Compact Cameras: Reviews and Comparison of The Best Models

Opting for compactness can be very interesting when it comes to the camera. Compact cameras are easy to carry and no need for any big specialized case; it fits easily in a handbag or backpack or even in a pocket. However, be careful when choosing your compact camera. Of course, size has its importance, but do not lose sight of some essential points such as the quality of the images (varying according to the sensor and the camera’s sensitivity) and zoom possibilities.

A compact camera is characterized by the lightness and discretion that it owes to its size facilitating its transport. Whether you are a simple amateur or a professional photographer, there is always a model suitable for your needs. You can choose a compact camera according to specific criteria, including sensor, zoom, and sensitivity.


Sony DSC-HX60B Compact Digital Camera

Sony DSC-HX60B
Sony DSC-HX60B

It is one of the most powerful camera of the moment, not only in terms of processing power, but also in terms of lenses. Thanks to its Exmor R CMOS sensor backlit with a resolution of 20.4 megapixels, the photos you are going to take will be ultra realistic.

The device has a size disadvantage at the level of its menu that is somewhat loaded. The display is neither ergonomic nor intuitive. It is difficult to find yourself in this jungle of settings.

If the Sony DSCHX60B is the best of this selection, it is mainly because of its technology that is of a different level. This camera is one of the few of its generation to be equipped with WiFi and NFC.

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Nikon Coolpix L340 Compact Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L340
Nikon Coolpix L340

The Nikon Coolpix L340 seduces by its ergonomic design, it offers an excellent grip, which is an important asset for the success of photography. In addition, it is equipped with a vibration reduction system, which greatly limits the number of missed shots.

Some users believe that the battery cover of the Nikon Coolpix L340 is not practical enough. It makes maintenance a little difficult.

This device is very popular among amateur videographers. Indeed, the Nikon Coolpix L340 allows you to record hours of videos in Full HD. It is the ideal camera to take away on vacation.

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Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera

Canon IXUS 185
Canon IXUS 185

This device designed by Canon is distinguished by its compact appearance. Despite its small size, the Canon IXUS 185 offers capture performance similar to a professional type camera. Its Wi-Fi function will allow you to share photos without pairing via a cable.

The battery life of the Canon IXUS 185 causes some worries to users, because it is not very enduring. So to speak, it is necessary to constantly carry his charger everywhere with you.

Of this selection, the Canon IXUS 185 is the cheapest camera. This is partly due to its simplest design, however, the performance is well present.

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How to Choose A Good Compact Camera?

There are many brands and models of compact cameras are available in market. To choose the right one is a though task, every compact camera has his own merits and demerits. Bellow are some main features you have to consider before buying a compact camera.


A compact camera sensor is the first criterion of choice to check if your goal is to know how to buy a compact camera with a better value for money. The sensor determines the quality of the image you will get from each shot to choose this device according to your needs.

The compact camera sensors are divided into two main categories: CCD and CMOS. The majority of compacts have a CCD-type sensor. To recognize the device that suits you according to the quality of its sensor, you will only have to check its size and resolution. The size of a sensor is indicated by fractional numbers whose importance reflects the quality of the sensor.

The resolution is expressed in pixels and most often in millions of pixels. The quality of the obtained image is excellent if the value corresponding to this resolution is high.

Nevertheless, it would also be wise not to make a Pixel race without considering the sensor size of a compact camera. At the same time, it is necessary to consider these two characteristics to know if the sensor of the model you are going to buy is of quality and can meet your needs.


Zoom should be the second criterion for choosing a compact camera before you start looking for where to buy a new compact camera. Zoom determines; the quality of the image obtained, the width of the field you want to capture, and the magnification you plan to make of each photo.

The second (optical zoom) has to be preferred between digital zoom and optical zoom if you want to have well-detailed images that retain the quality of a full-size image. This optical zoom allows you to achieve a magnification of up to 20-30 times with a compact camera. Also, optical zoom enables you to have a wide field without needing to step back or have good quality detailed images.


The sensitivity of a compact camera is part of the criterion for choosing this product because the quality of the images obtained depends on it. The sensitivity unit is ISO, which is a measure of the camera’s ability to capture light.

The sensitivity determines the quality of the image obtained according to the level of illumination. This sensitivity should be high depending on the brightness of the place you want to take the photo. This sensitivity can vary between 100, 200, 400, 800, and can even reach up to 1600 ISO to adapt to any environment and light level.

The Top 7 Compact Cameras of The Year

A compact camera is a product that has made the camera within reach of the general public. If you want to have one that gives a result that meets your expectations, you must provide a budget allowing you to access a product that can satisfy this need.

