An Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Men and Women

Today we’ll discuss ‘outdoor photoshoot ideas’ in different seasons and climates. The main thing in photography is the impression it makes on the person who is looking at it. And it so happens that shots taken outdoors can significantly affect the viewer than pictures taken in a specially equipped room or studio.

For the photo session to be successful and the photos to be beautiful and memorable, it is unnecessary to visit a photo studio or go to the beach. Great shots are also taken in the most inappropriate places for shooting – for example, at a construction site, abandoned old houses, or on the roof of a tall building.

There is no need to set up any decorations: nature has already set everything up for you. Shrubs and trees in the background, rustling with their foliage – all this will bring depth and originality to the picture. And also filming in nature is much more pleasant and valuable. After all, in the fresh air, it is easier to work and breathe. So let’s find interesting outdoor photoshoot ideas for men and women.

Preparing for an Outdoor Photoshoot

Preparing for an Outdoor Photoshoot
Preparing for an Outdoor Photoshoot

First of all, you should think about the photography idea in which you will be filmed. There can be many options; the main thing is to choose the one that you like. In addition, make-up for the photo is worth taking care of. It would be best if you thought about how it will be, catchy or modest, how to do it: on your own or turn to a make-up artist for help. Take a close look at your wardrobe and find the best outfits for your photoshoot. If it is conceived that you will be filming unusually, order the necessary costume from the atelier or buy it in the store.

A tip that will be universal for everyone: before the day of shooting, try not to overeat at night, do not eat too many fried and spicy foods.

It is better to go to bed early so as not to look sleepy and unkempt in the morning. If the weather permits, a short walk before bed is a good idea.

Following all of these tips will make you look your best in your photos. Follow them and you will succeed.

Interesting Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

Interesting Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

The street gives room for imagination. Thanks to this, many examples of successful images for a photoshoot can be cited, each of which will perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape and become one with the surrounding world.

1. Beach Pleasure

To make such an idea come true, you only need three things: a swimsuit, a camera, and a sunny beach. Then it’s up to the photographer and you. Smile, pose for the camera, and enjoy your vacation.

Beach Pleasure

Let everyone know that you are not wasting your time, but with benefit. The makeup for this look can be anything, but it is better to give preference to discreet natural make-up.

2. In Nature – Tenderness in Everything

It is better to shoot where there are many flowers and plants, for example, in a park. This shot is perfect for the fair sex. Your task will be to do discreet make-up and put on a beautiful lace or guipure dress.

Tenderness in Everything

Or maybe you prefer airy sundresses? In any case, the thing should emphasize the fragility and tenderness of its owner.

3. Fairy-Tale Character

To fulfill this role, it is better to do professional make-up, clothes can be picked up from your personal wardrobe or bought in a special store. Shooting locations may vary depending on which character you choose.

Fairy-Tale Character

For example, if you decide to reincarnate as an elf, then the best place for a photo shoot will be a forest or flower bed.


And if you see yourself exclusively in the form of a mermaid, then there is no better place than a river or a pond.

4. The Magic of Naturalness

To bring this idea to life, you need to look as natural as possible. It is better to make the makeup as invisible as possible or not to do it at all.

The Magic of Naturalness

Long flowing hair and a light airy dress with a free cut will be an excellent chord to the whole symphony of the image.

The Magic of Naturalness

A beautiful landscape, such as a field, is best for shooting. In the rays of the sunset, you will look especially attractive.

When shooting in the field, to highlight the beauty of nature, make a wreath of the spikelet of rye or wildflowers. Such an addition will decorate you and become an integral highlight of the image, a detail that will give the picture originality and showiness.

5. The Riddle of Reservoirs

The outdoor swimming pool is also a good place for photography. The photo will look fresh and original if you decide to go into the water. There is plenty of room for creativity if you choose to shoot by a river, lake, sea, or stream.

The Riddle of Reservoirs

You can choose any pose; for example, lower your gaze, and wrap your arms around your shoulders, as if you are cold. Such a photo will emphasize your mystery and fragility.

The Riddle of Reservoirs

There is an option to shoot differently – for example, clasp your hands behind the back of your head and look up. A photo on the shore will turn out to be no less spectacular. You can star in the image of a little mermaid or even Neptune himself, or you can remain yourself – this will not make the picture less beautiful.

Before shooting by the water, carefully consider the composition of your photos. Be sure to keep in mind that it can be damp and cool near the place that is next to the pond, so bring a set of changeable clothes with you.

The Riddle of Reservoirs

The lush greenery of the trees and the presence of flowers in the frame will visually enliven the photo, making it bright and attractive.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas in Different Seasons

Pictures can change dramatically at different times of the year. If you take the same place, but shoot there in winter and summer, then the pictures will be very different from each other.

The Charm of The Seasons

In winter, colder tones will prevail, the abundance of snow on the street will make the frame more strict and expressive. And in summer, the picture will be saturated with warmth and sunny tones. Spring and autumn are also perfect times for shooting. Each season has its unique charm; it is only essential to be able to discern it.

