, the EF-s 18-135 allows you very wide shots as close as possible. Its ultra-fast auto-focus and 4-level stabilizer allow sharp images even if the subject moves quickly.

The aperture of the diaphragm of 5.6 would, according to some users, be a bit fair for shooting in low light conditions. The use of flash or projector becomes indispensable.

Take pictures of panoramic landscapes, group photos where no one is left behind, shoot tiny insects, with this lens you can make them very easily.

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CANON EF-S 18-200 MM F/3.5-5.6 IS ZOOM

CANON EF-S 18-200 MM F/3.5-5.6

With this single 18-200 mm lens, you will be able to take your pictures of stunning landscapes, frame the whole family at a meeting, take pictures of distant animals without disturbing them. 2 spherical lenses eliminate any risk of image distortion and field curvature.

The motor and the mechanism of auto-focus are quite noisy, which means that when recording videos, this noise comes to overlap with the sound picked up by the microphone.

If your goal is to be prepared for any eventuality without wasting your time changing goals and missing a good shot, the EF-s 18-200 is all you need.

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Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Canon Lens?

How to Choose a Good Canon Lens?

The sting of an image is determined by the lens of the device you are using. That is why one should not choose it without having carefully thought through the question. In order to better orient yourself in your choice, you can follow the tips we will give you along this buying guide for the best canon lenses by focusing on 3 of its main features namely the focal length, aperture and stabilizer.

Focal Length

How to buy a canon lens with a better value for money? The answer to this question is simple, because you just need to learn how to choose this product taking into account its focal length. The first thing you should know is that the quality of this product is decisive on the perfection of every photo you can have. It is even better to have a low-quality case and a stunning lens than to have a reverse situation.

As for the focal length, this is the length that separates the sensor and the optical center of this product. It determines the level at which you can manage the magnification of the shooting angle and the item to be taken. It evolves in the opposite direction as the magnification of the viewing angle. It is expressed in mm.

The field is becoming more and more considerable as its value is low. Some models that make it possible to significantly enlarge the field of view have a focal length of 16 mm, while for those that limit the magnification up to a certain level, it can be up to 400 mm. the focal length can be variable or fixed and you can choose it according to your needs.


Checking the aperture allows you to have information about the brightness of the lens. This is a ratio of the focal length to the diameter of the lens. When the model you opt for has a focal length that varies, that aperture also varies. However, this is not necessarily the case with all Canon lenses on the market. Indeed, models of excellent quality allow to always have a constant brightness even if this distance is variable.

The smaller the value that corresponds to this measurement, the more light and outstanding images you can have. Models that allow to enjoy excellent brightness have openings located in the vicinity of f/1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8, f / 2, f2.8.


The stabilizer is also one of the main criteria to check before asking you where to buy a new Canon lens or how to study a price comparison. This system is not found on all models that are made available to the general public. Nevertheless, its presence is useful to you if you demand to always have the quality on every photo you take.

You can cause vibration of the camera when taking a photo by shaking or performing other movements. The resulting image becomes blurred. It is to avoid this that you need an image stabilizer. However, the latter can only play this role for objects to be photographed motionless. It is not useful for you to photograph dynamic elements.

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Top Lenses for Your Canon Camera: The Rating & Reviews

Top 5 Canon Lenses
Top 5 Canon Lenses

The quality of a Canon Lens determines the sharpness, contrast and definition of the display of your photos. Therefore, it is important to consider this quality when you decide to buy one, making a little investment to acquire the best model.

1. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Very light, this lens perfectly equips your canon case to take excellent photos. Focus is fast and quiet with this lens thanks to STM technology.

The plastic lugs that are used to attach the lens to the case are not very strong according to the opinion of some users.

Rating: 9.7 / 10

Although its lugs are not strong enough, the 50 mm f/1.8 II lens allows you to take beautiful shots. Its focus is also easy. We give it a rating of 9.7 out of 10.

CANON 2514A011AA LENS EF 50 MM F / 1.8

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Main Features Explained

CANON 2514A011AA LENS EF 50 MM F / 1.8

Practical Design

What seduces above all in Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lenses are their small size. Indeed, measuring only 3.93 x 6.92 x 3.93 centimetres, this lens will not clutter your bag at all. Moreover, its weight of 130 g, makes it easy to wear even on a case. It is not likely to tire you during your catches. So, you can take it wherever you go, it will easily find a place in your backpack or even in your pocket.

