How to Use A Waterproof Camera?

How to Use A Waterproof Camera?

Today I will tell you how to use a waterproof camera to get best images and videos. Waterproof cameras are essential equipment for a great traveler who loves to memorize the most important moments during a stay. The performance of the camera varies, however, depending on the brand. But it also largely depends on how it turns out to be used.

1. Capture Your Highlights with A Waterproof Device

When you are passionate about underwater photography, you have to find a waterproof camera. This revolutionary equipment allows you to take snapshots or record HD videos underwater or in the sea.

The most advanced models can even withstand dust (dustproof), extreme temperatures (freezeproof). Some have been specially designed to cope with shocks (shockproof).

2. Make Sure Your Device Meets Quality Standards

If your device meets IEC ‒ 60529 IP68 or IP58, it means that it is practically resistant to dust and water. So, you can take it with you to the pool or the beach without being afraid to spoil it.

But it will be even more convenient and robust if it corresponds to the MIL-STD 810F (US Military Standard) law. This feature gives it optimal protection against the most severe shocks. However, remember that this tightness has its limitations. It may indeed depend on the depth and duration of the presence in the water.

3. Avoid Using Your Camera Beyond an Hour

It is interesting to know that submersible models cannot continue to operate for more than an hour. Some products exceed this limit, but not many have this somewhat unique ability. After undergoing several tests, the device was certified waterproof. This waterproof feature does not mean that it will be forever because it risks being damaged at a certain level.

It’s pretty much the same story for shockproof models. Before being marketed, they threw these devices on a plywood board 5 cm thick to know their impact resistance after a fall.

4. Use It to Take Pictures Out of The Ordinary

Since this device has nothing to do with classical models, it allows you to capture unusual scenes usually at risk.

Photographing sharks in action or taking pictures of you climbing during snowy weather or in the rain is quite possible. This famous device remains the champion in this field, whether for a professional or a photography lover. It remains easier to use.

5. Observe the Immersion Time Indicated on The Package Leaflet

A digital camera can take photos in HD underwater. But do not believe that there is no limit. To avoid damage due to improper handling, read the user manual carefully.

So, you’ll know when to get out of the water before it’s too late. For this, you must respect the immersion time that the device can take.

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The Most Popular Brands

Currently, photography is evolving with technological advancement. On land, in the air, underwater, and whatever the climatic conditions, nothing prevents amateurs and professionals of photography. The most popular brands in this field have understood this well and try to bring extraordinary innovations to their products to satisfy each user.


When we talk about technological innovations, the Japanese always find themselves in the first choices regarding sales. In the field of lenses and precision digital, Olympus is probably the preferred brand. When it was founded in 1919, the company first specialized in thermometers and medical microscopes.

It was from the 30s that the brand focused on the manufacture and marketing of cameras. And to this day, Olympus continues to satisfy its buyers with revolutionary products in image quality. Like the tough series, which offers dedicated devices for extreme sportspeople and adventurers. These models know no limits, whether in harsh mountain conditions, in nature, or under the ocean.

Olympus Tough TG 5 Waterproof Camera
Olympus Tough TG 5

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Stoga is especially famous for its computer accessories such as wireless or wired game controllers and smartphone holders for your car trips. Also, for its smartwatches that are taking up more space in our daily lives due to their practicality.

Stoga is also a camera specialist. In recent years, it has found its place among the major brands in the field by offering its consumers classic models and a series of revolutionary prototypes in terms of shooting. For the latter, you can count on the CGT series. They are equipped with LCD screens and sensors initially designed to guard against all contingencies.

Stoga Waterproof Camera

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If you are looking for a camera, you will most likely come across a model of the Easypix brand on price comparators. Indeed, the brand focuses on designing this device to bring satisfaction to both young and old.

In this sense, the manufacturer offers its customers several varieties of cameras and for all budgets. As for the category of waterproof cameras, the design is a feature that the company has put forward. With their double screens, lovers of selfies will be able to find their pleasure in all conditions. Also, users will have the opportunity to retouch their snapshots directly on the material using the filters and modes offered.

Easypix Splash W1024
Easypix Splash W1024

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Fujifilm has been present in the field of camera lenses for 88 years now. The Japanese brand has become one of the first consumer choices in cameras because of its technological innovations.

Fujifilm FinePix XP130 Waterproof
Fujifilm FinePix XP130

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In this sector, the brand also offers a series of models designed to face the extreme conditions of nature. We are talking about watertight devices here. You will find the FinePix or XP series equipped with sensors at more than 16 million pixels. And with their Wi-Fi connections, you can directly transfer your shots to your smartphone or computer without the need for cables. They are particularly resistant to water and frost but also shockproof.


Before embarking on the design of cameras for the general public, the company first specialized in sunglasses with polarizing lenses. But Polaroid distinguished itself with the manufacture of the first instant print devices in the 40s.

With its years of experience in the field, Polaroid is still a sought-after brand nowadays. Meanwhile, the models of waterproof cameras of the brand offer an attractive efficiency because they can take your shots at 3 m depth underwater. They are waterproof and have an image quality of 16 megapixels.

Polaroid Underwater Camera
Polaroid Underwater Camera

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