How to Choose A Wedding Videographer?

Most often, weddings in the domestic open spaces are played once and for all, at least everyone wants to believe in it. In order to capture the brightest moments of this solemn event, it is reasonable to immediately apply for the services of a real master – a professional videographer (videographer) who is able to capture everything that happens the first time and with guaranteed high quality.

Wedding Videographer Services Cost

The cost of services for a real professional videographer is often quite high and amounts to an average of $5000 to $10,000 per shooting day. And sometimes some organizers try to save money and invite an operator from their acquaintances to the wedding, who will shoot everything on an amateur camera or on a mobile phone. But if you take into account that these cameras do not have manual focus, and are often equipped with a cheap plastic lens and low-power illumination, then the final product – a wedding video – may be spoiled. And since wedding rehearsals are not provided, and your familiar videographer with a mobile phone will screw up (for example, he may run out of memory or run out of battery), then there will be nothing corny to remember.

What Should Be the Equipment of a Wedding Videographer

Everything changes if the organizers of the celebrations turn to the services of a real master – a professional operator. He will definitely use high-quality video equipment capable of shooting in high definition HD or 4K. At the same time, the master will definitely use external or on-camera lighting, which will be very useful in the dim hall of a restaurant or cafe.

An experienced videographer will not forget to take at least two spare batteries with them – one is needed for the backlight, while the second is required for a photo or video camera. You can be sure that if the wedding drags on until midnight, the video camera together with the on-camera light will work normally. Usually, a real professional has almost all equipment backed up, from a spare camera to memory cards. And if the videographer came to your wedding light, and did not take backup equipment with him, this is a reason to doubt his foresight, at least.

How to Shoot A Wedding?

The wedding videographer must be familiar in detail with the various features of the wedding ceremony, and therefore it is better to discuss all the details of the holiday with him in advance so that he can take the most advantageous position and continue to shoot the young from the most favorable angle. For example, as soon as the young people drive up to the restaurant hall, the videographer will approach the back door of the limousine, from which the young will come out, who will then begin to leave for the restaurant hall. If we take into account that it is light outside, and inside the hall there is twilight, then the master will quickly select the required level of artificial lighting and the resulting video will indeed be of high quality – the newlyweds will be in the foreground, and the video itself will be with extremely high resolution and the proper level of contrast…

After the wedding ceremony is over, the master will not be lazy and will carefully edit the material – he will remove not very successful shots, add special effects and music, and then “cut” all the videos into a gift disk, which the young people will copy and give to their close friends and relatives.

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