Newborn Photography: Do You Know How to Properly Photograph Newborn Babies?

Newborn Photography

Good Afternoon Friends! Today we’ll discus about “newborn photography” in this article. There are a huge number of directions and styles of photography: someone shoots wildlife, someone specializes in working with people, some adhere to the classics in staging and processing photos, while others develop their own approach.

There are many options to try something new. For example, have you ever wondered how to take pictures of newborn babies? We can say that this is a whole science – complex and of course, exciting.

In part, this type of photographic image has something in common with a portrait photo shoot, but it also has its own specificity, which we will talk about today.

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

For a photographer working with newborns, the issue of not only the correct handling of lighting and the camera, but also interaction with people is at the fore.

And here I am not talking so much about the parents as about the baby itself. How to arrange such a photo session? The article will have many subheadings – important notes on our topic. I will comment on each of them in more detail.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Kid

It will be more difficult for those amateur photographers who previously had little to do with children in general. Here, as in everything, experience of dealing with such “small models” is needed. And most importantly – you don’t need to be afraid of them: arrange them the way you would like to see in the photo and at the same time as it would be convenient for the baby.

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Parents can be offered to transfer the child to the desired place, or it can be done independently (with their consent). Perhaps at some point you will have to calm down the baby a little, simply stroke him or, conversely, cheer up and play with him. In the latter case, various ringing and bright objects will come in handy.

Most Suitable Age

Age is not a completely correct concept related to our situation. This is a newborn! Therefore, this paragraph refers to days or weeks of age.

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Professionals believe that the first week after birth is ideal for photography. After all, this is a very important moment in a child’s life – he/she is just beginning his life, and you, in turn, will be able to capture all this. In addition, at this time, the baby is often calm, sleeps a lot and feels good – he/she is not yet bothered by the tummy.

Child’s Day Regimen

First, it is worth clarifying at what interval of the day the child sleeps and when he is awake.

Second, adjust your photography to accommodate these factors. You must be prepared for both periods of activity and, possibly, the whims of the baby, and wisely use the time if he falls asleep.

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

In the case of the latter, you do not need to wake him up, just gently lay him down, giving a certain pose and photograph.

During the waking period, the baby will not necessarily share your desire to act, so if necessary, adjust his mood and attention with interesting toys. It is useful to have colored loud rattles in your arsenal.

Posing for Newborn Photography

A newborn is not the kind of person who can listen to you and take any body position. Therefore, here it is you who will have to lay, change his posture, control his arms and legs.

Newborn Photography
Posing Newborn Photography

There are only a couple of options for placing the child: on the back and on the stomach. In both cases, the baby can sleep or not. Your task, as always, is to capture the best shot.

In the prone position, if the child is awake, it is often difficult for him to support the head. To raise it a little and direct its gaze to you, pick up a toy.

Editorial Tip
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Comfortable Environment

The family that comes to your studio should be pleased to be there. You yourself must show openness and good nature and take care of the surrounding space. It is advisable to use mainly light, delicate colors.

There may be few bright details. The area of ​​comfort also includes musical accompaniment, with which you will create a relaxed mood in yourself and your clients: various children’s songs or unobtrusive sounds of nature, relaxation.

newborn photography
Newborn Photography

Also communicate calmly, do not make noise or fuss. Get ready for a fairly long process, quite possibly two to four hours, be patient.

Workplace and Light

When photo sessions with the participation of young children, especially babies, the only correct solution is to use natural lighting.

Light from a window will do, or I would choose permanent sources, that is, those that do not blink and where you would not have to use a flash. This is more suitable for the child and will not disturb him in any way.

newborn photography
Newborn Photography

Soft diffused light is what you need, hard contrast, of course, will be inappropriate to convey the delicate appearance of the baby.

In bright sun, curtain the windows with sheets or use fabric attachments on the devices, for even illumination, you can take reflectors.

Camera Settings

I don’t dwell on the camera settings separately, although it is assumed that they should be correct. As in other circumstances of photo shoots in natural light, you select the parameters of the technique for these conditions.

Do not overstate the ISO too much to avoid noise that will ruin the photo.

Exposure too fast is not required, because the model is almost stationary, while the aperture can be opened as much as possible to get a portrait with a beautiful blurred background.

newborn photography

Pay attention to the white balance – all colors must correspond to reality. In this case, you can enhance warmer shades, while cold ones are best avoided.

It is better to use RAW format for shooting. Post-processing will be easy with it.

Furniture and Attributes

Consider the colors of the furniture you will be using, including the background. Shades should not be too catchy, so as not to divert attention from the child, and should not resonate with other things and accessories.

The question arises: what to film the child with? It is convenient to place the child on an ottoman, which can be given any shape. Babies look very cute in tiny cribs.

All kinds of blankets, towels, mini-pillows will come in handy – they, again, among other things, will create the comfort of your “model” and unobtrusively allow you to give her the desired pose.

Buy a few baby oilcloths in case of any surprises. They should not be visible in the frame, cover them with a cloth or towel.

Stock of Clothes

Surely you and your parents will want to see your baby in different outfits. Customers may well be reminded to bring things with them, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of the photographer himself.

Various small fluffy skirts, headbands, caps on the head, bracelets, ties for boys, etc. must be present if you plan to constantly take pictures of newborns.

newborn photography

Of course, everything is learned in personal practice. Despite the mountain of theory that you re-read before taking pictures of babies, the situation itself will be new, and you may be confused.

In order to avoid this development of events and increase your confidence, including in the eyes of clients, I would advise you to develop a small plan.

It is advisable to prescribe all the points and limit them in time. For example, pay attention to guests – parents and their baby, talk over a cup of tea/coffee about their expectations and goals. Of course, ask about the child.

Before the meeting, you need to prepare the props, think over possible poses and the location of the child. Practice in advance, for example on a doll, how the light will fall on the baby.

Newborn Clothing

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Considering all of the above, you can arrange a photo session for a newborn at home. There is nothing difficult here, the main thing is to choose the right direction of light, even the one from the window.

If you don’t know at all how to get started with your DSLR and how to control all the settings yourself, and not trust the automatic mode, then this course is what you need. It is a great companion to grow one step further as a successful photographer.

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