Top 10 Common Newbie Photographer Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

Today’s topic is newbie photographer mistakes, and I’ll tell you about ten common mistakes every photographer makes during his career at least once or several times. People say that only those who do nothing are not mistaken. Almost every photographer, regardless of experience, talent, and level of fame, has made at least one of the simplest mistakes once.

Therefore, specifically, for you to avoid them, we have compiled a checklist of the most common problems that can even wait for an expert.

1. Forget Extra Batteries or Memory Card

This has happened to everyone. We are taught from the start to take your camera with you at all times, but forget to add that it comes with many essential accessories. Moreover, as luck would have it, the further you need to go for the perfect shot, the more likely it is to forget something.

Extra Batteries

For example, if you are walking outside to take a couple of pictures, you will most likely have everything close at hand. And when you drive to the other side of the city, it turns out that there is no battery, memory card, or map in your backpack.

Memory Card
Memory Card

How Can You Avoid This?

Always check the contents of your photo bag several times. Even if it seems that none of the additional accessories are useful, keep them ready. Some people find it convenient to make a list and check the availability of equipment point by point.

2. Didn’t Format/Clean the Memory Card

Who hasn’t this happened to? Shooting is going great: perfect light, model in a good mood, photos are good, and suddenly the free space on the memory card runs out. What to do? Especially if it turned out that the first mistake from the list was waiting for you on the same day.

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

The universal solution is to sit down and clean the card from old unnecessary pictures. And you will be lucky if the model is patient and there is enough time to rent a studio. What if you are filming a concert or sporting event? Waste precious minutes. So much better to prevent the possibility of such a mistake.

How Can You Avoid This?

After each shooting, immediately download the pictures to your hard drive or computer, boldly format the memory card and insert it back into the camera. Thus, for each new shooting, it will be ready in its most original form. And of course, don’t forget about the spare card.

3. Don’t Know the Location in Advance

The higher the level of the photographer, the more successful the shots, the more self-confidence. But this is not always a good thing, as we risk forgetting essential elements of preparing for filming. The location should always be studied in advance. It is crucial to understand how lighting works in different situations, where you can catch good shots and, most importantly, whether there are interesting angles in this place.

Don't Know the Location in Advance

Sometimes it turns out that the beautiful picturesque valley is not at all suitable for filming. So, it turns out that you will spend time and effort, but you will not get the result. If one photographer looks at this ironically, then another can get very upset. And not everyone has time for aimless travel.

How Can You Avoid This?

During any trips or walks, look around, always look for good spots, and return later with a camera. But never miss the opportunity to test the location before you go there for a full-length shoot.

4. Do Not Use Automatic Modes

Real photographers always, absolutely always shoot in manual mode. Truth? Not at all. Today’s cameras are getting smarter and smarter, and many of the semi-automatic modes can tweak the settings very well while reducing your effort and time spent on work. Moreover, many techniques require the use of priority modes.

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

The fact that you let the camera do some of the tasks on its own and use its advantages does not mean that you are shooting in auto and not looking at the settings. In each situation, you need to choose the model that works the most advantageously. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How Can You Avoid This?

For starters, you should stop listening to all those who divide photographers into real and fake. Using additional camera functions allows you to focus not on the technical but on the frame’s artistic side, which is always welcome.

5. Too Early to Leave the Location

This is a common mistake among those who shoot natural landscapes, especially at sunset. After a few shots, especially if one of them is successful, we often rush to leave the location and go home to the laptop and editing. But in fact, there is nowhere to rush.

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

After sunset itself, you will observe a magnificent sky with rich saturated colors for at least another half hour. And this time is perfect for filming, especially if you are lucky enough to see low clouds tinted with the residual light of a bright sunset. But in pursuit of a conceived shot, we often forget about it.

How Can You Avoid This?

Never leave right away; make sure to film whatever interests you and stay at least half an hour. However, try to keep the shooting done before it gets completely dark. There will be enough time at home to figure out whether it was worth stopping at the location.

