Best Camera for Kids: Reviews and Comparison

With all the fun activities that children have access to today, to mention only water battles, lasers games and zip lines, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of a camera. Only that, to be sure to help them develop their creativity, it is essential to choose devices suitable for your budget for their age. To guide you in this direction, our buying guide has identified different models that may be suitable for your children. On the other hand, if the reading rebukes you, you still have the choice to choose one or the other of the 2 devices below. The Vtech 170805 is a 2.4-inch camera equipped with self-portrait technology that easily detects faces. It has a dual function: to take beautiful pictures and make selfies. As for the Vtech 170855, it is a child camera with an 8 in 1 function that allows you to take videos, photos, while listening to music.

Our 3 Favorite Children’s Cameras


Vtech 170805 Digital Camera Kidizoom Duo Blue

Vtech 170805 Digital Camera Kidizoom Duo Blue
Vtech 170805 Kidizoom

The camera model 170805 from Vtech offers more than 70 photo tricks funnier than the other. Also called Kidizoom Duo blue, it features internal memory, Auto flash, X4 zoom and 2 mpx lens.

Even if the device is intended for children, the resolution 2 mpx seems too low or even bad especially with the current display media, we see only blur.

The VTech brand is renowned for its quality products and the Vtech 170805 does not deviate from the rule. In addition, it offers an unbeatable price / quality ratio considering the functions it possesses.

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Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera Duo for Children

VTech 170855 Kidizoom
VTech 170855 Kidizoom

This model 170855 or Kidizoom Duo Rose from Vtech offers 8 functions in 1 single device: photos obviously with automatic face detection, selfies thanks to the second lens, videos, various games and tricks, music and also an effect dictaphone.

With all the features included, you should expect this Vtech 170855 to be very energy-intensive. If you do not want to ruin yourself, you can invest in rechargeable batteries.

The Vtech 170855 is first and foremost a toy and as such it largely fulfils its functions by accumulating 8 games in 1. He will delight the paparazzi apprentices without ruining his parents.

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Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera, Blue

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough  Digital Camera, Blue
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough

The Fisher Price Kid-Tough is a reissue of the same toy in 1968, which features 3 discs of illustrations on the themes “animals and their babies”, “nursery rhymes” and “Gold Buckle and the Three Bears”. Each disc has 8 slides to delight your little ones.

The Fisher Price Kid-Tough can only be blamed for its rustic design, full of angle, but it is quite in the spirit of this reissue. Notice to the nostalgic.

Vintage toy in its functions and shapes, the Fisher Price Kid-Tough is very playful and perfect for small children. In addition, it is not expensive, strong, maneuverable and well original.

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Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Children’s Camera?

How to Choose a Good Children's Camera?

It is possible to develop children’s creativity by introducing them to the picture very early. But for this, they need the appropriate instrument for their age. And if you do not know how to buy a child camera of a better value for money, we will make the search easier for you.

Design and Robustness

For an adult, a camera is a valuable work or leisure tool. In the eyes of a child, this is nothing more than a toy. So, in order for the device to have a chance to interest him, aesthetics must be the first concern of the parent.

It is also for this reason that unlike the dull and often monochrome rays of adult devices, the one of the little ones is extremely colorful. You will find some for every taste and for both sexes. To be sure to please, the best tips will tell you to opt for cameras that sport not only bright and jovial colors, but especially with representations of the popular cartoon characters of the moment: The Snow Queen, Flash Macqueen, the Minions or the timeless Hello Kitty and Spiderman.

To help the little one to properly take in hand his “toy”, there are models with large handles.

A child is often clumsy and does not take care of his affairs as much as the big ones. For its sake and yours, choose a product that withstands a minimum of shocks, if possible, waterproof to great depths. Even if according to price comparators, they are often a little more expensive.

Quality of Photos

Why start looking for where to buy a new kid’s camera if you don’t have a clue what kind of product to find? Because besides the fact that the model is beautiful, there are still certain criteria that it must possess to be truly interesting.

The quality of the photos is one. Let’s not forget that this is still the primary task of this product. And although the child is not really able to tell the difference between good and better resolution, it is still better to offer him a model that can make beautiful shots. These devices can have sensors ranging from 1 to 15 Mpixels.

The number of megapixels is believed in proportion to the age of the child. The older he grows, the more he will appreciate the difference.

Accessory Functions

The last point that we advise you to check in our buying guide for the best children’s cameras is the versatility of the product.

