How to Make WhatsApp Web Video Call? Step By Step

Video calls have become very popular, and it is understandable that having this function enabled long ago in WhatsApp Web Video Call, users choose to take advantage of this feature of the most popular messaging application on the market, that is why, familiar with the user interface, we chose WhatsApp to make our personal or work video calls.

The company chose to launch a “web” version of its application that allows us to take advantage of most of its features directly from our computer, and video calls is one of them. We show you how you can make video calls from WhatsApp Web and so you can get the most out of it.

The Different Ways of Using WhatsApp Web

The first thing we are going to show you are the different ways we have to use WhatsApp Web, and that is that despite what many people may think, we have more than one. Let’s take a look at the different options that arise.

WhatsApp Web From The Browser

This is the best known functionality, that of using WhatsApp Web from the browser, this is very simple, to use WhatsApp Web from any compatible browser we only have to enter the following address and search: «».

WhatsApp Web Profile

In this way we will be redirected to the WhatsApp Web section and it will show us a QR code on the screen. Now we are going to go to the WhatsApp application to scan the QR and connect to WhatsApp Web.

We simply enter WhatsApp, click on “Settings” and choose the “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” option . The camera will open to scan the QR code and it will connect automatically.

WhatsApp Web From The Application

WhatsApp has applications compatible with Windows and macOS to be able to use WhatsApp Web in a desktop application, this makes it easier to use and infinitely more comfortable, since sometimes we tend to close the browser by mistake.

You can download WhatsApp Web applications in macOS and Windows at the following links:

Windows Whatsapp

Download WhatsApp Web for Windows: LINK

Download WhatsApp Web for macOS: LINK

In the link for Windows you will have the possibility to download it for both 32-bit and 64-bit teams, depending on the needs of your device. Now to connect it is as easy as following the same instructions as before.

When we have already installed we open the application and it will show us a QR code as previously it happened with the browser version, we will simply go back to the option to scan QR code to use WhatsApp Web in the application itself and it will connect automatically.

Besides, it will show the notifications directly and n the computer and this is an advantage, especially if we use it in a professional environment.

WhatsApp Web Problems

Common mistakes in WhatsApp web video calls, Let’s talk now about the most common WhatsApp Web problems, so that you take them into account when using it and especially remind you of its limitations.

Use WhatsApp Web on Two Computers At The Same Time

We must completely rule out the possibility of using WhatsApp Web on two devices at the same time. We will be able to use it on WhatsApp Web at the same time that we send messages from the smartphone, only.

This is because WhatsApp is not a “cloud” platform, so when the system detects that we are using another WhatsApp Web connection, it automatically closes the oldest session and issues an alert message.

If you want to use a simultaneous and multiplatform system, you will have to choose alternatives such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Use Whatsapp Web Without Access to The Phone

Once again we make this subsection. In the case of WhatsApp Web, the information in our messages is not stored on any server, and this is a rather unfavorable point.

In fact, our mobile phone serves as a server, and that is precisely what causes us not to be able to turn off the phone or disconnect it from the data. This makes using WhatsApp Web consume a lot of battery.

Therefore, we rule out any possibility of using WhatsApp Web with the phone turned off or without a mobile data connection.

How to Make WhatsApp Web Video Call

The time has come to enter what you were looking for, the possibility of making video calls through WhatsApp, and it is quite complicated.

For the reasons mentioned above as “WhatsApp Web problems” we have several limitations, the first is that to actually make video calls over WhatsApp Web we are going to have to use another platform.

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How to Make An Easy Video Call on WhatsApp Web

The first thing we are going to do is open WhatsApp Web and synchronize our device as we have previously taught you.

Once the session starts, we simply follow the following steps:

  • Click on the user or group with which you want to make a video call.
  • Once inside the conversation, click on the «clip» icon that appears in the upper right.
  • We chose the last option in which a video camera with a link symbol appears.
  • We will get the “Go to Messenger to create a room” notice.
  • This functionality will allow us to create a video room for up to 50 people through the Messenger platform owned by Faceobook. Simply by clicking on the link, anyone with WhatsApp can enter that room.

And this is the formula that WhatsApp has established so that we can make video calls through WhatsApp Web easily.

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Alternatives to WhatsApp to Make Video Calls

The video calls that have become so popular are present in many applications, we are talking about some of them:

Skype: The traditional option, an application that almost everyone knows because it was a pioneer in this regard. It allows up to 10 people in video and up to 25 in audio.

Hangouts: This is the Google alternative, with a good result. It also allows video calls of up to 10 people with many functionalities and a multiplatform system.

Zoom: The most popular in recent times, it allows up to 100 users totally simultaneously, it also has very fun skins and features.

Facebook Messenger: Our last recommendation (not for it worse) is the alternative of another great technology, we talk about Facebook. The most popular alternative in many countries, also almost everyone you know will have Facebook.

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