6. Shoot Too Much or Too Little

An experienced photographer, especially if he was brought up on film, knows that every shot is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, it treats the memory card very economically. But this does not mean that it is impossible to be distracted by unplanned but successful moments. After all, you are missing out on unique opportunities.

Shoot Too Much or Too Little

Likewise, it would be best if you didn’t shoot everything. This will, at a minimum, lead to the fact that you quickly litter the memory card. And at most, it will make you go through the finished frames for a long time to choose the best ones among them. Each shot requires reaction, determination, and preparation. We must not forget about this.

How Can You Avoid This?

Over time, you will develop a balanced approach, knowing exactly when to take the picture and when it will most definitely fail. But first, you need to relax and look around, expecting the right material. But of course, it’s worth giving each shot as much time as it requires. After you find a successful object, look at it from different angles and choose the one that works the most profitable.

7. Believe That There is Nothing to Shoot Here

It happens that you look around and understand: there is absolutely nothing to shoot here. This thinking is almost always a mistake. No wonder photographers are taught not just to look around, not just to observe, but to always be in search of a frame. Even during an ordinary walk, you should always have a unique sensitive perception of the environment.

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

Every time you look at a familiar building or object, you can imagine it with a frame. With the proper technique, you can catch one element, angle, or perspective so that you get a unique and inimitable shot.

How Can You Avoid This?

Almost everywhere, there are at least a few potential shots. They are created by objects, people, lighting, and even the weather. It would be best if you never were shy about taking out your camera and checking it out.

It may turn out that the frame really will not succeed, but this does not mean that it is unnecessary to search for it. Most of the famous shots were coincidences, and many were behind the question of whether it was worth taking the picture or walking by.

8. Always Shoot the Same Thing

When we find something of our own, something that suits us in style or genre, we often forget about everything else. For example, a few successful portraits can lead you entirely into this particular genre.

And then the inevitable stagnation follows. Having locked yourself in the framework of one direction, it is effortless to lose style and originality for the sake of the usual pictures.

This threatens with monotony, a loss of taste in shooting, and numerous problems, from which, fortunately, it is not so difficult to get out. The main thing is to move away from the familiar and try something new, be it technique or style.

How Can You Avoid This?

To reduce the risk and not end up in a situation where all the pictures will seem the same, it is best not to limit yourself to one direction initially. Periodically give yourself a creative shake, participate in challenges, or master classes. Never stop learning new things about photography, even when it seems that everything has already been discovered. There is no limit to perfection, as well as creativity.

9. Not Changing Lenses

Even a high level of skill and vast experience will not change the technical capabilities of the camera and lens. And even though there are the most versatile options available with focal lengths that range from wide-angle to telephoto, interchangeable lenses are designed to be changed occasionally.

Do Not Change Lenses

But many are worried about the matrix or the purity of the glass itself, so they do not modify the lens when the scene requires it. The reasons are different, but the result boils down to one thing: sometimes the photo shows that it was taken with the wrong lens.

How Can You Avoid This?

It’s simple; you need to use the right lens for every shot you plan. Even if you feel uncomfortable or do not want to take out and change glass during filming, you will have to do it. This is one of the things you have to get used to always to get precisely the result you expect. There are simply no compromises here.

10. Do Not Exhibit Your Work

This error applies to all photographers – absolutely everyone. Newbies are often embarrassed to show their pictures, worried about possible criticism. Experienced photographers experiment with different styles and directions and are afraid to show the result, not disappoint the existing fans. But all this only leads to the fact that the author always asks the question, how successful is the photograph?

Newbie Photographer Mistakes

The most accurate way to find out is to show it to others. And there is no need to be afraid that no one will like it. Even a negative result is a result.

How Can You Avoid This?

Nowadays, almost every photographer spends a lot of time on social media (mainly Instagram) promoting their brand or simply getting advice and recommendations. This is why they exist, so you should not be shy, and you should always share footage, find out how people react to them, what they like, and what they don’t like.

But the main thing is to remember that most of the reviews are just opinions. The main thing is that there will undoubtedly be someone who will like a shot and appreciate it.

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