To seduce a child, a camera that only takes pictures or videos is not the top, especially in the eyes of the youngest. So how to choose a good child camera? Simple! Look for the one that offers the most features. As amazing as it may sound, in addition to leaving the little user the opportunity to put fun filters on the photos taken, some models can act as a reader. Indeed, they can play videos or play music. Others incorporate small electronic games to amuse toddlers when they are tired of playing the photographer.

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The 5 Best Children’s Cameras (Rating & Reviews) of 2020

Best Children's Cameras
Best Children’s Cameras

In the age of new technology, children are also entitled to their cameras. The best children’s cameras available on the market have been able to combine efficiency and robustness, in order to adapt to the desires and enthusiasm of their young users.

1. VTech 170805 Kidizoom Duo Digital Camera

This child camera has an automatic face detection system. Thus, your child will not have any difficulties in performing self-portraits.

Even if it is a camera designed for children, the resolution of the image is too low, and this is the weak point of this model.

Rating: 9.7 / 10

The VTech brand is recognized for its high design quality, as evidenced by this model. In addition, it offers a good value for money. All this earned him a score of 9.7 out of 10.

Vtech 170805
Vtech 170805 – KidiZoom

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Main Features Explained

Kids Camera Features

Design and Handling

This camera model sports a simple design, a “fun” look and very cute. Blue in color, it is suitable for little boys as well as little girls. Designed for children, it also offers an easy grip.

The control screen has suitable dimensions (2.4 inches). This will allow the child to make his personal adjustments with ease. The inscriptions displayed on the screen are very clear. Thus, he will be able to easily make beautiful catches and will be proud of the results.

The easy grip of this camera will encourage your child in his activity. It is equipped with two lenses of 2 megapixels each. The first is the main lens, it is located on the back of the device. The second, on the other hand, is at the front of the model and will allow your child to make beautiful self-portraits.

Many Features

With this camera from the brand Vtech, your child will be able to have fun taking several shots, but also to make his own Videos. But apart from these classic options, this model equips itself with other features as entertaining as the other. They will keep your child entertained and entertained throughout the day.

It can, for example, record voices and then modify them with funny effects (five effects to distort the voice). Thanks to the headphones offered, or simply through the speaker, your child will be able to listen to his favorite music.

What differentiates this device from other cameras for children is that it also offers various very fun games and it offers the possibility of faking or retouching images. This is the case of photo frame, buffer, animations and several other photo tricking effects.

Robustness and Strength

If for adults a camera represents a leisure tool or an expensive work tool, for children this device remains a toy. And since children are often clumsy, it is strongly advised to offer them an article that combines sturdiness and resistance.

This child camera from the Vtech brand is not only designed to be versatile, but also to last in order to accompany your child as long as possible. Indeed, it is made of quality, strong and resistant materials.

It is equipped with a USB cable. So, your child will be able to plug it into a computer to view the shots and videos on the big screen. The 2.4-inch color display and the large handles are very strong so that this equipment can withstand shocks or falls.

Vtech 170805
Vtech 170805 – KidiZoom

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2. VTech 170855 Kidizoom Duo Digital Camera

The characteristic immediately cited by the various comparisons regarding this VTech 170855 Kidizoom Duo is probably its dual purpose. One of these lenses is located on the front of the camera, as on a conventional camera.

Its resolution is 2 megapixels, enough to have good quality photos. The second lens is located on the back of the camera. Its usefulness? It will make self-portraits much easier. Automatic face detection will assist the user in this operation.

On the 2.4’ screen, the user will be able to preview the photos taken. It will then be able to retouch them thanks to one of the several tricking effects offered by Vtech. It is also possible to play one of the 5 built-in games.

The USB cable supplied with the camera will allow you to share photos taken on a computer. Everyone will then be able to take advantage of the child’s talents as a photographer on the big screen.

Your child will finally enjoy being able to record videos, their voices (thanks to the dictaphone function and several voice modulations effects), and listening to music (via a headset or built-in speaker).

Which Kids’ Camera to Choose?

If you want what’s best for your toddler, then opt for the Vtech 170855 Kidizoom Duo. This X4 dual lens and zoom camera will make your child look like a real little professional photographer.

Positive Points

8 in 1: Your child will be able to enjoy several useful and fun functions in addition to taking photos and videos, such as dictaphone, music player, photo tricks, various built-in games, face detection and self-portraits.