The designers of this lens equipped it with 6 lenses divided into 5 groups. This ensures a certain performance when shooting. This lens model for canon is compatible with almost all casings of the canon grind. Protection issue, this model is equipped with a dust cap that protects it not only from dirt, but also from impacts.

Efficient Technology

Equipped with an AF STM motor, the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens allows quiet and fast focus. So, you can use it for your video shots: the rendering will amaze you since it is worthy of pro video cameras. The STM engine is a step-by-step type, which also allows you to use the lens to take your photos, regardless of the type: portrait, indoor, outdoor, landscape…

However, this lens is ideal especially for taking photo portraits since it softens the areas not contained in the focal points and accentuates the objects in the foreground. So, the subject will be sharper, which is sought after if you take pictures of a person in portrait. Another advantage of this model is also in the fact that it consumes very little energy since it goes into off mode after several minutes of inactivity.

Beautiful Image Quality

When taking pictures, we expect above all to take pictures of very good quality. The lens used with the housing of a SLR has a great influence on the quality of the images obtained, even in poor conditions. One of the advantages of the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens is that it makes it possible to take beautiful photos even in poor light conditions.

Indeed, this model can capture the slightest source of light to allow you to make beautiful shots even in a poorly lit place. In addition, this product is equipped with a treatment system called Super Spectra that optimally reduces internal reflections while ensuring a better balance of colors and contrasts. The distortions are reduced to the maximum to significantly improve the quality of the images taken.

CANON 2514A011AA LENS EF 50 MM F / 1.8

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2. Canon EF-S Lens 18-135mm

How to choose the best canon lenses of 2020? What is the best canon wide angle lens on the market? Such questions are often asked by a large number of people who feel disoriented by the abundance of this product on the market. If you are one of these people, then take the time to get to know Canon EF-s 18-135 because, in addition to the previously described model, it is an excellent product.

The focal length of this model varies between 18mm and 135mm. this indicates that it is a varifocal lens that allows you to adjust the viewing angle to the size of the area you want to take a picture, from the widest to the smallest field of view. The viewing angle of this lens varies between 64° and 9 ° horizontally, 45° and 6° vertically and between 74° and 11° diagonally. This allows you to take your photos in different positions.

Canon EF-s 18-135 comes with a 4-speed image stabilizer. This allows you to avoid blurring if at some point you have moved involuntarily at the time of taking the photo while performing this action in zoom mode. This best cheap canon 18-135 lens comes with STM technology that allows you to have no unwanted noise if you record a video with your device.

For many customers, there is no doubt that Canon is the best lens brand. It has long proven itself and continues to offer high-quality products. This is also the case with the Canon EF-s 18-135 using STM technology and a 4-speed image stabilizer.

Positive Points

Image Stabilizer: You will get much sharper images and will be able to significantly reduce blur thanks to Canon Image Stabilization technology, the best performance of the moment.

Fast and Quiet Focus: Thanks to STM technology, you will no longer be embarrassed by this unpleasant sound that is heard on other objectives, when focusing. It is so quiet that it will no longer be picked up by the camera microphone.

Versatile Focal Range: You will be able to photograph a landscape or frame several elements thanks to the wide field of view provided by the 18 mm zoom setting. the maximum zoom setting of 135 mm allows you to zoom efficiently while preserving a good sharpness of the image.

Negative Points

View in Low Light Situation: According to user reviews, the aperture of 5.6 is not enough for shooting in difficult light.

CANON EF-S LENS 18-135 MM F / 3.5-5.6 STM
CANON EF-S 18-135 MM F / 3.5-5.6 STM

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3. Canon EF-S Lens 18-200mm

Canon EF-s 18-200 is a Canon lens that can allow you to have good quality images by its performance. The focal range of this lens is between 18mm and 200mm. thanks to the width of this range, you can be more flexible on the field of view at which each photo can be taken.

The Canon lens is accompanied by a recent 4-speed stabilization technology that limits any risk of blurred images at the slightest movement when taking each photo. This situation can occur when you zoom in on taking your photos. In addition, Canon EF-s 18-200 has a panoramic motion detection function that automatically disables the stabilizer when the subject to be photographed is in motion.

