Cheap Gifts for Photographers: 14 Gift Ideas for the Photography Enthusiasts

cheap gifts for photographers

Today I will tell you about 13 gift ideas and cheap gifts for photographers for Christmas and new year. Giving a gift is always complicated, especially when you don’t know much about it. So, if you want to provide a gift for a photographer you know (or to yourself) and be sure to please, here are some photo gift ideas that are sure to hit the mark. There are no false surprises; I only recommend products that I have personally tested and like.

Photography Books

Cheap Gifts for Photographers
Cheap Gifts for Photographers

Photo books are still on the rise; you have to see the number of releases each year on the subject – what a pleasure to hold such an object in your hands. Nothing can replace the feel of paper under your fingers, the smell of ink, and the magic of discovering a new universe with each page turned. Whether technical books or art books, here is a selection of photography books that particularly impressed me.

1. The Photographer’s Eye

The Photographer's Eye

Get It on Amazon for $24.99 Today

The Photographer’s Eye is quite simply the best-selling book on Amazon on the subject of photography. Very accessible, it allows you to approach all aspects of the photo simply and clearly. It is one of the first books I bought on the subject, and I must admit that it has helped me enormously to progress. It is also with pleasure that I dive back into it regularly to review the basics. A MUST-HAVE!

2. The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography

The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography

Get It on Amazon for $31.86 Today

If your goal is to take creative photographs, this little gem is for you. In “The Complete Guide to Macro and Close-Up Photography,” Rocky Nook takes an innovative approach to macro photography in search of aesthetics rather than detail. A must-have book for anyone passionate about the infinitely small. I invite you to read my review on Amazon of this book if you want more information about its content.

3.Wildlife Photography at Home – Richard Peters

Get It on Amazon for $16.25 Today

Attention, significant eye fracture in anticipation. Richard Peters is a world-famous wildlife photographer who is no longer presented. A few years ago, he became known to the general public, thanks to a report broadcast on TV showing his meeting with the white wolf. The Arctic is none other than the book presenting his magnificent photographs of this scarce animal. This book also presents other species since it condenses six years of expeditions in the Far North. It is a real work of art that we hold in our hands and my huge crush.

4. The Eyes of the World

The Eyes of the World

Get It on Amazon for $10.99 Today

The author of this book is a professional photographer whom I had the chance to meet and interview. He signs a magnificent photo book on this elegant animal with this book – the opportunity to discover the universe of a beautiful and generous person.

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Photography Equipment

Cheap Gifts for Photographers
Cheap Gifts for Photographers

Working with the right equipment guarantees quality and comfort and is a mandatory step for any photography lover. I know the prices are often high, but I still advise you to invest a minimum if you are sure of your passion. Indeed, it is better to spend 500 dollars on a quality product that will last you ten years rather than spending 250 dollars every year on a product that will not last you long. Here is a selection of a few tools that I love (all tested and approved) and every serious photographer should have.

5. External Hard Drive

external hard drive
Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

Get It on Amazon for $54.99 Today

Having an excellent external hard drive to store photos is essential if you care about your files. I use the Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB, a great box that is enjoying an outstanding promotion at the moment.

6. Kenko Extension Tubes

Kenko Extension Tubes
Kenko Extension Tubes

Get It on Amazon for $129.90 Today

I already spoke about it in an article on inexpensive macro photography; the extension tubes are ideal to start in this field without breaking the bank in a specialized lens of $1000. Indeed, any lens mounted on these tubes (even a primary 18-55mm) will allow you to have fun and discover the world of the little one for a very reasonable price. I started macro photography using a tube mounted 50mm, before investing in the Canon 100m F/2.8 macro.

7. Spyder X PRO 5 Calibration Probe

Spyder X PRO - 5 Calibration Probe
Spyder X PRO – 5 Calibration Probe

Get It on Amazon for $139.90 Today

Because even the best screen in the world needs to be calibrated to transcribe colors as perfectly as possible, a calibration probe will be necessary to get the best out of it. If your screen is poorly calibrated, the colors, brightness, and contrasts will not reflect reality, and you will then have big surprises when printing. The best value for money is the Data Color Spyder 5 PRO, an affordable and easy-to-use probe. If you want to invest a little more, I can only recommend the i1 Display Pro, which is currently the best consumer calibration probe.

8. Wacom Graphic Tablets

Wacom Graphic Tablets
Wacom Graphic Tablets

Get It on Amazon for $79.95 Today

Photo retouching with the mouse can sometimes be complicated; a graphics tablet will quickly become mandatory if you want to gain precision and significantly increase the quality of your retouching. In the sector, one brand largely dominates the others; it is Wacom, with which you will not have any nasty surprises. All the brand’s models are good, but I have selected two models for you that I tested through my work as a professional graphic designer.

9. Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro
Wacom Intuos Pro

Get It on Amazon for $179.95 Today

The Intuos Pro is a perfect model for the demanding photographer. It is indeed the best in the world of pen tablets. I have used it personally for years and have never had a problem with it. Tremendous precision, there are different sizes, and I recommend the M version for better user comfort.

10. Wacom Draw Small

Wacom Draw Small
Wacom Draw Small

Get It on Amazon for $59.95 Today

Aimed at beginners who want to try their hand at photo editing without spending a fortune, the Draw Small is a basic model that does the job very well while keeping a good build quality guaranteed by Wacom.

11. Kinston Card Reader

Kinston Card Reader
Kinston Card Reader

Get It on Amazon for $22.50 Today

A good memory card reader is essential for quickly transferring photos to a computer. Indeed, the transfer directly from the device via a cable is inefficient and takes too much time. Therefore, two critical criteria to choose your model: the transfer speed and the compatible card models. The Kingston FCR-HS4 is the perfect model and the one I use every day. Thanks to its USB 3.0 cable, the transfer is done very quickly, and it covers all existing card models.

12. Tycka Cleaning Kit

Tycka Cleaning Kit
Tycka Cleaning Kit

Get It On Amazon for $19.99 Today

Taking care of your equipment is essential if you want to keep it for years. After having tested various cleaning kits without success (tools that break or disappear, the brush that leaves traces, etc.), I finally found the perfect kit: the Tycka Kit. This set includes all the tools necessary for the proper maintenance of my equipment. The build quality is there and, above all, the significant point: the storage case, which allows you never to lose any tools and take them everywhere – a Perfect Gift for Photographers.

Photography Software

Lightroom & Photoshop Subscription
Cheap Gifts for Photographers

13. Lightroom & Photoshop Subscription

Lightroom and Photoshop are the two flagship software when it comes to photo editing. Used by millions of photographers around the world, they have a massive community on the web. You can also benefit from a subscription offer at $11.99/month by going through this link and choosing the option “Creative Cloud for Photo.” Indeed this is among one of the cheap gifts for photographers.

Personal Use Accessories

Cheap Gifts for Photographers
Cheap Gifts for Photographers

14. Photo Mug

Photo Mug
Photo Mug

Get It On Amazon for $19.95 Today

Because enjoying your morning coffee in a photo lens, reading the last article in stunning natural beauty still has a classy and fun side – guaranteed success with friends.

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That’s all for today; I hope this article gives you some ideas for cheap gifts for photographers to give in this festive season. So, you liked this article, consider the share on social networks so that others can benefit in turn, until the next one. Take pictures.

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