Shockproof Case: You will no longer have to worry that your child will damage the device by dropping it. The Vtech 170855 Kidizoom Duo is indeed very robust thanks to its ultra-resistant case.

Dual Lens: the lens on the back of the device will allow your child to make self-portraits much easier. The 2MP front lens is intended for a more “classic” use of the camera.

Negative Points

Weak Helmet: The headset with which you can listen to music is judged to be a little light, according to the reviews of several parents who bought this product.

VTech 170855 Kidizoom
VTech 170855 Kidizoom

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3. Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

You will have a high chance of doing a good operation by opting for a product that has been on the market for several years and continues to be successful until now. This is precisely the case with the Fisher Price Kid-Tough, which was launched in 1968 and continues to delight small children who want to play photographers. It is of great robustness, and will easily withstand shocks and possible mistreatment.

Here, no advanced and expensive technologies. The device uses a very simple system of three discs with illustrations on them and which are to be inserted little by little. The child will then be able to see several pictures scroll by pressing the shutter. This simple and effective mechanics will be enough to distract your young child, and in addition has the advantage of not being expensive in design, hence the more than affordable price of the product.

Your child will love to look at pictures of animals and their babies, nursery rhymes or gold rings and the Three Bears.

An internal compartment will store and transport unused discs.

The Fisher Price Kid-Tough has been able to distract small children since the early 70s. In a ranking of the most robust and durable children’s cameras, it could well be at the top of the list. It’s simple but effective mechanism allows it to be marketed at a very affordable price.

Positive Points

Simple Mechanism: The mechanism of the Fisher Price Kid-Tough is to spin three Illustrated discs each with a different theme: Gold loops and the Three Bears, animals and their babies and children’s nursery rhymes. A trigger allows you to scroll through the photos one by one.

Value for Money: This toy is intended for toddlers, from 24 months. It is Cheaper, solid and will manage to distract them effectively.

Negative Points

Installation of Disks: Some children may have some difficulty inserting the disks they wish to watch.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough

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4. Vtech 140705 Kidizoom Kid Connect

It also known as Kid Connect is a 6 in 1 camera. It is obviously capable of taking pictures. Your child will be able to capture up to 1000 photos thanks to the internal memory of 128 MB. He can then have fun customizing the photos taken thanks to the many tricks offered.

But it can also take videos, which is quite amazing on the part of a device intended for children. 10 minutes of video can therefore be recorded. Be aware, however, that this internal memory of 128 MB is not fixed, and that an extension is possible by inserting a micro SD card into the device. The number of photos and the length of the videos can therefore be increased.

This Vtech comes with a USB cable, necessary to connect it to your computer and also to connect it to the Explor@ Park. Thanks to this application, additional content can be downloaded. So, you can add various games, new tricks, frames, photo themes etc…

Finally, the dictaphone function is a friendly function with which your child will be able to record voices and distort them through different effects.

Vtech could be considered to be the best brand of children’s cameras, as it offers quality products on the market. The 14070 Kid Connect is a perfect example. Its resolution is 1.3 MP and it has a 1.8″ LCD screen.

Extensible Memory: The 140705 Kid Connect has an internal memory of 128 MB that will allow to take up to 1000 photos and 10 minutes of videos. This capacity can be extended by inserting a Micro SD card into the reader provided for.

Explore @ Park: This app allows you to download new cheats, new games or Photo Themes for the device.

Negative Points

Size of The Screen: It would be a little small and would not allow to enjoy optimally the proposed games.

Vtech 140705 Kidizoom Kid Connect
Vtech 140705 Kidizoom Kid Connect

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5. Victure Kids Camera

Maybe you forgot to take into account this 5026 from the Victure brand? This digital camera for children is equipped with an X2 zoom and a lens capable of taking pictures with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The powerful LED flash will allow sockets in poorly lit places.

Its 2.7″ color LCD screen allows you to have a nice preview of the recorded photos. It will also be useful to try the 20 photo tricks offered by this camera, or to play one of the 30 built-in games.

The Victure Kids Camera has an internal memory that allows you to directly record up to 200 photos. Thanks to the built-in SD card reader, it will be possible to extend this memory, so that you can take even more photos.

Finally, to share the photos taken with the rest of the family, a USB cable and an AV/TV cable are provided directly. The photos can then be broadcast on a TV or computer screen.

With this much information, you may be able to more easily define which children’s camera to choose.

Does your child also want to take pictures like adults? So, offer him a Victure Kids Camera! This 12-megapixel camera with X2 zoom, LED flash, a 2.7″ screen and several built-in games should be able to delight him.

