How to Photograph People Perfectly?

How to Photograph People Correctly?

The question of how to photograph people correctly is one of the most important questions for any photographer, especially for a beginner. When, looking at the photographs of one photographer, people smile, and looking at the work of another, the same men and women are more and more confidently repeating their non-photogenicity.

So how do you do it? I will share with you a few tips that, of course, will not make you a professional but will help you move in the right direction.

How to Photograph People Perfectly?

It is crucial to understand that you are taking responsibility by taking a photograph of a person. You have to take a technically competent photo and a photo that your model will like.

The ability to reflect the inner world of a person, that is, to photograph beautifully, is much less common than the ability to maintain white balance.


In no case do not forget that people with different types of faces should be photographed from different angles; that is, to learn how to photograph people beautifully.

It is essential at first glance to determine what spoils the photo (not to be confused with what, in the opinion of a person, hurts his shot). Also, remember to take a live photo; it’s best to take a picture of the person while they are busy with something.

When Is It Better to Take Pictures?

Morning is wiser than an evening or when is it better to take pictures. Both morning and evening are equally suitable for outdoor photography.

When is It Better to Take Pictures?
When Is It Better to Take Pictures?

Above all, avoid direct sunlight – it will make your models squint. For shooting in the middle of the day, lighting “through small clouds” is suitable, but if there are none, then feel free to lead your models into the shade. A spreading tree or building is perfect.

When photographing people in nature, it is essential to mention the leopard effect, which is dangerous for shooting among trees. Spots of light may be subtle in life but will show up vividly in the photo. Try to choose an angle in which there will be no annoying sun glare on your face.

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Do I need to Photograph People at Night?

Do I need to Photograph People at Night?
Do I need to Photograph People at Night?

There is an opinion that shooting in the dark is impossible without flash, which, in turn, kills most of the nighttime charm. There is more than enough lighting at night – these are lights, windows, shop windows.

In low light, it is crucial to avoid involuntary camera movements while shooting. For this, you need a tripod and a timer. The choice of the shutter speed of the lens, in this case, will depend on what kind of object you will shoot: in motion or static.

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Tips for Taking Group Photo

Group Photo
Group Photo

Most of the difficulties with correctly photographing a group of people arise from the inability of the photographer to place the models in the frame. Boring photos, in which everyone stands with their arms outstretched at the seams, are not the best memories of the holiday.

If you have to photograph many people, remember that it is essential that everyone in the frame looks compositionally the same. The composition is destroyed by the height alignment or the constraint of the models.

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