How to Record Your Mac Screen: Free Tools

How To Record Your Mac Screen

Do you know “How to record your mac screen”? If not, this article can be very useful and an almost essential tool when making presentations or some kind of explanation, both professionally and privately. On computers with macOS this is possible in a completely native way , without the need for installations of any kind or external tools.

This can be very useful and it is possible to do it in a simple way, in this tutorial we will explain step by step how to do it.

Can I Record the Screen with Any Equipment?

You can do it with any computer that has macOS installed regardless of the model or hardware it carries, which includes the entire range of Apple: iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Nor will it require a minimum In aspects such as the processor or the Ram, the only thing that we must take into account is that the size of the video does not exceed the space of our storage.

MacOS Mojave

The only minimum requirement when performing this function will be the macOS version, since we must have at least macOS Mojave installed . If we have this or a later version, we will have access in a totally native way. Otherwise we will have to resort to QuickTime, it is nothing dramatic since its use is simple as we will explain later.

How to Record Your Mac Screen Using MacOS Mojave
How to Record Your Mac Screen Using MacOS Mojave?

MacOS Native Recording

In macOS we have always been able to make captures through commands and in this case it is no different, the screen recording can be started in the same way, through simple keyboard commands . Of course, this method will only be possible if we have macOS Mojave 10.1.4 or a later one installed. We will have to carry out the following actions:

MacOS Catalina Recording – How To Record Your Mac Screen

  • We will press the CMD + SHIFT + 5 keys at the same time.
  • This will give rise to several options and they are: Record full screen or record only a specific sector . We will choose the one that suits us best.
  • We will click on options to choose where we will store the recording made and if we want to add an external microphone, a timer or see a floating window.
  • Click on Record and it will start.
  • macOS catalina
  • When we want to end the recording, we simply have to press the corresponding button that appears in the upper toolbar. The video will be located in the section that you have previously selected and you can either share it comfortably or transfer it to external storage if necessary.

Record Screen With QuickTime

For all macOS computers that are in a macOS High Sierra version or earlier, we have another method that, although it is native to macOS, does not go through commands like the previous one. In this case it is not a function attached to the system, but we need to use a dedicated application for it. It is a program that is already pre-installed by Apple itself , without the need for additional downloads. We can make a recording with this program by following these simple steps:

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Quicktime – How To Record Your Mac Screen

  • We open QuickTime
  • We go to the top toolbar and go to “File”> ” New screen recording “
  • We will click on the arrow next to the recording button and we can modify some recording settings.
  • Now we click on the record button to start and we will click anywhere on the screen to offset the recording of the entire screen, if we want to record a specific sector of it, select that area by clicking start recording.
  • To end the recording, just press the button on the top toolbar or the command CMD + Cntrl + ESC. At the end, the container file will appear on the screen so that we can carry out any type of editing, and then save it where it suits us.
  • screen recording saw.

Other Alternatives To Record Mac Screen

Once detailed the native methods that we have in macOS, we proceed to detail some other methods or applications to make a screen recording, offering some of them more or less options.

Online Screen Recorder

It is a free online screen recorder and easy to use, with which we can create high-quality videos. Thanks to this tool we will have easy access to the experience of the best recording programs.

This method does not leave any watermark on our recording on your video after registration, also this program can capture the activity of your desktop along with the audio of the system. In general it is a very simple program to use and above all efficient . We will have access to it in the following link.

OBS Studio

In this case it is a program but also totally free. This program is open source and works on all operating systems. It allows you to capture all activities in real time and create broadcasts of your videos. Furthermore, this program includes an editor that allows us to include audio tracks to our recordings. The only downside we can find to this application is that it can be somewhat messy for the less skilled and you should take more time to get hold of it. We can download it for free at this link.


Created by Tech smith Jing it is an open source program, totally free, created exclusively for macOS. This program has gained many fans in the market in a while, especially due to its simplicity. It has a floating icon that we can move around our screen, to use its screen recording function at any required time.

The program also allows us to take screenshots in image and then edit them, the only downside is that the maximum per recording is 5 minutes.


Finally we go with a program that like Jing is developed and designed exclusively for macOS. It will not only allow us to record our screen, but we can also take quick screenshots at the level of the best dedicated programs.

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Monosnap has the peculiarity of allowing us to capture our webcam and the microphone of our equipment or the sound of the system, it also allows us to record at 60 FPS , something rare to see in this type of program. Something very useful especially for the Gamer world.

Now you got the answer of your question – ‘how to record your mac screen?’ Let’s start recording your mac screen and share your experience in comment section.

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