Canon EF-s 18-200 comes with a Zooming ring lock system to ensure the safety of the device when you carry it with you on the go. The diaphragm of this model is almost circular in order to allow you to have sharp images for the foreground and a smooth part for the background. This model is of good quality compared to the best products of this description, and it can put an end to your worries if so far you still do not know which Canon 18-200 lens to buy.

The Canon EF-s 18-200 is for people who want to zoom in on their camera and wonder which Canon lens to choose. Thanks to its wide focal range and the use of two aspherical lenses, this model should be suitable.

Powerful Positives

Zoom: The compactness and wide 11X focal range of this lens allow it to have a high-performance zoom.

Aspheric Lenses: These two lenses make corrections to field curvature and distortion. This results in a better-quality image.

Negative Points

Compared to lenses with STM technology, this lens is noisy when focusing. These sounds may be detected by the microphone during a video recording.

CANON EF-S 18-200 MM F/3.5-5.6
CANON EF-S 18-200 MM F/3.5-5.6

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4. Canon EF-S lens 10-18mm

Canon EF-s 10-18 is a Canon lens model that has a variable focal length between 10mm and 18mm. this short focal length means the ability to have a large viewing angle every time you take pictures. The ability to vary this distance indicates the ability to take your photos in zoom mode. This saves you having to step back to have a wider field of view with each shot.

Canon EF-s 10-18 comes with STM technology that ensures you can record videos with smooth, quiet autofocus. This technology limits any risk of unwanted noise on every video recorded. This Canon lens comes with an image stabilizer to prevent you from having blurred images if you risk unintentionally making movements when taking pictures.

The EF-S 10-18-gun aperture measures f / 4.5-5.6. With an aperture that is located on this range, the brightness of the lens is not better, but remains good. The lens is lightweight and compact allowing you not to be cluttered more if your case is large enough. Canon EF-s 10-18 is one of the good models, which is why it is included in this Canon Lens comparison.

The Canon EF-s 10-18 is often well placed in the rankings of the Best Canon lenses. It is especially appreciated for its ultra-wide-angle, ideal for lovers of landscape shooting.

Positive Points

Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens: This lens will allow you to expand your angle of field without forcing you to step back. It is the ideal model for taking photos of dynamic landscapes.

Image Stabilizer: Even when making small accidental movements (such as tremors for example), your photos will remain sharp, without blur.

Negative Points

Some customers would have liked the lens to be delivered with a sun visor, because of the front lens, or even with a carrying case.

Canon EF-S lens 10-18mm
Canon EF-S lens 10-18mm

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5. Canon EF-S Lens 18-55 mm F/ 3.5

Canon 18-55 mm is a Canon lens model that adapts to multiple uses thanks to its compact and lightweight design. The lens has a focal range between 18mm and 55mm. this focal length allows you to take your photos with a wide field of view or in a limited field.

The optical image stabilizer technology that accompanies the lens allows you to take your photos with slow shutter speeds, up to 4 times compared to normal. This limits the risk of blurring certain parts of your images. Canon 18-55 mm comes with an STM technology that ensures the fluidity of the videos if you record them. This technology also allows you to have no noise that you do not want to have on these videos throughout the recording.

This Canon 18-55 lens features Super Spectra treatment that saves you from internal reflections and ghosting. This allows you to have only good quality images with each shot. The diaphragm of this lens takes the form of a circle that ensures that the blur of the area located in the background is always highlighted. Although the quality of this model is quite good, this goal is in fifth place compared to other previous models.

If you start comparing the different Canon lenses available on the market, then your attention could be drawn to the Canon 18 – 55 mm. it is of great versatility and has a very interesting price/quality ratio.

Positive Points

Polyvalent: This standard lens is suitable for general photography, and also for close-up shooting.

Value for Money: Despite its good performance, it is one of the cheapest lenses in the range. It will suit novice photographers.

Negative Points

Quality of Manufacture: The plastic construction and lightness of the lens do not give an impression of solidity.

