Handheld Camera Stabilizers – Buying Guide, Rating & Reviews

More and more widespread on the market, hand held stabilizers are the essential accessories to make your videos perfect by allowing your camera to stay securely fixed without the risk of shaking. Choosing your hand stabilizer right allows you to take professional-quality shots. In this article, we will try to guide your choice by presenting you with a purchase guide and a selection of quality products that can meet your need. These products include the Zhiyun Weebill LAB, a very practical model that is also very easy to handle. You can also enjoy great autonomy. Then there is DJI Osmo Mobile 2, a very design model, in gray color that you can take anywhere very easily.


Gimbal 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Handheld

Gimbal 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer

Gimbal Stabilizer Compatible with Sony Canon DSLR Mirrorless camera, for Canon Sony Nikon Panasonic camera, Viatouch wireless image transmission

This 3-axis dial stabilizer is an equipment that stands out by its unique appearance. Thanks to its image transmission system compatible with iOS and Android devices, it is satisfactory.

An equipment with a good value for money if one takes into account its efficiency thanks to a huge number of features.

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer for Recording in Motion

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer

The presence of several smart functions is a real plus for this stabilizer for Smartphone. In addition, any user will be under the spell of this portable pod for the quality of the images it offers. What about its autonomy of more than 15 hours?

The appearance of the lever system does not bring much to the fixing step. The changes made to the release of this new stabilizer do not meet expectations.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 remains an excellent product that gives satisfaction to its users on many points.

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Wondalu PRO Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR camera

Wondalu PRO

Very good hand stabilizer, Wondalu PRO allows you to make very smooth videos of professional quality. In addition, this model of hand stabilizer is very light and does not fatigue even for long-term use.

The adjustment of this stabilizer is quite complicated and requires a lot of time. In addition, the handle used to handle it is a little too high, which makes handling it not easy.

Among the cheapest hand held stabilizer models on the market, the Wondalu PRO performs well and provides extra comfort thanks to its lightness.

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How to Choose a Good Hand Stabilizer?

To perfect your choice of handheld stabilizer for your camera and SLR camera, a buying guide for the best handheld stabilizers is essential and can guide you with precise criteria and wise advice. In addition to the ease of handling of this kind of accessory, you should also pay special attention to the options and features as well as the reliability and stabilization of your hand stabilizer.

The Types of Hand Stabilizer

Among the many models of hand stabilizers available on the market, some stand out by their level of stabilization, the main feature to consider if you want to know how to buy a hand stabilizer with a better quality / price ratio. Indeed, if we decide to invest in this kind of accessory it is mainly in order to put an end to the tremors and vibrations that impact on the quality of our videos.

The level of stabilization required depends largely on the type of devices you use. So, if you do a lot of sports videos, the best thing for you is to opt for a GoPro stabilizer. On the other hand, there are hand held stabilizers specially designed for cameras and digital cameras such as SLR. If you are the type to use your smartphone a lot to make videos or take photos, relying on stabilizers for smartphones would be the most sensible for you.

Stabilizers for smartphones allow you to make high-quality videos using your smartphone. Finally, the last type of stabilizer is the stabilizer with built-in camera. Models of hand-held stabilizers in this category are very convenient since they are already equipped with a camera.

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Comfort of Use of The Hand Stabilizer

Among the highly appreciated features for a hand held stabilizer is the comfort of use. This feature is often tested in places where to buy a new hand stabilizer. Lightness is among the first criteria to be taken into account in this case.

Indeed, if you make a lot of videos and move a lot, it is best to opt for a model that is compact and easy to carry. Carbon fiber models can perfectly meet this requirement. For this purpose, some models are equipped with a shoulder strap. In addition, the handle for handling the stabilizer must be easy to handle.

For this, it must be ergonomic and of quality so as not to damage easily. In any case, be sure to choose a stabilizer model that meets your needs.


Since the use of hand held stabilizers have been largely democratized in recent years, you can have the model suitable for your budget by just going to consult a price comparative. Indeed, entry-level models can be purchased from $ 30.

Despite this price, these models are not necessarily of poor quality and can be perfectly adapted for casual use and for a small project. Small portable models that are carried everywhere are part of this category. However, if you want to have a model with good quality and that fits perfectly to the use you want to make it, it is better to count fifty euros.

Thus, if this accessory significantly increases the quality of your Videos, its price is no less advantageous.

