How to Use a Handheld Camera Stabilizer?

Resorting to a hand held stabilizer when taking photos or videos for amateurs like pros changes everything at all gives. Indeed, even if one does not really realize it, nothing that the fact of breathing can spoil the quality. Learn in this article How to best use this instrument.

Always check the compatibility between the stabilizer and the device

Installing a camera that is not compatible with the stabilizer will not only prevent it from starting, but also risk damaging it. So, pay special attention to this detail before purchasing your product.

Comply with The Required Weight

There are several models of hand stabilizers on the market. Some are strong enough to withstand the weight of a SLR camera or camera, while others can only accommodate smartphones. It is therefore more than essential to identify which category yours belongs to so as not to be the victim of an accident in full action.

Set Up Camera or Smartphone

Start by removing the weight entirely. Then pull the holder up and position your phone in it. Bring it back on the latter so that it fits well in the middle, both vertically and horizontally. Be careful that your device does not tilt and hold well.

Hold the Handle Properly

It’s a bit like with a selfie stick, but in heavier. Before you start your activity, we recommend that you repeatedly test your stabilizer’s balance and weight. Otherwise, it could crash on the ground accidentally. After trying with the short version, lengthen the weight until you have the hand.

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Test Everything Before You Start for Good


Test the stabilizer and the device in all positions: dial in the air, horizontal. If your camera or smartphone does not hold properly, loosen the butterfly screw, adjust the position of the latter and tighten it. This stage is by far the thorniest in terms of Assembly, but once crossed, there is practically nothing left to do. It takes patience and a lot of practice. You are also led to adopt a well straight and stable posture of the hand and body.

Be Careful When Adjusting the Set

Some stabilizers are specifically supplied with an Allen key to optimally adjust the tightening of the screws on the scale. This is a delicate operation that requires a lot of fingering. So take it easy.

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Setting Parameters

The balancing phase passed, turn on the stabilizer. Check if adjustments need to be made. Put the device into sleep mode by keeping the finger on function 1 to 2 seconds. Press it again 5 consecutive times to access parameters, setting cycle, reference weight, and more. When you have reviewed all the configurations, press function again to save them and restart the device.

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