Canon EF-S Lens 18-55 mm F/ 3.5
Canon EF-S Lens 18-55 mm F/ 3.5

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Expert Choice: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II is a product with a compact design and many advantages compared to the best canon 50mm lens. this model is lightweight and compact, with a weight of only 130 grams. This allows you not to be cluttered more when you bring it on the go with the case.

The lens has a Gauss-type optics that ensures that each image obtained is sharp and the contrast is excellent. The diaphragm of this canon lens is electromagnetic in order to ensure that the aperture is suitable for every type of photo you want to have. This diaphragm takes a shape that approximates that of a circle ensuring that the foreground of the object to be photographed is clear and that the areas outside the focused part are homogeneous and smooth.

The focal length of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II is 50mm. this measurement plays a decisive role on the magnification level and angle of view of the object you are shooting. Such a focal length allows you to have a wide field of view. The aperture of this Best Canon Lens is equal to f / 1.8 indicating that this lens is one of the brightest ones that give images of better qualities.

By going through the many comparisons on the net, you will easily be able to define where to buy the Best Canon lens. You will find that the Canon EF 50 mm f / 1.8 II is often in a good position thanks to its high performance and light weight.

Light: With a weight of only 130 g, the Canon EF 50 mm f / 1.8 II is among the lightest lenses in the range. Thus, your device will be less heavy, and you will enjoy a better comfort of use.

Powerful: The autofocus engine of this lens allows you to benefit from much more direct and also faster autofocus performance. The electromagnetic diaphragm which it is equipped allows for it to have a suitable opening positioning.

Focus: It becomes faster and quieter due to the use of STM technology.

Internal Anti-Reflective Treatment: Internal reflections and ghosting are significantly reduced thanks to Super Spectra treatment. It also allows to have a better color balance, and greatly improves the contrast.

Negative Points

Not Strong Enough: User tests would have revealed that the plastic lugs that attach the lens to the body are not very strong. It should also be avoided to expose it to the sun for a long time.

CANON 2514A011AA LENS EF 50 MM F / 1.8

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How to Use a Canon Lens?

How to Use a Canon Lens?

In order to benefit from high quality shots, you must first acquire an effective lens that you could combine with your camera. It may present some difficulties for novices in this matter; therefore, we propose this article to help you in the proper use of your accessory.

Use the Right Lens with The Right Device

Make sure your lens and device are of the same brand. It could cause incompatibility concerns otherwise. You will have to have to make choices on different models, but their principles of use are the same. You just need to adapt your accessory with your device.

Take into Account the Focal Length

This is one of the main options of a lens, take into account the actual distance in order to develop it in miniature in your camera.

Usually it is expressed in millimetres. Know that the more the accessory has a considerable figure, the more effective it is. In connection with its value, this will allow you to take pictures of distant objects, or even hundreds of meters away.

Lean on Its Opening

This feature focuses on light settings during shooting. By activating this option, you will have the opportunity to edit at your fingertips and live the light effects of the photos that you plan to save in the device.

The contrasts are then adjustable via a simple click or rotation of the rings at the lens. This interest brings a plus in the realization of high-quality shots.

Operate Stabilizer

Whether you are standing, sitting or lying down while taking, you will need to use this option. As the name suggests, its first feature is to stabilize your goal. This will allow you to benefit from the non-blurred images.

Unfortunately, it is only applicable on Immobile targets. On a moving object, it can prove ineffective without operating modes in the device itself.

However, the Canon EF-s 18-200 comes with a 4-speed drive. It is equipped with the latest technology with an automatic deactivation system when the model to be shot becomes dynamic.

OPT for Versatility

This versatility is driven by the performance of the focal length. The latter will allow you to take pictures, regardless of the field of view. As a result, it may then result in specialized objectives in generalist shooting and others in close-ups.

As in the case of the barrel 18-55 mm. it offers ease of use that everyone is able to use it, amateur or professional. Thus, it features a focal range of 18 to 55 mm, and Super Spectra technology that prevents you from having reflections in photos during your shots.

Take Videos

It is also possible to take videos with your lens. Just select it in the device and you’re done. But with the addition of an accessory, films are better qualities in terms of their resolutions. The Canon EF-s 18-135 is equipped with STM technology that blocks all unwanted noises during video shooting, thus giving you a far above average image nature and optimal sound.