How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?

In this article, I will explain how to take and share nude selfies without fear of leaks in the most secure way possible to prevent possible infamies.

You have surely noticed it; men often demand photographs of a sexual nature that their partners can send them. This naughty little game of exchanges will be very pleasant for everyone. Whether you are a woman sending nude photos to a man, the act allows you to play the star and produce a little dose of adrenaline.

On the side of the person receiving these nude selfies, this will increase the erotic tension of the exchange. It is, therefore, a shared pleasure. This game of seduction stirs up the bond between partners. It’s great for the couple. However, no one is safe from accidental or willful leakage of these photographs outside the frame in which they were intended. So here’s how to send nude photos without taking too much risk.

Not long ago, I told a story about a young teenage girl who no longer wanted to go to high school. It was the incomprehension in his entourage; so far, the school had never caused her problems. And then, one day, she confided in and confessed to sending nude selfies under pressure from a boy. She had sent him photographs of her breasts. This one was then to hasten to diffuse them. It was a game between them to send photos of naked girls who dared to send them a snapshot. In a later article, I will come back to more detail on the consequences of a leaked nude selfie or photos of a young teen naked taken by her boyfriend.

How to Send Nude Selfies Without Taking Any Risks?

How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?
How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?

Which Device to Use?

The easiest way is to take your smartphone if you have one. It allows you to take snapshots easily and then send them. You can, of course, use a more classic camera; this will enable you to do a minor retouching on the shots (cropping, switching from color to black and white, etc.).

With the phone, the use is simple; with the camera, you will have to activate the self-timer and install it on a stable support.

Where to Take Nude Photographs?

What is excellent, mainly if you use your smartphone is that you can take pictures where you want and dare to take them, whether it’s at home, in your car, at the cafe, in a discreet way. At the same time, shopping, at work, or otherwise, your imagination and your daring that will limit you can be even more exciting for yourself and the recipient to understand the context of the shot.

How do I Take a Nude Selfie, and What Can I Show in The Photograph?

First, the place in which you take your small intimate selfies will be decisive. Indeed, it may severely limit you if it is a frequented place. Keep in mind that what you want to show may not be what your partner wants to see. The nude selfies you take are always meant to before the other and not for you. You will be better armed if you have a good knowledge of their tastes and expectations.

Then, it’s up to you to set your limits on what you’re likely to disclose. You don’t have to force yourself; it’s your body, it belongs to you, so you dispose of it as you wish.

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How to Send Your Nude Selfies?

How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?
How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?

1. SMS

If you are on a smartphone, you can send your photos by SMS (actually MMS). The naughty SMS has this advantage; you do not have to justify yourself if you send only a concise text to accompany the photograph. Indeed, everyone is used to receiving short texts, or even limited to emojis through this channel.

2. Email

You can also do it through your messaging. This time, the image is often an attachment, which ultimately is only the annex to the text. Suppose you feel like the soul of a poet, then this medium is for you. You can give free rein to your imagination and let your verve complete the photograph you will send. The goal is, all the same, to accompany your photo with a nice erotic message.

3. Social Networks

Most social networks allow you to send photographs in a private chat; it is the case with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, for example. They have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. The significant advantage of Snapchat is that the photographs only remain visible for a very short time, depending on what you have settled.


The best way to increase the desire is to send only one photo at a time. For example, you can suggest to your partner that you could have others to send if the first ones are appreciated at their fair value. Everything is good to raise the tension at this time.

It is better to understand the risks to manage the risks of nude selfies.

The Risks

The risks of photography leaks on the internet are not negligible. Several potential sources of exposure exist and are known; here is the list:

How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?
How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?

1. The Receiver of Your Nude Selfie

The main risk comes from the person to whom you are going to send these pictures. She can do whatever she wants with these photos, including sharing them with other people. It is, of course illegal, we will see that in a later article. Nevertheless, the damage will be done. It is the number one risk in terms of probability.

When you receive these nude photographs, the idea is to immediately delete the email, the message, empty the archive, etc. These actions make it possible to quickly clean up the space and thus prevent accidental hacking from undermining this naughty exchange.

2. Hacking of Receiver Accounts

Using a password that is too simple or disseminated by mistake or on purpose makes hacking possible. An inadequately caring third party can then retrieve the content of images stored on poorly protected accounts and use them as they see fit. The fault of the receiver will be for having been too careless.

3. Hacking the Service Provider

It is also possible that the platform that hosts the messages or the application is the victim of hackers. In this case, neither you nor the receiver is responsible. The worst part is that maybe you will never know that it happened and that photos can walk in nature. Seven billion human beings inhabit this earth. The probability of identifying you on it, unless the picture had your name, is low.

4. Image Recovery During Smartphone or Computer Repair

I say so because it can happen more often than you think. Your phone screen is broken; you get it fixed. But during the operation, you come across an unscrupulous technician who visits your phone “to check that it is working properly” and takes the opportunity to vacuum up all the stored photos.

Likewise, images stored on a computer can be recovered by those responsible for repairing them. You should, therefore, always be vigilant and never identify the photographs.

The problem can also arise in case of loss or theft of the smartphone, as evidenced by this article.

The Rules to Follow

How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?
How to Take and Share Nude Selfies Without Fear of Leaks?

I give you some simple rules to follow to send intimate pictures without taking too much risk to your partner. Here is what to follow and not to deviate from it to ensure relative peace. Either way, you must keep in mind that a photo sent is a photo that could potentially one day be published. It is, therefore, necessary to take certain precautions so as not to have to regret it.

1. Face and Nudity are to Be Avoided

It’s the number one rule not to be identified (e) on a picture. It means that when you take images with visually sensitive parts of your anatomy, your face must not be present in the frame.

So, if you want to have your face, don’t show anything, or just let it guess. It’s always beautiful to surround bodies with a halo of mystery anyway. This only increases the curiosity and attraction to receive others.

If you decide to show off your private parts, you need to frame it tight enough that your head does not enter the photograph. Remember to vary the shooting angles. The suggestion is often even more attractive than a direct sight. In this regard, I recommend that you read this article which deals in part with that.

You can also use a scarf, hood, or other accessories to hide your face and hair for wider shots.

2. Pay Attention to Distinctive Signs

You should also be careful of other details that could identify you, such as jewelry (necklace, ring, bracelets), for example. On the other hand, the rings will almost certainly identify you. It is pretty rare given the multiplicity of jewels to find two similar in a circle of acquaintances.

The watches can also break your anonymity, like piercings. These, especially if they are visible in everyday life, are even more obvious.

Finally, tattoos and visible spots on the skin can present risks. These are two types of marks that will identify you if they can be seen when you are in civilian clothes.

3. Pay Attention to The Place

To finish on the attentions to be carried to remain as anonymous as possible in the event of a leak, this is the place. Indeed, if you are at home, there is a significant risk that you have already taken photographs with your face in similar conditions. A reconciliation will then make it possible to link quite easily.

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