How to Get Ideas for A Video?

How to Get Ideas for A Video?

Greetings, my friend! In this article, we will talk about the importance of voicing an idea for a future video and where to get ideas for a video for beginners, as well as those who have run out of them.

Why Ideas for A Video is So Important?

Ideas for a video are so important because these are one thing to imagine the general concept of a future video roughly. It is better to write down on paper, the idea of ​​your future video.

It’s like, for example, your friend or girlfriend says to you: “Oh! Let’s get in the car and drive!”.

You agree. And you understand that now you need to get dressed, go outside, get into the car and go. But where to go and why – you do not understand.

And so you and your friend got into the car, but you still can’t move.


Because the route is unclear to both of you.

And, you must admit that the situation will be completely different if you know that today you need to go to bed early to wake up early tomorrow morning and go to the airport to spend some beautiful days with your loved one in Bali, for example.

How to Get Ideas for A Video?
How to Get Ideas for A Video?

Well, or in the country, growing cucumbers and peonies. And, you see, it’s not so much about motivation but goal setting. And in general, in the clarity of your goal. Of course, this does not mean that the idea and the goals are the same. It means that the idea and the goal are inextricably linked.

Remember: Each of your videos must have a purpose and an idea; otherwise, it will simply be uninteresting to watch. And you waste your time and energy on its creation.

Isn’t it insulting, huh?

Always be clear about why you are making this video? What is it intended to do or cause?

Do you understand me?

Where Do You Get Ideas for Videos?

My friends, if suddenly you are faced with the problem of generating ideas and do not know where to get these very ideas for your future videos, then here I will give you several ways to develop them:

1. Apply the Brainstorming Strategy

To prepare for brainstorming, you need three things: a large notepad, a couple of pencils or a pen, and your imagination. Brainstorming is a technique that allows us to sketch out several different ideas at once – instead, even a lot.

How to Get Ideas for A Video?
How to Get Ideas for A Video?

So, take a pen and a notebook and, for 5 minutes, jot down absolutely any ideas about your future video that come to your mind. You should have entered from 10 to 20 such points.

Important: Do not discard anything immediately! Write whatever comes to mind. And you will filter out the excess, at the stage of evaluating the data obtained.

Often this way of finding an idea for a future video gives birth to very interesting and very non-trivial video ideas.

So be sure to take it on board!

2. Watch Good Videos from Other Authors

It is also an excellent option to generate an exciting idea for your video.

Take some time to watch some good videos on topics related to yours. Take all the best from the watched videos and embody in your videos only from your point of view.

How to Get Ideas for A Video?
How to Get Ideas for A Video?

Note: I urge you not to steal other people’s ideas but to remake them for yourself or for your project.

3. Watch Exciting Movies and TV Shows and Note Useful Nuances for Your Work

I will give an example from my life:

At one of my previous jobs, the boss comes up to me and says: “Devansh, we urgently need help, they have already dragged it out to the very end – the day after tomorrow, we will hand over all the work to participate in the competition, and we are baffled. So without you – nothing. Help me out!”

Oh yes, what exactly is it about. The fact is that my now former colleague participated in the regional competition, and one of its stages was the “Business Card,” where she had to present herself. It is more accurate to present yourself as an intelligent specialist in your field.

She immediately said that she would not sing, dance, or go on stage, so somehow, it was necessary to get out.

After thinking and estimating, I suggested making a business card in video format. In the form of an interview, where she, answering questions, will introduce herself. And for the idea, I took the example of my favorite program with “Alone with Everyone.”

Well, then I already sketched the script, the next day we filmed the whole thing, and our contestant went to the next stage.

4. Draw Inspiration from Music

I use this method quite often, and I like it the most. You know, sometimes it’s enough to turn on good music, relax and switch. A great idea can come naturally.

How to Get Ideas for A Video?
How to Get Ideas for A Video?

Or another great option:

  • Pick up a few good music tracks for a future video and listen to them periodically, presenting your future video with bright concrete pictures from it.
  • Visualize the future of video.

In other words, imagine a video for this music (unless, of course, it is a creative work).

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5. Reach Out to Your Environment

If you are a video blogger, you can always ask your subscribers what else they would like to see/hear from you? If your audience is active, the guys will give you work six months in advance.

How to Get Ideas for A Video?
How to Get Ideas for A Video?

But if things are more accessible with a more or less existing audience, then what should absolute beginners do?

If you are just a beginner video blogger and you don’t have your audience yet, then turn to your relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and ask them:

  • “What are your strengths in their opinion?”,
  • “What would they like or be interested in from to hear you or what to learn?”

You can create this list of questions yourself. These people will sketch ideas for you; you have to decide what interests you the most. And act!

I figured out how important the idea in each video is and learned a few ways to get ideas for your videos. If you apply at least one of these techniques, then I am sure that you will have the right puzzle in your head and create a great video in the end, which I wish you from the bottom of my heart.

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