How to Photograph A Fat Person?

Today I’ll tell you about how to photograph a fat person? Modern fashion proclaims thin, slender girls as beautiful. They walk the catwalks and flaunt on the covers of fashion editions, driving the plus-size beauties into depression. Vivid and colorful photos of skinny models look like works of art, but taking such pictures is not that difficult. It is much more challenging to photograph real girls of actual sizes, which differ from the recognized canons of beauty.

Fat ladies are not only overweight but also a bunch of complexes. Of course, they differ in the figure from slender models, but after all, there is a beauty in donuts worthy of sincere admiration. However, it is not so easy to persuade such beauties to a photo session. They are unsure of themselves and come up with many excuses, just not to become the subject of photography.

This activity seems to them to be a waste of time: the photos will still come out mediocre and not only will not like the audience but also themselves. As a rule, such ladies are rarely satisfied with their photographs, but, perhaps, it is not always about the models. Sometimes they come across photographers who failed to show the world their beauty.

To get attractive photos of a fat girl, you need to shoot such an exclusive model correctly. It is essential to help her overcome her fear of the camera – many consider him too strict a judge who cannot be won over to his side with any gingerbread. And so some donuts don’t even try.

Secrets of Beautiful Full Model Shooting

How to Photograph Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

First of all, you need to establish emotional contact with the girl. Many people start a photo session with a tea party, during which they can have a pleasant chat and get to know each other a little. Invite the model to discuss the details of the upcoming photoshoot, talk about her tastes and expectations – this conversation will help you both get ready for work.

During the acquaintance, the girl must be carefully but imperceptibly examined. Having made professional conclusions, immediately share them with the model: let her know that you will focus on her charming smile with dimples, bright eyes, or cute freckles. Explain that everything she considers to be her shortcomings can easily be hidden by correctly building a frame.

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Angle Selection

How to Photograph Fat Person
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

Most often, a photo session begins with a portrait. Good shots are obtained when the camera is pointed slightly overhead at the model. Thus, the look is more touching, the second chin is hidden, and the face seems more elongated. And yet – in the frame in the most favorable angle is the neckline.

Pay attention to the choice of hairstyle – loose hair will help hide the face’s excessive roundness. And it’s better to shoot half-turned – this technique has long been known and widely used due to its effectiveness.

Do not forget about the basics of photography. Anything closer to the camera will appear large in the picture. In our case, we will have to act from the opposite – this also works well, you’ll see.

Choice of Clothes

How to Photograph Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

Fortunately, photographers and stylists have long identified prosperous clothing colors for obese ladies. These are vertical stripes of all colors and sizes. By the way, if the model refuses to wear stripes, you can try to make it slimmer with such a background.

You can also use a scarf – tie it so that the ends hang down to your knees. This technique will also make the figure slimmer and fit.

To create a sporty look, many models resort to sports leggings that are fashionable today, but the effect on the photo will be the opposite. Prevent your model from making this mistake.

An image in a retro style is an unusual solution that can please dreamy girls. This style is perfect for donuts, making them practically pin-up models.

Use long and loose sleeves – they hide the fullness of the arms, tighten the figure and make the pictures more successful.

Choosing a Pose

How to Photograph Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

A triumphant pose will easily hide figure flaws; let’s choose those that suit us in the case when the model is a fat girl. Posture should be even – this is the basis of everything; different harmony can be obtained by standing on tiptoes.

Taking your shoulders back, pushing your chest forward, pulling your stomach in, of course, is a standard posture but too militant. Play with your head tilt, hand position, and you will get a great shot.

Photographing a seated plus-size model should be done carefully. Belly folds should be hidden behind hands or objects (pillow, soft toy, etc.). And also, try, when sitting, ask the model to lean back, as if stretched out. It will help to shrink the tummy, but be careful with the side folds. If the girl’s legs are in the frame, she should visually pull her toes to lengthen the lower leg.

Try not to have substantial body parts during poses. For example, strongly bent at the elbows or lowered and pressed to the body of the hands. Due to pressing on each other, such volumes will flatten and increase the model even more. Do open poses. And if all the same, use such poses to photograph strictly from the side of decreasing, not enriching.

If you’re shooting in a studio, you can use a fan. Developing hair will give the image of a complete lady with lightness and grace.

Remember that you cannot photograph plus-size girls from below. This angle will make their figure even heavier. Shoot from above and remember that sometimes striving for the best can be the enemy of the good. You can take a great shot simply by asking the model to look and reach up a little towards the camera without taking intricate and complex poses.

If you want to get something original – try to build a frame in some unusual way or use a non-trivial background. The curves of the female body in any size look feminine and attractive. Catch such a line – and you already have a good shot.

If several people in the photo, “cover” the fuller model for those with a slimmer figure. The snapshot will only benefit from this.


How to Photograph Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

It is best to photograph full models in the studio, under artificial lighting, with which you can completely correct the image. For example, shade part of the shape, hiding its actual dimensions. Natural lighting will not give you such opportunities, so it is better to refuse a photoshoot in the open air.

Refrain from the desire to highlight the face below – this way, you will emphasize or maybe create a second chin with your own hands, which obviously will not beautify the lady.

Paint with light. By turning the girl half-turn from the primary light source, you can successfully hide the “heavy” contours of the figure, shading those places that need it most. This angle is also suitable for portraits.

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Photography for A Plus Size Bride

How to Photograph A Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

Wedding photos are the most important photos for every girl. On such an important day, everyone is worried, and those who are not self-confident because of their total figure, as a rule, worry more than others.

An experienced photographer knows that it is best to photograph a fat girl with a long-focus lens (at least 85mm distance). Use all our tips – and your bride will get gorgeous photos in which she looks just beautiful.

Remember that the result of a photo session largely depends on how trusting and pleasant the relationship between the model and the photographer is. Admire the subject, highlight its advantages, make it feel beautiful. Find simple words that will cheer her up and make her believe in her attractiveness. After all, every woman is beautiful when she is happy.

Frame Processing

How to Photograph A Fat Person?
How to Photograph A Fat Person?

Professional photo processing is necessary for both a full-size or plus-size girl and a thin model. Without it, the photo looks incomplete, and flaws are always present. You can edit the image yourself if you have the skills or contact us for a fantastic result. With us, you can remove skin folds, reduce or correct the figure, even out skin tone by removing its imperfections without losing naturalness, and much more.

Good luck!

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