1. Snowy Attraction

Ask your companion to shake the snow-covered branch over your head. In the snowflakes falling all around you will look very beautiful. In winter, you can give room for imagination and shoot anywhere. The advantage of winter shooting will be that many natural “imperfections” (mud and puddles) are hidden under the snow, so the photo will turn out to be as bright and flawless as possible.

Snowy Attraction

A good idea for a fantastic outdoor photoshoot is a background in the form of snow-covered spruce or any other tree sprinkled with white snow. Try going to the most visited places in your city, such as the main square. In winter, its appearance can be radically different from the summer version. You will be surprised at this when you revise the photos.

An excellent option would be to attend the New Year’s performance on the square and take a picture by the decorated Christmas tree. The snow-covered bench is an interesting detail for a winter shot. Try to sit on such a bench and smile for the camera. And to make the image mysterious, you can lower your gaze as if you are considering something exciting in the snow. Also, a good option would be to fall into childhood for a while.

Snowy Attraction

There is a lot of snow outside in winter, so why not make a snowman out of it? While you are busy with the sculpting process, the camera can capture everything that happens, and then, when the snowman or snowman is ready, catch you with the newly created creation. Thus, you will get a whole series of shots showing the entire fascinating process of creation and fun.

Do not limit yourself to just sculpting snowmen. In winter, you can have a lot of fun, so find your skates on the mezzanine – and feel free to go to the rink. There you can have a good rest, and at the same time get beautiful photos. If there are no skates, you can take pictures on skis or even sleds – the images will not become worse from this.

2. Spring Tenderness

Taking pictures in spring is a pleasure. Everything blooms and smells, so there are a lot of places where you can take good pictures.

Spring Tenderness

Good Places for A Photoshoot in The Spring:

  • Field with snowdrops or lilies of the valley. You can squat down and pick up a bunch of flowers. But it is better not to do this, but just take a picture in the sea of flowers, because snowdrops are listed in the Red Book;
  • Next to a flowering tree. In the spring, when beautiful fragrant flowers bloom on the trees, you cannot calmly walk past them and not take a good shot. And if a butterfly sits on a flower, then such a photo will become even more beautiful;
  • Place outside the city. At this time of year, nature is transformed, as if waking up from a dream, so spring landscapes have their own unique charm.

Shooting in nature is also still relevant. You can have a small picnic: against the backdrop of lush green grass, you will look very good.

3. A Riot of Summer Colors

In the summer, everyone strives to the beach, the sea, or the river. It’s a great idea to have a beach photoshoot or take a photo at sea. Just be careful not to get sunburned. To do this, stock up on special tanning products that are suitable for your skin.

For sports lovers in the summer, there are a lot of opportunities to take good photos.

A Riot of Summer Colors

Morning jogging, cycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding are all suitable for a successful outdoor photoshoot. You can take a photo while standing next to a bike or on top of it – let everyone appreciate your interest in the sport.

4. Autumn Gilding

Autumn is the most romantic time of the year after spring. The leaves on the trees turn yellow and fall off, forming a beautiful rustling carpet under your feet, which you just want to kick up, so that the leaves fly around beautifully. So, what’s stopping you from doing this on camera?

Autumn Gilding

It is a good idea to pick up a bunch of leaves in your hands and toss them – you’ll get a good shot. It is crucial to notice important details in autumn that can serve as a good decoration for a photo.

Autumn Gilding

Take a photo against the background of bright red rowan branches or purple and gold leaves. It often rains at this time of the year. Do not be upset, but rather take this as another good idea for an outdoor photoshoot. Pick up a beautiful umbrella, dress warmly and feel free to take pictures. Pictures of you in the rain will emphasize your enigmatic nature and penchant for reflection and melancholy.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Male

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Male

A male outdoor photoshoot requires more preparation than a studio photoshoot. You have to consider the influence of natural sunlight and choose the appropriate time of day, reckon with the weather and choose your clothes carefully. A professional photographer will suggest beautiful poses in which to shoot outdoors. Although it gives more comfort, the studio does not allow the implementation of numerous ideas that will make it possible to realize a street photoset.

Amazing Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Men

Outdoor photography can take place both within the boundaries of the settlement and outside it. The city and its urban landscapes will help create different images.

A businessman will need a formal suit, an executive car, some expensive accessories (for example, the latest mobile phone or the best-branded cigar). For photographs, a black and white filter can be used, which will add rigidity to the frame, dynamism, corresponding to the world of business.

Amazing Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Men

If a woman enters the frame, the men’s photo session will become even more interesting. A girl can play the role of a secretary, a businessman’s personal assistant, or become his lover. In addition, the girl can be an ordinary passer-by who, with bated breath, watches as a luxury car drives up and a dream man gets out of it.

Man with Car

The idea of an outdoor photoshoot in a business style can be implemented not only in summer, or spring but also in cold weather. The suit will not let you freeze and will look appropriate even in winter photos.

