How to Choose An Affiliate Program for YouTube from 10 Subscribers?

Affiliate Programs For Youtube

Get peer calling or world-wide popularity, gain the status of the best blogger or the coveted diamond button award? Affiliate Program Surely, every owner of a YouTube channel dreams that his project will become the most unique and unique. But, in addition to recognition, any blogger wants his “brainchild” to bring real income.

In fact, everything looks very simple – you create a page, shoot several videos and here it is a success. But in fact, the starting fuse turns into disappointment. Please note that the leading bloggers at the initial stages did not have special equipment, software, but still they had something in common – creativity, original style and full dedication…

All this is lyrics, and, often, there is a thirst for financial gain behind world popularity. If your channel already has several videos and even a couple of visitors, then, in principle, you can make money on it !!! How and how much will depend on: YouTube affiliate program type quality and number of views and other parameters.

What Are YouTube Channel Owners Paid For?

Each channel is a separate web page that your subscribers and casual users regularly visit. From a marketing point of view, they are all potential consumers. Let’s say you do mobile smartphone reviews. Your subscribers are young people who want to purchase a gadget or just familiarize themselves with its parameters. Naturally, it’s best to place ads on such a channel on the sale of mobile devices and other IT products. Today, the network has more than 20 different affiliate programs for the YouTube channel, each of which has its own terms of cooperation (for example, from 10 subscribers).

The mechanism is as follows:

  • Users watch videos
  • They see advertisements and follow them.
  • As a result, the system makes you cash deductions.

What to look for when choosing an affiliate program for YouTube from 10 subscribers?

  • Evaluate the nature of your traffic (age, theme , etc.);
  • select the best option for advertisements (video, banner and more);
  • Choose the most effective affiliate program.

TOP 3 Best Affiliate Program For YouTube

Below we will consider which affiliate program are best for beginner bloggers who have 10 subscribers or more. Say what you like, but it’s nice when labor is appreciated. Doing your favorite thing, you have a chance to get a good extra income.

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This is one of the most popular affiliate program on YouTube, for which 10 subscribers are enough. Today, there are about 15 thousand channels . You get more than 70% of the total media network income !!! Moreover, the service has a very convenient (clickable) format of announcements.

The Benefits of This Affiliate Program:

  • many ways to pay (starting from WebMoney, ending with a bank transfer);
  • about $ 7 per 1000 video views;
  • convenient interface;
  • in the presence of $ 5, a balance is paid.

Click the “Join” button and fill out a simple form to become a member of this system.


A relatively young media network that accepts almost any channel. Of the main advantages, a higher payment should be highlighted than in QuizGroup. We recommend that you increase the number of subscribers using popular services (for example, Addmefast) in order to be accepted into the program. But in no case try to cheat on it and so on, when the advertisement is already displayed, otherwise, your account may be blocked.

Advantages Of The System:

  • the user receives about 70% of the total income;
  • payments are made almost instantly;
  • it’s enough to have $ 0.5 in your account to apply for a withdrawal of funds;
  • user-friendly interface and many ways to pay.


Almost all YouTube users have heard about this affiliate program !!!

High revenues, stable payouts and maximum CTR – these are the advantages guaranteed by the largest advertising network.

The banner that appears in your video is used as an advertisement. You yourself set the time when it appears and so on. This type of advertising has many advantages, which guarantees a high income.

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Connect Affiliate Program For Free (With 10 Subscribers)

  • On the YouTube channel, go to “Channel Settings” – “Advanced”.
  • We recommend choosing the country “USA” or “Germany”.
  • It is necessary to follow the link and click “Start.”
  • On the page should be noted “Commercial use”.
  • Click on “Enable monetization on my account.
  • We agree to the Terms of Use (put 3 checkmarks and click “Accept”).
  • We link the Youtube account and AdSense on this page.
  • Click “Next” Define the language of the content “American”.

Thanks to modern tools, you can track click statistics and much more. Unlike similar ad units, ads on Google AdSense are selected by relevance, which improves CTR. In general, you yourself can pick up any affiliate program on YouTube that you like. Make new videos, develop, and your income will grow regularly.

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