How To Charge Your Phone Fast?

How To Charge Your Phone Fast

How To Charge Your Phone Fast, in addition to being a means of being in contact with loved ones, has become a tool for working and contact with the current reality marked by a pandemic in the face of which millions of students have had to follow their academic training through virtual media.

However, one of the main problems is associated with the speed with which many of these devices consume their load, either due to the volume of use, or due to the applications and processes that run with them.

Given this reality, it is necessary to identify the best conditions to carry out a charging process that, in addition to being effective in terms of time, is useful for preserving the state of the battery, and although sometimes these tips are evident for a sector of the population , it is possible that, for some people they turn out to be of great help.

Although the charging time of devices has decreased over the years and it is no longer necessary to spend a long time waiting for charging, there are methods that can optimize the process.

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How To Charge Your Phone Fast – #1 Put The Cell Phone In Airplane Mode

Although the phone can carry out its charging process even during the development of functions, or while the device is being used, it is clear that the charging of the device could be carried out faster in cases where energy consumption by the user is minimized. of the device , and this is possible thanks to the use of the so-called ‘ airplane mode’ , a function that stops, among others, the incoming calls, as well as suspends the use of the internet by the team.

Carrying out charging under this modality facilitates the fastest charging of the equipment , although it is not recommended in cases where it is necessary not to disconnect from the whole world, or when the user knows that it may eventually be required by another person to seek to get in contact through a phone call or a message through the messaging platform.

If such a method is used to speed up the charging of the device, it is important to remember to deactivate this cellular state when the charging process is finished ; otherwise it will be impossible for you to receive or execute calls, as well as connect to the internet.

In the same sense, for some people it is useful to turn off the device while charging, a strategy that further minimizes the power consumption of the device while charging.

#2 Remove The Case Or Protection Of The Phone

This strategy can be useful in some mobiles, not only to face the danger that equipment overheating can mean in some models, but also to avoid activating the temperature control process that some new devices have.

The above, taking into account that said process, many times also represents an additional effort for the team, beginning to simultaneously consume part of the energy that the mobile is acquiring through charging, and making the process more delayed.

#3 Use The Original Device Charger

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Although many times we do not repair the specific use of the original components of mobile devices, and we resort to other elements, due to their standard model, in the case of Android device chargers with a micro USB port, not all cables or plugs they respond to the same amperage, and this could affect the charging process.

It is also important to take into account the age of the equipment, as not all mobiles have the capacity to moderate said reception and in some cases, their batteries can be affected.

The same occurs in cases in which a device designed for lower amperes is used, since the load for which the system is designed is not the same, and the rate of loading will be lower.

A similar process occurs in cases where the USB port of computers or televisions is used to supply the work of the adapter , because although it is useful to do so, many times these devices supply a lesser load while waiting, making the process longer. load.

Experts recommend the use of external batteries, noting that these work with standard parameters, and that many times they may be more suitable. Even in cases where chargers from other devices are used, it is recommended to know the specifications of the charging port of your smartphone, in order to choose the most appropriate option within the range of chargers that you could have universalized for charge your devices.

In this regard, there are also myths, because while some point out that it is dangerous to carry out the charging process at night, because the cell phone often remains connected, despite reaching its maximum and “overloading”, this statement is false , since new generations of lithium ion batteries would not suffer damage when exposed to long periods connected to the current.

According to specialized media, in the event of these eventualities, the battery simply disconnects the input power flow when it detects that it has already been 100% charged.

Another interesting strategy is to check that the phone does not have open applications in the background, closing these can also be useful. Even disabling some features like Bluetooth can help ease the consumer load on your computer. This option is ideal in cases where you cannot use the strategy to turn off the phone or put it in airplane mode.

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