Man with Bike

If a guy likes any kind of sports, the men’s photoshoot can take place on a basketball, football, or volleyball field. Good photos will come out when a guy is skating on a skateboard in the summer, practicing on the sports ground.

Man in Street

Male poses for a photo shoot on the street, if a sports theme is chosen, will maximize the beauty of the body. The woman will again add the peppercorn to the photo. The photographer will suggest the sexiest and winning poses for a photo together.

man and woman together

A man can be photographed without a partner if he wants to play the role of a romantic hero. A professional photographer will help you with the choice of an original idea.

A guy can sit on a park bench, sadly smoking and looking at a bouquet thrown at his feet. So, he will depict a man with a broken heart (a black and white filter for the picture would be appropriate here). Or the camera can capture how he, on the contrary, in love and inspired, draws on the asphalt “I love you” or “You are the best!”, Climbs with flowers and balloons on the balcony of his beloved.

man and woman together

These ideas allow for a dynamic photo session when the camera follows and conveys a particular story in the frame. City streets can be a great backdrop for static portrait shots. A men’s outdoor photo session can take place against the backdrop of a beautiful house, city park, etc.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Women & Girl Models

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Women

Here are some ideas on how to make your photographs special. Depending on your personal preferences and mood, choose from the proposed images or get inspired to create your own.

1. Young Peasant Woman

Do you dream to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Slavic Ohioans? A photo session in nature in traditional folk dress is suitable for young girls. Take care of the props in advance – a jar of milk, a box for berries.

Young Peasant Woman

Poses can be completely different, for which there is enough imagination and mood: sitting on a tablecloth, standing with a jug in hand, sitting down, picking berries. Makeup is as natural as possible, and it is better to braid your hair in a beautiful braid.

2. In Move

Are you looking for dynamic shots filled with life? Improvise, shoot brightly and cheerfully:

  • Walk in the field.
  • Pick flowers in the meadow.
  • Tell fortunes on chamomile.
  • Catch butterflies with a butterfly net.
  • Take off your shoes and walk barefoot with your shoes in your hand.
Woman on Move

Be natural in allowing the photographer to capture great shots. Don’t look into the lens, enjoy the walk as if that were the main task.

3. Picnic

Beautiful and delicate shots will turn out if you make a picnic photo session. Girls can wear shorts, and the footage will be very natural: summer, fresh air, sun.


A comfortable outfit will allow you to take vivid pictures in a sitting position: with your legs crossed or stretched out. As props, there will be enough chopped vegetables and fruits and a colorful blanket.

4. In Drops of Rain

Are you tired of sunny shots? Dilute them with filming in the raining drops. In the rainy season, you can take beautiful pictures. During bad weather, nature looks capricious and majestic.

In Drops of Rain

Of course, you can’t lie on the grass at a photoshoot in the rain, but on the asphalt, it is quite possible, how do you like this idea? Unusual, isn’t it? But how it looks awesome!

In Drops of Rain

Or use a brightly colored umbrella if you don’t want to get wet. And for more sensual and original photos, let the rain run down your face and body.

5. Sun Bunnies

Are beautiful hairs your pride? Catch the sun in them, and let the wind ruffle and fluff up picturesquely. Let go of embarrassment, lift your hair with your hands, dance, play with strands.

Sun Bunnies

6. With Four-Legged Friends

Your beloved pet will help you to loosen up while playing, to maintain ease. Yes, and a good mood is provided, which means there will be frames with sincere smiles.

With Four-Legged Friends

Consider a role for your little “family member”. For photography with dogs, active games on the meadow and the beach are suitable, rabbits and cats prefer calm posing in the hands of the hostess.

7. Bike Ride

Use outdoor activities in a photoshoot. It is not necessary to take a fancy sports bike with you; an old shabby two-wheeled vehicle will perfectly fit into a retro photo.

Bike Ride

It is easy for a girl in an airy summer dress or short mischievous shorts to ride along a country road among meadow grasses and flowers and take various poses while standing and sitting near a vehicle.

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8. Lying on The Lawn or Beach

Pictures of lying-in green grass or warm sand? Great idea! Close your eyes dreamily, exposing your face to the sun. Take a look at the photographer and look into the distance. If lying on your back, bend your lower back slightly for a graceful shot, bend your knees, and do not forget about the position of the arms.

Lying on The Lawn or Beach

Posing while lying on your stomach can be fun too. The girl can rest her head with a hand and turn it to the side or put it in the palm of her hand. Look into the frame with a perky smile, and the beauty of nature will complement the photo.

9. Emphasize the Slimness of The Figure

The light of the setting sun will help the owners of the chiseled silhouette to emphasize their merits successfully. There are many poses in nature for this: you can sit and rest your hand on the ground or bend back, leaning back on your hand.

Emphasize the Slimness of The Figure

The legs can be bent at the knees, or you can leave one almost straight. For a standing photo, bend slightly in the lower back, and involuntarily raise your hands up.


It can be noted that there are a lot of places and ideas for shooting outdoors. You can even say that the street is one prominent place to shoot, with its nooks and corners, exploring which you can find a massive scope for creativity.

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