Positive Points

Screen: That of this Victure Kids Camera is quite wide, compared to what other models offer. So, your child will have a 2.7″ color LCD screen to get a nice overview of the captured photos and to play the built-in games.

AV / TV Cable: This cable comes with the device to broadcast the photos taken on the screen of a TV.

Negative Points

Autonomy: The batteries installed in this device would tend to run out quite quickly. So, it is better to use rechargeable batteries.

Victure Kids Camera
Victure Kids Camera

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Vtech 170805 – The Expert’s Choice

This device will be a real little gadget for your child. Better known as Kidizoom Duo, this blue color camera is equipped with a dual lens: the front lens has a resolution of 2 megapixels, which will allow your child to take good quality and detailed photos. The second objective will be to make selfies.

Several useful and fun functions are offered on this device. Its X4 zoom and automatic flash will allow the child to take himself for a real professional photographer. He can also try several effects on the photos taken thanks to the many tricks offered: buffers, frames, animations to a photo, he can choose up to 70 different effects.

Automatic face detection will be a great help to make high quality portrait photos.

In addition to taking photos, the Vtech 170805 is also able to record videos, stream music via the built-in speaker or headset (supplied with the device), and play one of the 5 built-in mini-games. If you were wondering which is the best kids’ camera on the market, well you may well have just got the answer.

It would be better to ask “Where to buy the best children’s camera?” in order to be sure to acquire a device that is both efficient and robust. The Vtech 170805 is among the most recommended models. This is an 8-in-1 device that will withstand the treatment of a child.

Positive Points

Double Lens: The first 2-megapixel lens allows you to take photos of excellent quality. The second lens on the back of the camera will be used to take selfies instead.

Multifunctional: The Vtech 170805, which is perhaps the most powerful children’s camera, offers other features such as streaming music (by Speaker or headset), the ability to play games, record videos or even perform tricks on photos taken.

Face Detection: This model is able to detect faces and automatically take a photo. This technology is very useful when you want to make a self-portrait.

Screen: It features a 2.4″ color screen that is tough enough to take shocks, and is useful for framing photos and videos.

Negative Points

Autonomy: According to the tests, the Vtech would be quite greedy, and the 4 lR06 batteries required for its operation would run out quite quickly.

Vtech 170805
Vtech 170805 – KidiZoom

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How to Use a Children’s Camera?

How to Use a Children's Camera?

Children’s cameras are more than just toys. Indeed, they really allow to capture images to the delight of the little ones. But it requires you to show them how to manipulate their new object. These few lines can help you in this task.

Read the Details About Device

Before you teach your child how to handle his well, you must first inquire about the details of the latter. This will let you know how robust this object is and what options it offers. To find out all this, consult the user manual of the product. The operating mode is developed there and you will also be able to discover the different characteristics of the device. Thus, you will know the limits not to cross and then teach them to your little one.

Check That It Is the Age Required for Manipulation

There are different children-friendly cameras on the market. Only it will be necessary to take a few factors into account before choosing the ideal gadget. In your case, you have already purchased the item and now you will have to check this detail. This important factor is age. There must be a match between what is mentioned on the box and that of your child. An overly evolved device would be too complicated for him and a device with too few options would bore him. But in general, such gadgets can be used from the age of 3 years.

Help Your Little One Take His Own Photos

The main function of a camera is the capture of scenes or objects. And now that you have gone through the whole leaflet, you know how to guide your child in this task. First start by putting batteries inside or if not, make sure its battery is well charged. You will not be able to use the device until it has the necessary power. Turn it on then press the button that triggers the capture. Show your little one how to do this again.

View Images Taken

Most cameras have a screen on the back. This will allow you to directly view the images taken. And the activation of this visualization has been simplified. By the way this is the case with all the options of these devices. In order to simplify its use for your child, each button has a precise role. Thus, it is enough for him to remember the role of each of these commands. In case you have a touch screen, the manipulation is even simpler. In this sense, just swipe your finger across the screen in order to move from one image to another.

Let Him Discover the Other Options Offered by The Device

Each camera has its own options depending on the age range for which it is reserved. Some are more advanced than others. These options offer the possibility to activate the video shooting or the activation of the games. So, your child will not be limited to taking a photo, but he will also be able to switch to another activity when he gets bored. To do this, help him find the buttons that indicate the activation of games or that of video shooting.

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