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The Best Hand Held Stabilizers of 2021

Thanks to the criteria specified in the previous purchase guide, you can now specify which is the best hand held stabilizer on the market suitable for your needs. However, to make it even easier for you, we offer below a selection of 5 products that we consider to be of better quality.

1. Gimbal 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer

This hand held stabilizer is convenient and easy to handle with only 970 grams of weight. In addition, it is an electric device with a battery life of up to 12 hours.

For the standard package, Trans-Mount phone holder and Focus controller are not included. In addition, the camera cannot record images taken with Panorama and Time Lapse for some versions.

Rating: 9.7 / 10

Despite the fact that this model from Gimbal is not compatible with some A7 versions of Sony, it is a wireless image transmission device for mirror-less cameras.

Main Features Explained

Wireless Image Transmission System

Smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS systems have the ability to transmit images without the need for wire. With this device, it is possible to see these directly at each outlet. In addition, the parameters can be modulated at the time of taking the photos. In this case, the frame and angle, as well as the view of taking pictures are completely free and adjustable.

On the other hand, the external focus motor of these hand stabilizers is highly equipped. Therefore, the user can have at his disposal control with the most precision and fluidity possible on the development of all camera systems. To do this, the device is equipped with a touch wheel that allows you to move while taking pictures, as well as carry out careful focus.

Viatouch Control System and Motion Sensor Control

This system that is on the phone screen is useful to be able to modulate each point of the photo shoot. Because of this, it is possible to make sure that the dial is moving very easily and to adjust your device even if you move your Smartphone.

At the same time, all shots are framed on the same screen. For this, the stabilizer is directly connected to the phone. On the other hand, there is a Go button on the stabilizer that allows the camera to manage scenes of extreme movements, as well as the speed of transmission.

A Complete Set of Accessories

The package of the device comes with various useful accessories helping the user for an unhindered shooting of images. Using the latest engine techniques, the stabilizer multiplies the response speed by one. First, Mafrrotto and Arca-Swiss double-quick release plates are used for easy installation and quick transition between equipment without the need for rebalancing. Then, the intuitive design of the interface makes it possible to easily identify the connection status, battery level, control mode and the many parameters of the camera in detail.

Subsequently, this model is designed with a latch on each axis, allowing it easy balance. Finally, the device is equipped with a mobile phone clamp, an extended monopod, and a Transmount shoulder holder. All of these equipment makes it easy and convenient to handle the weebill lab stabilizer.

Gimbal 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer
Gimbal 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer

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2. DJI Osmo Mobile 2

To use a Smartphone as a camera for movement recording, treat yourself to the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. This portable stabilizer is an equipment that you will enjoy using with your phones, especially your iPhones. Equipped with many intelligent functions, this mobile pod is effective for taking photos or making videos in any place where you can find yourself.

Features such as zoom control, moving Timelapse or ActiveTrack ensure you an impeccable quality of the images. With a fairly lightweight design and a focus on portability, this stabilizer will be your ally on the go or during your holidays to capture your best moments with family, friends or as a couple.

Equipped with a battery of 2600 mAh, it is a material that will seduce you more by its long duration of use. It offers in fact an autonomy that is close to 15 hours. On the go and at home, you can enjoy it over a reasonable period of time before thinking about recharging it. This stabilizer is itself capable of charging your iPhone for several hours of broadcasting.

Positive Points

Autonomy: With its 2600 mAh battery, this stabilizer allows you to work for a long time with complete autonomy. This is precisely one of the reasons why this equipment is very suitable for people who are constantly moving in the course of their professional activities, for example.

Convenient Equipment: The presence of various functions such as moving Timelapse, ActiveTrack and zoom control guarantees comfortable use of this equipment. Whether it’s taking photos or making videos, this stabilizer for Smartphone is very convenient and effective.

Very Good Quality Images: This stabilizer has been designed to allow you to capture excellent quality images in motion.

Negative Points

An Unconvincing Lever System: Some corrections made when the second generation of this stabilizer was released did not bring the expected effect. This is the case of the lever system which is not productive at the fixing step.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2
DJI Osmo Mobile 2

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3. Wondalu PRO

Hand held stabilizer model you can see on a comparison, the Wondalu as PRO model can withstand a load of up to 1.5 Kg, to say that this stabilizer is strong and stable enough to support the weight of your video equipment.