1. Sony DSC-HX60B

This compact camera is ideal for capturing the moving and magical moments of your daily life. It delivers impressive images with a 20.4-megapixel resolution of its Exmor R CMOS sensor and its 30x optical zoom lens.

Sony DSC-HX60B
Sony DSC-HX60B

Technical Specification

Regarding the characteristics of its flash, it is retractable on top; it can guarantee bright and precise shots, even if you take a picture in the dark. It has an automatic function, but you can activate it according to your needs.

The Sony DSCHX60B comes with a multi-interface accessory rack that allows you to attach a wide range of accessories to this camera, including external flashes, electronic viewfinders, and studio microphones.

Main Features

Bellow are the main features and characteristics of this Sony DSC-HX60B and because of these amazing features and qualities this is the best seller in this category of compact cameras. Let’s see the amazing features and functions of this compact camera:

1. Image Quality

With a resolution of 1,920 pixels and a photo resolution of 20.4 megapixels of its Exmor R ® CMOS sensor, it is clear that this camera can provide crisp, smooth, and authentic images. What could be better to immortalize the most beautiful smiles of your loved ones and freeze all the idyllic moments during your life? Through this image enhancement technology, you can bring out the details and stay as true to reality as possible.

Thanks to its Sony G lens with 30x optical zoom, this camera allows you to photograph with very high accuracy. It will enable you to freeze the details with a unique fluidity, no matter how far you are from the person or object. The captured images remain stable and precise.

2. Ergonomics

The weight of the case of this compact camera from the Sony brand is 246 grams, and 272 grams with the battery and other required accessories. The size of its screen is 3 inches. Equipped with an ergonomic handle pleasant to the touch with a non-slip structure, it can ensure a comfortable grip. So you can handle it more easily, regardless of the situation or position you need to stand to perfect some of your shots.

In addition to optimizing the comfort of its grip, it also provides a modern and refined look. With a dimension of 3.83 x 6.36 x 10.81 cm, it remains discreet indeed.

Rating: 9.8 / 10

For exceptional images without ruining your investment, this compact camera remains a reference. Quality, ergonomics, and performance are at the rendezvous.

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Main Drawback

The flash of this compact camera is not automatic as indicated, which is not very convenient, each time requiring a minor adjustment.

2. Nikon Coolpix L340

Nikon Coolpix L340 is a compact digital camera. It comes with a bright lens with a 24 mm wide-angle focal length. Nikon Coolpix L340 allows you always to have a quality and well-framed result whether you are further away or close to your target.

Nikon Coolpix L340
Nikon Coolpix L340

This model comes with an optical vibration reduction with active mode. The purpose of its presence is to optimize the quality of each shot by exposing it to a minimum risk of getting blurs for images where you have made intentional movements. It features a 3-inch screen to view the subjects taken in the photo or recorded in video. Its recording provides full HD images at the same time clear, accurate, and well detailed.

This product features 4x digital zoom and 28x optical zoom, so you can enlarge the shot or adapt to the distance where your subject is. It features an ergonomic handle allowing you to use it while enjoying a significantly reduced moving effect. In addition, this equipment is accompanied by an automatic stage selector to make its handling particularly simple.

Nikon Coolpix L340 is a powerful compact camera that allows individuals to take photos like professionals.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Vibration Reduction: Equipped with a vibration Reduction System, Nikon Coolpix L340 limits the risk of rationing your shots when you happen to move unintentionally while using it.

Ergonomic: The ergonomic nature of this item’s handle also limits the effects of moving, allowing always to have a quality result.

Wide Enough Screen: This model makes it possible to take advantage of a 3-inch screen during its use to see each shot taken.

Full HD Videos: The videos to which this device allows access are fluid and precise images accompany them.

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Negative Point

Not Practical Battery Cover: Some find that the battery cover is not very convenient, but this is the opinion of rare users.

3. Canon IXUS 185

The Canon IXUS 185 digital camera is a model that combines elegance and practicality. Its compact character allows you to take it with you during your escapades in nature or to cover many events. In any case, you will not have difficulty slipping it into your bag.

Canon IXUS 185
Canon IXUS 185

This model gives you a resolution of 20 million pixels; this allows you to benefit from good quality images by using it. It ensures that you can take advantage of a 24 mm wide-angle lens. Canon IXUS 185 provides you the choice to take the shot at an angle without moving from your place.

This product comes with a Wi-Fi function leaving you free to remotely connect it to other devices without the need to use a wire. This item can work with a 10x optical zoom. You are free to use it to take shots at the distance that suits you without fear of not having the expected result. This compact camera model comes with an intelligent image stabilizer that limits blur problems even if you make movements intentionally.

