Photographer’s Tips for The Bride

A wedding is a solemn event and a memory of all times for the bride. How to get photos that will give joyful emotions even after 50 years? Tips for the bride from me, a creative photographer and lens expert.

Tip # 1: Prepare the Night Before

I recommend doing a dress rehearsal. Put it on the eve of the celebration, cope with the laces, walk around in it for about 30 minutes. Make sure that you are comfortable. We don’t need urgent morning chores before the occasion, so we check the main wedding attribute of the bride in advance.

The less experimentation, the better. Have you already created your wedding look? Leave everything as it is on the eve of the solemn photo session. Experiments with new makeup, hair color, and tanning end with unpredictable results, which will have to be urgently corrected. Be true to your choice, unless you prepare an extra pair of shoes. I’ll explain the reason for you a little later.

Eat as usual, avoid hunger strikes. The desire to get rid of extra pounds can cause discomfort during the occasion. Remember: the dress is chosen by size, you personally approved the outfit because you are confident in it. Dine the way you are used to.

Tip # 2: The Morning of The Bride Before the Wedding

Get some sleep before the wedding, the great mood begins with a sound sleep. Take a hot bath to relax your body, followed by breakfast. I recommend eating before your bridal look to keep your makeup intact (apply after a pleasant meal).

Have you cleaned up and refreshed yourself? Let’s start preparing for the celebration. In a wedding photo shoot, all the details are important, which starts with the clothes. See if tags, labels, price tags have been cut from the prepared accessories. The fewer unnecessary elements the photographer’s camera captures, the better the final material will be.

We discussed breakfast, but what about water and liquids? I recommend limiting tea, coffee, juice and plain drinking water in the morning. Frequent urge to go to the toilet during a wedding will negatively affect your mood, and the wedding photographer will definitely “smear” some of the pictures. Conclusion: observe the measure in everything before the wedding.

The next recommendation is a general check before publication. Make sure your dress, shoes, jewelry, garters, makeup, tights are ready for the ceremony. The storage of things can be entrusted to the person in charge, I will soon get to this point.

Take 30 minutes to visit a beauty salon before your wedding and the occasion of photo shoot. Even if you look in the mirror and remember the title of the movie “It Can’t Be Better”. Masters will help you become more beautiful, and will also improve your mood (stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists are positive people).

Tip # 3: Shift Your Wedding Chores

Designate a responsible person or people to coordinate the process. Let’s talk about professionals. The wedding organizer draws up a plan for the celebration, from the beginning of preparation to the last second of the celebration. The coordinator monitors the progress of the wedding, resolves emerging issues, knows all the details: time, numbers, names, places, addresses. Routine can be delegated to distract yourself from other troubles and enjoy the occasion.

Option number 2: entrust the care of loved ones. For example, a responsible and best friend who will keep order for you. You can trust her with your things.

The bride is not the organizer, I recommend delegating the answers to the questions “What”, “Where”, “When” to the selected coordinators. Your goal is to enjoy the best day in your life, and then, believe me, the wedding photo session will bring great results.

Poses at The Wedding
Poses at The Wedding

Tip # 4: Concentrate on Your Mood

Be calm, relaxed and happy, that is, be yourself. The camera captures both the natural mood of the bride and attempts to “put on a mask” for the sake of good pictures. Do we want the best? Get sincere pleasure from the occasion, emotions will be your contribution to an excellent result.

The wedding photographer will make every effort to create a comfortable environment. Communication between the professional and the newlyweds will remove possible embarrassment and worries. And your wedding photo session will be effective when you allow yourself to be natural, that is, a happy bride.

Focus on your own happiness, look at the happy smile of the groom, the sparkle in men’s eyes, admire your wedding dress and its look. Give your concentration to the good that surrounds you. This helps both in life (we attract what we give energy to) and at a wedding photo shoot.

Good shots will give joy for decades, bad shots will ruin the mood tomorrow. You will be able to live wonderful moments even after half a century, surrounded by your spouse who will still be with you, your children and grandchildren.

Tip # 5: Posing Life Hacks

I will explain to you the need for a spare pair of shoes. The bride wears beautiful shoes for the wedding, but even comfortable shoes will cause discomfort after prolonged wear. My advice: bring ballet flats or sneakers with you. The best photos will be taken while walking and the body should be relaxed to pose freely. The easier it is for your feet, the more pleasant it is for you.

A wedding photo session is the creation of memorable portraits in which the state is reflected through an expressive look and eyes. Below are my tips for working with your “soul mirror”.

Try doing some math or work in your head while the photographer is working. Your portrait will become more thoughtful and deeper. The main transformation will take place in the look, which will transform into a strong, expressive one. These shots will be the most successful in your wedding photo shoot.

The eyes are smiling in a successful portrait. Achieving the effect is not difficult: mental mathematics makes the look deep, and pleasant memories create tenderness. Think about moments of tenderness in your life, relive emotions. Result: together with successful expressive shots, the photographer will capture your femininity and tenderness.

What to do with your hands? Start with a good manicure, which will already be the subject of photography. When posing, keep it asymmetrical for a more natural shot. The photographer will give you other recommendations during the shooting.

My personal life hacks for the bride’s hand placement (based on my experience and standard tips from my colleagues):

  • Keep your hands and fingers relaxed; if you feel tension, sharply clench and unclench your fist.
  • Hands can convey a certain idea in the frame, for example, draw attention to the lips (bringing up to the chin), eyes or forehead, if you prop your head in the temple area.
  • Always create movement: straighten your dress, touch yourself, find a reliable support on the shoulder of the husband sitting next to you.

Remove worries and requests “to photograph yourself only from the good side.” Brides tend to worry about the possible reflection of their extra pounds or skin irregularities in the pictures. A visit to the beauty salon in the morning will transform your appearance, and the features of your figure are much less significant cause for fear. Smile, congratulations, the rest will be done by an experienced photographer.

I will give psychological advice at the end of the article. A joyful day flies by like a moment, your task is to enjoy every minute of the occasion. Hustle and bustle, looking for flaws, chores worsen the mood, and the camera will transmit the natural stress state. Delegate secondary tasks, free yourself of any worry to enjoy the wedding.

I wish you a happy wedding and great photos.

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