Engagement Ring Photo Ideas: How Do You Take A Good Engagement Ring Picture?

Tody’s topic is engagement ring photo ideas and I will tell you how do you take a good engagement ring picture to post on social media. A wedding, an engagement, or a marriage proposal are those moments that you want to tell everyone about.

Someone prefers to keep it secret and tells about it only to the closest ones, while someone seeks to notify the whole world about the happy event through social networks. In any of these cases, the most eloquent pictures are photos of hands with engagement rings.

And if a professional wedding photographer knows how to take a beautiful shot, what poses to use for a wedding photoshoot, and what angles to expose. Then the newlyweds probably will not want to wait for the finished photos but will take them on their own to immediately post them on their page.

How Do You Take A Good Engagement Ring Picture?

When a young man proposes to a girl, a successful picture of a ring on his finger will be a great way to inform friends and family about the upcoming wedding. It can be done using a post on social media. Networks or sending a picture to loved ones by phone. In any case, the photo of the wedding or engagement ring on the bride’s hand clearly states: “Soon I will become a wife!”

There are some exciting ideas on how to take a picture of an engagement ring that has taken its rightful place on one of your fingers:

Joint Photo – hand in hand, a selfie with a hand in front of a kissing couple, an image from the face of the bride with the groom in the background;

Joint Photo of Couple with Engagement Ring
Joint Photo of Couple with Engagement Ring – Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Pets – everyone loves cats and dogs, so everyone will definitely like a photo of a hand with a ring in front of your pet;

Pets and Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Scenic Views – if you have been made an offer in a beautiful place, why not use the surrounding landscape as a background;

Scenic Views - Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Hands are Busy – when there is an object in hand, but the ring is visible, this is a great idea, as it were, to tell the hike about the imminent wedding;

Hands are Busy - Engagement Ring
Hands are Busy – Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Inscriptions – a photo of a hand next to the inscription “Let’s get married,” “I said:” Yes!”, etc.

Inscriptions - I Said Yes
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Couple’s Hands with Engagement Rings: The Best Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Photos of the couple’s hands with the wedding rings before the wedding is a rare occurrence. According to superstition, newlyweds should not wear wedding rings before the marriage is concluded, unless only during fitting. Photographing wedding decorations separately against a beautiful background is a good idea but too traditional.

There are more exciting ideas for photos of wedding accessories, where the hands of the newlyweds will be involved:

  • The bride holds the rings in her hands.
 The Bride Holds the Ring in Her Hands
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas
  • The photo of the wedding rings on the groom’s hands is very symbolic because it is the groom who, by tradition, should buy the rings.
wedding ring on the groom's hands
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas
  • Photo of wedding rings in the hands of the young – the bride and groom are holding wedding rings together.
Photo of wedding rings in the hands of the young
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas
  • Wedding rings on the hands of the newlyweds: photo during or after the wedding.
Wedding rings on the hands of the newlyweds
Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

A snapshot of wedding rings is a classic of wedding photography. Still, if the newlyweds want to take a beautiful shot and post it on social networks before receiving the processed photos, they will have to “get creative” a little and develop an exciting plot.

Some Original Ideas for Engagement Ring Photographs

I am offering original ideas for wedding photos with engagement rings on your hands, which will help you take unique pictures.

Two or Three Generations

You can take a photo of two or three hands with wedding rings – yours, yours, and your grandmother’s, for example. Such a picture can not only be posted but also printed and presented to mom and grandmother as a keepsake.

Two or Three Generations with Engagement Ring


If pretty pictures of hands with wedding rings are too dull for you, you can make handprints in the sand and put your rings in place of your ring fingers. Is there no beach nearby? It doesn’t matter; a children’s sandbox will work too because no one will know about it.

handprint and engagement ring

Body Parts

You can take photographs of the hands of the newlyweds with body parts in the frame that do not fit entirely but are not wholly present – this allows you to make the photo intriguing and mysterious.

Body Parts and Engagement Ring

Putting The Ring

If you don’t know how to photograph hands with engagement rings, try to capture the moment when the bride or groom put the rings on each other’s fingers. The idea is not that original, but the pictures will turn out beautiful.

Putting The Ring

Clasped Pinky Fingers

Remember the children’s game “settled and don’t fight anymore”? When friends after a quarrel clasp their little fingers, thereby forgiving each other all insults. Recently, such photos of the hands of newlyweds with wedding rings have become more and more popular.

Clasped Pinky Fingers with Engagement Ring
Clasped Pinky Fingers with Engagement Ring
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Tips on How to Take A Beautiful Photo of Engagement Rings?

It is not enough to choose an exciting idea if you want to know how to photograph hands with engagement rings originally and beautifully. The photo should turn out to be of high quality, and for this, it is worth following these recommendations:

Choose Proper Lighting. It will not be a problem if you are offered during the day on the street or if you have an outdoor ceremony in good weather. Natural light is always better than artificial light. And even if there is not enough light during the day, it is better to find the brightest place but not turn on the flash.

Choose Proper Lighting for Engagement Ring Selfies

Monitor the Condition of The Hands. A beautiful manicure, no burrs, moisturized skin are the key to a beautiful photo. If you did not have time to do a manicure, you were made an offer, and you want to talk about it right now, squeeze your hand into a fist so that your nails do not fall into the frame.

Monitor the Condition of The Hands

Do Not Spread Your Fingers. Elongated toes always look more elegant. You can also fold your fingers in a lovely gesture to make both the ring and the hand look graceful.

Do Not Spread Your Fingers

Choose A Beautiful Background. It can be anything – from the background of the environment to your knee, the main thing is that everything looks organic.

Choose A Beautiful Background

If you don’t have a camera with you, and the camera on your phone has a low resolution, you can take a little better photo. For example, adjust focus, stabilizer, do not use magnification. And, as I already mentioned, it is better to choose natural lighting.

Engagement Ring Selfie

Process Images Properly. Indeed you already have special applications on your phone or built-in photo editors. You can apply a ready-made filter to the photo or adjust the saturation of colors, lighting and shadows, brightness and contrast.

Process Images Properly

I have collected for you exciting ideas on how to beautifully photograph engagement rings and ceremonies so that all other couples are envious. After all, such pictures turn out to be insanely romantic, gentle, and symbolic.

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