How to Convert VHS to Digital At Home?

How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?

In this article, we’ll discuss – how to convert VHS to digital at home using a PC or Mac. Many of us have a whole video archive of analog videotapes (VHS format) at home, played using a VCR.

Since VCRs are practically out of use these days, giving way to DVD and Blu-ray players, you want to watch home video using the player.

There is also an opinion that tape cassettes cannot keep video without a loss for a long time; over time, the film deteriorates, and the recording quality inevitably begins to deteriorate.

Any dubbing from a cassette tape also degrades the analog video quality. But a video converted to digital format can be rewritten many times without loss of quality.

How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?
How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?

If you digitize your home analog video, you can edit it, cut out bad moments, add music, titles, etc. And convert the resulting film into any convenient format and store it on any digital storage medium (hard disk, CD, DVD, Bluray disk, flash drive).

So, nowadays, it is better to use digital format for storing, editing, and viewing videos, i.e., analog video needs to be digitized.

What You Need to Digitize VHS Tapes?

  • VCR.
  • A device for converting analog information into digital.
  • Computer or laptop (mac or windows).
  • Capture program.

Well, everything is evident with the VCR and the computer. All video editing software, starting with MovieMaker, have capture functions, so there is no problem with the capture software.

How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?
How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?

It remains to consider various options for devices for converting an analog signal to digital.

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How You can Digitize Video?

Firstly, it is a video capture card or card – ADC (analog-digital converter). On the one hand, the card is connected to a VCR via composite and S-Video inputs, and on the other to a computer via USB.

Secondly, a TV tuner, which, in addition to showing television programs on a computer, can digitize video.

How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?
How to Convert VHS to Digital at Home?

Third, some camcorders (usually miniDV), which, besides DV-out and DV-in, can digitize analog video. In this case, the camera is connected between the VCR and the computer, and it digitizes directly (without recording to its cassette).

Fourth, there are special VHS-converters that immediately replace the VCR and the capture card.

But it makes sense to purchase such a device if you are serious and will digitize analog video on a large scale.

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