Very convenient to use, this stabilizer model has an adjustable height. You can adjust its height so that it is suitable for the shooting you want to take.

The adjustment is also easy. In addition, the model is equipped with a sponge handle, easy to handle and very ergonomic. This handle makes it easy to steer and rotate your camera. With a metal body and stem, this hand held stabilizer model exudes strength and robustness. It is also durable and does not break easily.

By the way, if you are looking for an easy-to-carry stabilizer model, this model is very compact and lightweight, it weighs only 1.8 Kg. So, if you are looking for a good balance for your camera when shooting for video, the Wondalu PRO handheld stabilizer model is a good option.

It is not obvious to find the best brand of hand stabilizers since the offer is considerable at the moment. However, this model makes a difference thanks to its ease of Use and the ability to adjust it according to your needs and preferences.


Robust: The materials chosen for the design of this product give it great strength. It is able to withstand devices weighing up to 1.5 kg.

Adjustable: You can adjust the height of this stabilizer so that it adapts more easily to the intervention you want to perform.

Practical: With its weight of 1.8 kg, this item is easily carried. It is also equipped with a handle made of sponge intended to simplify the handling of the device.


Delicate Adjustment: Some users complain that they had a lot of trouble adjusting the stabilizer. They claim that the device moves in all directions and has a clearance at the level of the handle.

Wondalu PRO
Wondalu PRO

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4. Zhiyun Weebill 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

If you want to make beautiful professional quality videos, buying and investing in Zhiyun Weebill hand held stabilizer model may be a good option for you.

This model in black color and designed in ABS plastic, KK6 and fiberglass can withstand a load of up to 5 Kg. To make its use comfortable, this model is equipped with a shoulder support ideal for camcorders and cameras.

This shoulder support further increases the stability of your device mounted on this stabilizer and allows you to have your hands free. To allow you to handle the stabilizer at ease, it comes with a strap to attach around your body.

This strap is easily adjustable to your body and greatly lightens the weight of your camera, especially during long shots. In addition, the structure of this stabilizer is suitable for different parts of your body thanks to its spring suspension system.

Finally, a portable model, the Zhiyun Weebill hand held stabilizer is fold-able and can be transported easily. Its weight of 1.16 Kg adds to its ease of transportation.

In order to help you determine which hand stabilizer to choose, you can dwell on this model. It is a device that is used with all types of cameras. It is adjustable according to the work you want to do.


Robust: The manufacturing materials of this model have been carefully selected to ensure better strength. It is able to withstand a load of 5 kg.

Functional: Most users consider it to be the most efficient equipment in this classification thanks to the shoulder support provided. This component strengthens the stability of the grips and does not occupy your hands.


Questionable Quality: According to the remarks of some users, the received product did not last long. They consider it because of the plastic from which it is made.

Zhiyun Weebill S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Cameras
Zhiyun Weebill S 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

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5. 2in1 Portable Action SYN Stabilizer

Looking for a cheap hand held stabilizer model? The SYN Stabilizer can meet your criteria. At the same time, among the cheapest hand held stabilizer models on the market that can allow you to make smooth and accurate videos, this model can allow you to achieve the professional quality of video you are looking for.

Thanks to its well-padded shoulder support, this stabilizer gives you maximum comfort in use and does not strain you. In addition, this shoulder support greatly reduces the vibrations that your arm can produce when shooting. To further increase this stability, the model is equipped with a strap with harness to attach around the chest.

Which also leaves you hands free. The advantage of this stabilizer model over tripods is that it allows more mobility, which is a significant asset when it comes to taking videos. Compatible with most models of camcorders and digital cameras, this handheld stabilizer is a good ally for your travel photos and videos. Finally, this model can withstand a load of up to 6 Kg.

If you want to invest in a performance device yet cheaper, then this device might suit you. It is the ideal equipment for making professional videos. It is also able to support a weight of up to 6 kg.


Quality: Due to its superior design, this product guarantees smooth and stable videos even if you shoot on the go.

Comfort: The device has a shoulder support. This element is well padded, this prevents you from feeling pain during intensive use. It also allows you to have hands free.

Mobility: By opting for this item, you will enjoy better freedom of movement during filming. This is an important advantage offered by this model.


Unsuitable: The stabilizer attachment strap is not strong enough according to the user test. As a result, heavy users may not use it.

SYN Stabilizer
2in1 SYN Stabilizer

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