Canon IXUS 185 is not only powerful but also allows each user to take advantage of its practicality.

Positive Points

Positive Points

An Ultra-Compact Device: In addition to having an excellent design to see, this product is remarkably compact, allowing you to easily slide it somewhere and bring it without constraint during your travels.

A High Resolution: The resolution that it offers to each user is at 20 million pixels to give excellent quality images.

Wi-Fi Function: Through this device, you are free to share your photos and videos using a Wi-Fi connection that does not involve any wire to connect it to another device.

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Negative Point

Autonomy of the Battery: The battery can hold relatively long but not impressive as other models in this category.

4. Sony DSC-W810B

THE Sony DSC-W810B compact camera is a good quality product compared to other models that are considered better. For this model, the sensor resolution reaches 20.1 megapixels to photograph subjects using their full size or magnification.

Sony DSC-W810B
Sony DSC-W810B

The camera’s optical zoom is limited to 6x to make you see your images in detail but up to a certain level only. The screen of this model is LCD type and measures 2.7 inches for good shooting. This model has a wide-angle lens with a focal length between 26 and 156 mm. This feature indicates that this best compact camera with a cheap wide angle allows you to capture a reasonably wide area and take group photos without having to step back if you are in a narrow room.

Sony DSC W810B supports AVI and JPEG as photo formats to predict different uses of the obtained images. When you use it to record videos, this device allows you to have HD movies. In addition, this model has a SteadyShot stabilizer that limits the risk of having blurred images due to tremors when you take your photos in zoom mode.

The Sony DSCW810B is the ideal solution if you are looking for a compact camera that is both cheaper and more efficient. The captured photos are very detailed, and you will also be able to record videos in 720p.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Quality of Photos: The 20.1 megapixel Super had CCD sensor captures photos with several impressive details.

High Definition Video: With this camera, you will record and share your movies in high definition with high-quality digital sound.

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Negative Point

The solidity of the Mechanism: It will be necessary to handle the device with caution. Indeed, a simple slight fall could be enough to block its mechanics.

5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40EF

Why buy Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40EF Compact Camera? Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40EF answers this question through its performance. It is a device accompanied by several strengths comparing it to the second-best compact digital camera after the first device presented above. The camera works with an optical zoom that allows you to enlarge your images, without affecting its quality, up to twenty times and a digital zoom that will enable you to enlarge your photos by interpolation up to four times.

Lumix DMC-TZ40EF
Lumix DMC-TZ40EF

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40EF screen also measures 3 inches to allow you to have an excellent overview of your images to save or erase them. Such a screen also allows you to control the use of the device by comfortably scrolling images. In addition, this compact camera comes with a sensor of 18.1 megapixels. This resolution allows you to enlarge your photos as much as you want or use them at their standard size without affecting the quality of the images.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40EF comes with a burst shooting function that ensures that you can take various photos at the same or different positions and choose the ones that suit you best. The compatibility of the device with the Wi-Fi network allows you to view your photos on other devices (such as TV, Mobile, etc.).

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 occupies a leading place in ranking the best compact cameras of the moment. This success is mainly due to the CMOS sensor of 18 megapixels and the Venus Engine processor of the device that allows obtaining photos of very high quality.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Great Reactivity: The TZ40EF’S CMOS sensor is highly responsive and offers an excellent 18-megapixel definition. You will also be able to take ten frames per second in Burst mode, thanks to using the new Venus Engine processor.

NFC and Wi-Fi Connectivity: NFC technology allows you to connect a tablet or smartphone to the camera just by bringing them together. Wi-Fi Direct lets you stream your photos directly to the screen of a DLNA-enabled TV.

3″ Screen: It allows you to have a good overview of the photos taken. The Multi-Point touch screen is relatively large (3″), and navigation is easy, especially when using the GPS function of the device and the GLONASS system.

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Negative Point

The mode selection module is pretty sensitive, and sometimes it changes its position involuntarily when you store or remove the device from its cover.

6. Samsung WB35F

The performance of Samsung WB35F lets you know how to choose the best Samsung compact camera. Indeed, the device has a sensor resolution of 16.2 megapixels allowing you to have good quality images. The optical zoom function is 12x, while the digital zoom function is 2x. This incredible zoom feature will enable you to make enlargements to a specific limit without damaging the quality of your images.

Samsung WB35F
Samsung WB35F

The camera is accompanied by a system that reduces red eyes. This model comes with a flash system with a range of up to 4m. You can adjust it and adapt it to your needs to further illuminate the area to be photographed. The screen of the Samsung WB35F measures 2.7 inches for ease of handling and gives you an idea about the quality of the images you will get before saving it.

