Choosing a Suitable Foot for Your Camera Tripod/Monopod

Camera feet are indispensable supports when you want to take quality photos. There are different kinds and sizes of them. So, to properly choose these legs for camera, you need to follow certain criteria and standards. In this article, we will give you the tips that will allow you to make a good choice.

Criteria for Choosing Your Foot

To choose your camera foot, you must follow certain indispensable criteria. A monopod or tripod before making your choice, you need to know whether you want a monopod or tripod. The monopod is a fixed bracket while the tripod has three brackets for fixing your camera. Professionals prefer camera tripods because they offer more stability. The height of your foot to choose your foot, you need to pay attention to its height. Indeed, you have to choose a foot with which you will be comfortable while taking your photos. Thus, the most suitable height is the one that arrives at the level of your eyes. Thus, you will not have to stoop or take uncomfortable poses to make your photos.

The Choice of Heads

The camera heads are of two types, you have the ball heads and the axis heads. Spindle heads can be rotated in all directions while Ball heads can be rotated in a limited plane.

Other Selection Criteria

Choose your foot according to your needs. Keep in mind the type of photograph you want to take with your foot. In addition, pay attention to the weight, because you will surely have to carry it on your shoulders. Your choice will also be based on your budget. The most expensive foot is not necessarily the best fit for you.

A Few Foot for Camera

Fugetek sells you a foot for camera at $24.99. This camera tripod can reach 143 cm and weighs 4 kg. Leofoto offers you a cheap photo tripod with 4 adjustable sections for your shots in different positions. It is on sale at the price of $18.

Foot for Camera

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On Amazon you will find a monopod tripod with all the indispensable kit. This aluminium tripod has a height between 44.5 cm and 134 cm. And a weight of 1500 gm, to buy this tripod for camera, you will spend $25.84.

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Foot for Your Camera Tripod
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