How to Use a Selfie Stick?

How to Use a Selfie Stick?

Almost a must today, the selfie stick or selfie pole works as a telescopic rod and will allow you to take photos in groups or alone. In short, it keeps the smartphone in a way to have a better shot. More comfort and ease are now possible thanks to the selfie stick.

Fortunately, even for the most tech-savvy, the accessory remains very easy to use. In order to make the best use of this device, here are some tips that could be practical for you.

Make Sure the Selfie Stick is Compatible with Your Smartphone

In order not to make a bad investment, it is better to choose a perch that can fit different devices and thus use it with your smartphone or camera of your choice. However, if you are sure to use this accessory only for your phone, buy a selfie stick suitable specifically for your device.

Install the Accessory in A Fixed Way

For a good grip, you need to put the device in the receptacle and make sure it is well maintained to avoid falling off the phone or camera. In this way too, you will have a guarantee not to have blurred results. For a Smartphone, you will have the choice between the front and the rear camera.

Lengthen the Cane According to Your Expectations

As soon as your tool is in place, extend the machine to the distance that suits you. For gadgets with remote control, you just need to use it to make the shooting. Otherwise, program the self-timer on the phone. Most Canes can stretch up to 1 m, ideal for group photos. Solo shots will essentially depend on the result you want to have.

Synchronize the Accessory to The Device Used

Before taking photo, you need to Bluetooth sync the two devices, then press the button on the remote control to take the photo as soon as you are ready. If you prefer to do without this accessory, then it will be necessary to use the camera self-timer.

Trigger Photo

Unfold the pole to photo before taking your most beautiful pose. Depending on the models, you can trigger the shooting with a button built into the handle of the Pole, an external remote control or the delay mode of the camera of your smartphone.

Don’t Forget to Recharge Your Selfie Stick

In order for you to take photos at any time and under any circumstances, you will need to recharge your accessory well. Indeed, it is not only your Smartphone that needs to be well recharged, but also your selfie-stick.

Fold the Stick (Pole) After Use

To prevent your accessory from cutting or disturbing your surroundings, we recommend that you fold your accessory as soon as it is no longer useful. In this way, it will be easier for you to store its compact size.

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The Most Popular Brands

Immortalizing each moment and then sharing them on social networks has become a commonplace thing for some time. In addition, it is no longer mandatory that there is a photographer and a model, because now everyone can fit into a photo. All this is possible thanks to the selfie stick or selfie stick. But for your photos to be really taken, you need the selfie stick to be of good quality. Then choose a good brand for it. If you do not know any of them, some suggestions are given to you in this article.


Innovation is what has allowed the Mpow brand to reach its current level of notoriety. Indeed, the brand has invested heavily in the search for its electronic accessories and consumables, but also in the testing of these. This, in order to offer you the best possible qualities. It is to know that currently Mpow is marketed in more than a dozen countries in the world while it is only a young brand of only a few years. Its success is due to the fact that this sign gives priority to practicality and simplicity of use before anything else.


Products such as mobile accessories, electronic gadgets and kitchen appliances are the reasons for being of the JETech brand. To ensure that each of its items meets the quality standards it has set itself, the brand has put a whole system in place. In this sense, it has invested in the establishment of several different branches such as research and development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, but also after-sales service of these materials. For your selfie stick, you can trust the JETech brand.


What makes the reputation of the Anker brand is above all the quality of its chargers. Indeed, the brand has developed technologies to optimize the charging quality of your various mobile devices. Concretely, these chargers allow your devices to charge quickly, but they will also protect them from possible variations in intensity. This already gives you an idea of the level of technology of the items offered by the Anker brand. In addition to Chargers, know that the sign also offers various electronic devices and accessories that can be useful in your daily life. Among them you will definitely find the selfie perch.


The purpose of Duragadget is simple. It is about making available to technology lovers all the accessories and gadgets they may need. Namely, storage bags, covers, selfie sticks or chargers of different devices. These are just some of his products, but several other items are visible at the sign. It is namely that Duragadget is a distribution brand. But to ensure the quality in its products, the brand has put in place a very strict inspection to the recovery of products from suppliers. In addition, the design of these objects is particularly worked by Duragadget.


The philosophy of the BlitzWolf brand is to do simple things so that everyone can benefit from the usefulness of the technology. Indeed, the brand realized that the technological items of the latter are no longer so easy to use for everyone. Some are even failing. It is to bring a solution to these concerns that the sign was created by its founders. The goal of Blitzwolf is to offer really useful technological accessories for its users, but always with a touch of innovation. As for your future selfie stick, the sign can be your solution.