How to Do a Monologue Before Facing Camera?

How to Do a Monologue

In this article we are going to tell you – how to do a monologue before facing a camera for an interview, audition or video blog. If you need to shoot your video message, that is, tell something to the camera, then first carefully choose a background that matches the image you intend to create. The background should be, as they say, in the subject of your speech, as well as suitable in terms of light and the ability to record high-quality sound.

With this kind of shooting, you need to look into the camera – directly into the lens, and not into the screen where you see yourself, not to walk with your eyes, but to clearly fix your gaze. This is not such an easy task at the beginning.

Remember also the task and the most important task of what you are shooting, fill yourself with the emotions that you want to convey.

Take out the mirror and powder, powder your face, because shiny skin is unpleasant to look at, especially since the camera increases everything: shine, and weight, and age. So deprive that of this opportunity, at least with regard to the shine on your face. By the way, on television before going on air, men are also required to be powdered.

And then you can shout to yourself: Action!!!

Although you are unlikely to succeed right away, because your voice will get stuck somewhere, and your face will turn to stone. Therefore, before shooting, do an exercise to relax the muscles of the face and improve facial expressions.

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To do this, first move only your eyebrows in turn. Raise them as high as possible, then lower them as low as possible. Raise one eyebrow, then the other. Then make several different movements with your eyes and lips. Stretch your lips into a smile, then collect in a tube, open your mouth very wide, close and move your tongue in your mouth along the gums in a circular motion, etc... Three to five minutes of this warm-up will give you a sense of the mobility of your face. You will feel that even speaking has become easier for you. And now command: Action!!! 😉😉😉