First Photograph: The 12 Very First Shots of Photography History

First Photograph 25 Very First Shots of Photography History

Do you know when the first photograph was taken in photography history? In this article, I am going to present the very first shots of photography.

A massive breakthrough in humanity’s striving to capture reality was photography, which, unlike rock paintings and paintings, was able to convey the “picture” as truthfully as possible.

The art of photography has been going on for two centuries. It has rapidly evolved, and it is now impossible to count the number of photos taken by professional cameras, amateur cameras, and smartphones. But some shots will remain in history forever.

In 1861, James Maxwell was able to reproduce color photographs. The invention of the digital camera in 1981 by Sony made it possible to take digital pictures and abandon traditional photographic film. Since then, history has preserved many photographs, for the first time capturing various events and characters: from the surface of the moon to the first erotica.

1. The Very First Photograph of History

The first fixed image was taken in 1822 by the Frenchman Joseph Niepce, but it has not survived. Therefore, the first photograph in history is considered the picture “View from the Window,” obtained by Niepce in 1826 with the help of a camera obscura on a tin plate covered with a thin layer of asphalt.

View from the Window - The First Photograph of History
View from the Window – The First Photograph of History

2. The First Photo of a Person

Louis Dagger took the first photograph of a person in 1838. The photo is called “Boulevard du Temple.” View from the window to a busy street. Because the exposure was 10 minutes, all the roads blurred and disappeared, except for one person who stood still and became visible in the lower left of the frame.

The First Photo of a Person
Boulevard du Temple – The First Photo of a Person

3. First Photomontage

In 1858, 32 years after the first photograph, Henry Robinson made the first photomontage. Fading Away is a combination of five negatives. The picture shows a girl who died of tuberculosis and her family gathered around.

First Photomontage
First Photomontage by Henry Robinson

4. First Selfie

The idea for the first selfie belongs to Robert Cornelius. The photo was taken in 1839. From 1839 to 1843, Cornelius was one of the first in the United States to open two private photo studios. Still, by 1843 – probably because the popularity of photography was growing and the number of photo studios was rapidly increasing – he lost interest in photography.

First Selfie by Robert Cornelius
First Selfie by Robert Cornelius

5. First Female Portrait

The first woman in photographs appeared in 1839. It was Dorothy Catherine Draper, who was photographed by her brother and famous American photographer John Draper.

First Female Portrait
First Female Portrait by John Draper

6. First Wedding Photograph of History

One of the first wedding photographs captured Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Prince Albert. Victoria was on the throne for 63 years, seven months, and two days and is the second-longest reign after Elizabeth II.

First Wedding Photo
First Wedding Photo by Roger Fenton

7. First Photograph in Newspaper

The very first news photo dates back to 1847. It shows the arrest of a man in France. History has not preserved the name of the photojournalist.

First Photo on News
First Photo on News – By Unknown

8. The First Erotic Photograph of History

The first erotic photo dates back to 1850. Its photographer is French Felix Jacquet Moulin.

The First Erotic Photo
The First Erotic Photo by Felix Jacquet Antoine Moulin

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9. First Color Photograph of History

Physicist James Clerk Maxwell took the first color photograph in 1861. Maxwell’s work on color theory laid the foundations for methods for accurately quantifying colors resulting from mixing.

First Color Photo
First Color Photo by James Clerk Maxwell

10. First 3D Photograph of History

The first 3D photography appeared in the 1920s when the cigarette company Cavenders was looking to boost sales. To make the packaging more attractive, photographer Durden Holmes was brought in and asked to come up with something eye-catching.

The photographer came up with an unusual idea: to print two pictures next to each other on packs of cigarettes, one for the left eye, the other for the right. At the same time, the image in one picture was slightly shifted to the side, and when looking at the pictures, a feeling of the depth of the photo, the 3D effect, was created.

First 3D Photo
First 3D Photo

11. The First Moon Photograph of History

John William Draper first photographed the moon on March 26, 1840. He became famous for his publications “The History of the Mental Development of Europe” and “The History of the Relationship between Catholicism and Science.”

The First Moon Photo
The First Moon Photo by John William Draper
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12. The First Color Photograph of the Earth

One of the most famous photographs of Earth from space was taken by the crew of Apollo 17, the spacecraft on December 7, 1972, the 11th and last human-crewed flight of the Apollo program. It is the first color photo of our planet.

The First Color Photo of the Earth
The First Color Photo of the Earth

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