This product can be used with a Wi-Fi network to stream images to another device without you having to connect through a wire. By the way, the burst shooting function that accompanies the camera allows you to take various photos successively and choose the ones that suit you best.

Samsung is well known as one of the best compact camera brands on the market. Its Model WB35F has received much positive customer feedback, mainly thanks to its “intelligent automatic mode” function.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Sensor: Compared to the sensors of other compact cameras (1/2.3″), that of this WB35F, a 16.2 MP CCD, is wider, and the photos are of excellent quality, whether taken outdoors or in low light situations.

Intelligent Auto Mode: This function analyzes your environment and chooses the best shooting mode for itself.

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Negative Point

Screen Size: According to some customers, the LCD screen size of 2.7″ is not very convenient. A larger screen would have been preferable.

7. Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon Coolpix S7000 is a compact camera that contains features that allow you to have photos of acceptable quality if you are just an amateur in the photographic field. The resolution of its sensor is also equal to 16 million pixels. This compact camera allows you to take not only excellent but stunning images.

Nikon Coolpix S7000
Nikon Coolpix S7000

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 sensor is back-lit to allow you to have clear images even if the place where you take your photos is dark. This model comes with an optical vibration reduction system that limits the risk of blurred parts on your images if you move unintentionally during shooting. The device has a 3-inch LCD screen, wide enough for easy control of each function.

Nikon Coolpix S7000 is very light and weighs only 161 grams, so you can take it on the go without cluttering it up. The optical zoom of this model is 20x, while its digital zoom is 4x to allow you to have enlargements adapted to your needs. The device is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable you to view the images obtained on other devices.

If you still do not know which compact camera to choose, it may be because you have not yet come across the Nikon Coolpix S7000. Capable of taking photos and videos of excellent quality, this device should suit you.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Photo Sharing: It will be greatly facilitated by using NFC technology (which allows you to connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet just by bringing the two devices together) or by Wi-Fi.

Videos: You will be able to record videos in Full HD and easily make clips/intervals.

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Negative Point

Flash: In the ranking of the most powerful flashes, that of the Coolpix S7000 would not be at the top. Nevertheless, it remains effective for the first interior part but will not illuminate an entire room.

Sony DSC-HX60B – The Best Among All Compact Digital Cameras

Sony DSC-HX60B is a compact camera that has a sensor resolution of 20.4 megapixels. With such a resolution, you can plan to enlarge or use each photo taken without deteriorating the quality of the image. The camera allows you to take your pictures with an optical zoom of up to 30x. The optical zoom ensures to view all the details of your photography subject without impacting the quality of the image.

Sony DSC-HX60B
Sony DSC-HX60B

This model comes with an optical stabilizer that has the role of correcting pests that may appear on your photo if you moved at the time of the shooting; in contrast, you have adopted a large magnification. This best compact camera with an optical viewfinder has a 3-inch LCD screen. This measurement indicates that the screen of this camera is wide enough to allow you to control each shot better and so that you can browse the controls of the camera with great ease.

Sony DSCHX60B features a 10-second self-timer that lets you take your photos yourself or with your family without requiring a person to take each shot. This model ensures that you quickly know which is the best compact camera on the market.

With the impressive number of compact cameras sold on the market, one has the right to wonder which is the best compact camera of the moment. The answer may come from Sony, with its DSCHX60B equipped with a 30x optical zoom.

Positive Points

Positive Points

Quality Sensor: With the Exmor R Backlit CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.4 megapixels, you will get high-resolution photos and more realistic images.

30x Optical Zoom: You’ll get a clear picture with sharp details even if you’re shooting from a distance; this is due to 30x optical zoom with a range of focal lengths ranging from wide-angle 24 mm to telephoto 720 mm.

Wi-Fi and NFC: The use of these two technologies will allow you to share your creations in a simpler and faster way. You can also download apps to add more features to your device.

High-Performance Processor: The BIONZ X processor used by this Sony device is betting on the best performance of the moment. It performs ultra-fast image processing and reproduces images with a very high level of detail.

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Negative Point

Menu: Some customers believe that the on-screen menu is a bit loaded (with many settings displayed) and is not intuitive.


I strongly recommend the Sony DSCHX60B. Its Exmor R CMOS sensor has a resolution of 20.4 megapixels for a perfect rendering. Also, DSCHX60B offers a 30X zoom. The Nikon Coolpix L340 is also a good alternative. It features a 24 mm wide-angle lens. In addition, this Nikon camera can capture videos in full HD.

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