How to Find the Right Photographer Out of 1000?

Today I would like to tell you how to choose the photographer you need in three directions: a wedding photo session, shooting a love story and a woman’s portrait. I’ll start with the most important and universal advice …

Check out the portfolio of a professional photographer. Good professionals publish only the BEST work on their social profiles, in groups, on a personal site. You will see the “product by the face”, get acquainted with the business card and presentation of the photographer. You will understand whether you can entrust the implementation of your creative idea to this person. Explore dozens and if necessary, hundreds of portfolios until you find the very photographer whose pictures you like the most.

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Before ordering a wedding photo shoot, decide on the style of photography that you like. Take the time to browse themed content on social media and blogs to form a general idea of ​​the desired result. An additional plus: you have already looked at professional pictures, you will find out the names of specialists in wedding photography.

Portfolio in detail. See both informal and commercial wedding photographers. Does the professional convey the festive atmosphere through simple images? Does the quality of the photos meet your expectations? Do you want your celebration to be filmed in the same style? Answer these questions to simplify your choice for shooting.

Check out the photographer’s website. You need additional information about the specialist, in addition to the portfolio. On what conditions does a wedding photographer work, what is the approach to work, how much his services cost – these data are written on the official page.

Evaluate the site’s simplicity and visual experience. An inconvenient site to use repels people, consider this the first stop light. Potential clients get to know the specialist in absentia through his official page. The clearer and more user-friendly the site is, the higher the likelihood of a successful photo shoot.

Check out the reviews. It is the brides who are often involved in the selection of photographers for the wedding, and love to share their opinions about professional work. The reviews express personal feelings and a description of the process of interaction with a specialist. These details will help you make a decision about cooperation or further search for the right person.

Be encouraged by the offer to meet in person. A master of his craft will insist on a personal meeting with a couple. One-on-one communication is the last stage in making a decision to work together. You will understand if you are ready to entrust a person with a photo session for the best day of your life.

Remember the human factor. A professional is one who combines commercial and human qualities. He is next to the newlyweds all day long, interacts, encourages, maintains the festive mood of the bride and groom. The easier and more enjoyable it is to communicate with the photographer, the stronger the confidence in the easy shooting process.

Choosing A Photographer for Love Story

And here I will return you to the good old photography portfolio that comes to the fore in Love Story. Take the time and take some time to see the best photographers. I’ll tell you more.

Choose your concept. Perhaps you are preparing for the wedding and are looking for a wedding specialist, you want to evaluate his work in advance. Also, get used to the camera, establish interaction with a professional, determine winning poses for festive posing. My advice for such cases: evaluate photo shoots made in nature, because your shooting will most likely take place outdoors.

Think over the idea of ​​photos. Popular plot – Love Story about your acquaintance. You can prepare shooting together with the photographer, create an original scenario, pay attention to touching or funny moments. Assessing a portfolio will help determine the level of creativity of a particular person.

The next popular plot is a marriage proposal. Such a photo session serves as a liner to a wedding shoot. The script is recreated by the joint efforts of a professional and a future married couple. Your task is to convey true emotions, the photographer must be able to capture naturalness on the camera. Evaluate the portfolio from the position of “I don’t believe / believe in the sincerity of the pictures”.

Determine the location. Outdoor photography and professional studio photography require different approaches. For street photography, it is often sufficient to find a suitable location. You can find a beautiful place on the recommendation of a photographer, another reason to evaluate his professionalism.

Do you want a studio shoot? Take a closer look at examples of his commercial work. Will he be able to withstand shooting in a style for which you are willing to pay a decent amount? The selection of a studio will be handled by a specialist, do not worry about this issue. Take the time to assess the professional qualities of the person in order to decide on cooperation.

Choosing A Photographer for A Portrait Photo Shoot

Portrait photography is the creation of artistic or commercial close-up and medium-sized shots. The experience and skill of a specialist comes first in both cases.

Portfolio, portfolio and portfolio again. The first tool for understanding the professional level. Check out the variety of works presented, in addition to commercial orders, see simple art pictures. If a specialist can boast of shooting for magazines or publishing houses, this is an additional plus. The photographer is snapped up by a guaranteed professional.

Find out what technique the master uses. Amateurs can afford a professional camera with a budget lens, and we also understand that it’s not a camera, but a living person. But the level of shooting is a consequence of experience. I have been using the Sony A7RIII camera for several years, I know it inside and out. The longer a photographer uses his current equipment, the less worries about the technical side of shooting.

Be aware of the proposed outcome. Retouching is contraindicated in individual thematic photo sessions, if only one person knows you need it. The photographer can offer basic (color correction) or full processing of images with retouching. Be aware of your requirements in order to relate them to the proposed results.

Understand processing times. Be wary of terms from 1 month, this is an attempt to increase your worth. A good specialist will transfer finished photos no more than 1-3 weeks after the photo session.

Break down the cost of services. For outdoor art filming, this is just the work of the photographer with the subsequent selection and processing of the source. Studio photo session includes:

  • Rent of premises with equipment;
  • The ability to change several images during the shooting;
  • Make-up, make-up or stylist services.

Remember: an obligatory component is renting a photo studio. The photographer’s work is enabled by default. The ability to change images should be included in the price. Take a closer look at the offer of services of a make-up artist, make-up artist, stylist. Services are more often offered as additional services, which increases the price for a photo session.

Discuss the details in advance. I advise you to pay maximum attention to the shooting images. For example, a portrait photo shoot for actors does not allow bright colors, cells, patterns, drawings, polka dots. Creative people bring with them several options for calm, solid colors.

What do you need? Business portrait, art photography, free life theme? A good specialist will give a specific answer “Take several options for such clothes of this color, the throat should be open / closed.” Entrust the work to the person who has laid out the details of the future photo session on the shelves.

In Conclusion, A Brief Reminder About Choosing A Photographer:

  • Evaluate your portfolio first on website or social media.
  • Look through the reviews of other models, especially on the eve of a wedding or portrait photo shoot (reviews should inspire your confidence in a specialist).
  • Define the concept of shooting in advance, and examples of the photographer’s work will tell you if a professional can bring the idea to life.
  • Get to know the person live, try to establish contact and communication.
  • Evaluate whether the guaranteed result suits you, the processing time of photos, which make up the cost of services.

You will definitely find the right photographer when you put 5 pluses next to the 5 points indicated above.

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