Photoshoot with Horses: An Incredibly Easy Photoshoot Method That Works for All

Photoshoot with Horses

Photoshoot with horses is an excellent time in the company of these noble animals, positive emotions, and beautiful photographs that will decorate a family photo album. Such a photo session is perfect for those who love romance and try not to miss the opportunity to fill their lives with new impressions.

Earlier I talked about car photoshoot ideas and how you can take stunning photographs with your car. Cars and motorcycles are not that uncommon these days, and many people have pictures of vehicles in the background. Now here are pro tips on how you can organize this original photoshoot with horses.

If you love these amazing animals, then try to turn your hobby into a feast for the soul and arrange a photo session with them. Horses are by their nature very kind and sensitive; communication with them causes only positive emotions in a person, and the impressions of this meeting drag on with a pleasant train for a very long time. Today we will analyze ideas for a photo shoot with horses and focus on some of the features of such a shoot.

Preparation of A Photoshoot with Horses

For a photo session, a horse can be rented by contacting any equestrian club, even in Miami and New York. The rental price depends on the club itself, the duration of the walk and photo session, and the breed of the horse.

Usually, for filming, they provide calm and well-groomed animals that treat people well. They are trained in commands such as bowing or even holding a candle under the rider.

But for many city dwellers who have never been in contact with horses and know about equestrian sport only by hearsay, the first meeting can be inspiring. A tall and strong horse often raises concerns, so you need to prepare for a photoshoot.

Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

It is essential to tune in to communicate with the horse correctly. These intelligent animals perfectly understand the mood of a person and feel all experiences and fears. Before starting a photo session with a horse, you need to calm down; an experienced instructor will give an introductory lesson on behaving.

When getting to know horses, you should consider some of the features of these animals and avoid mistakes.

Horses have a space in front of the nose and back called blind spots. This blind spot means that the horse practically does not see a person standing close in front of his face, so you should never approach him from behind.

It is necessary to approach the animal so that a stranger is visible and does not cause any fear. Horses show aggression exceptionally rarely and only in cases of improper behavior of any person.

Steps to Photoshoot with Horses

1. Renting a horse and preparing it for shooting. The animal is cleaned, saddled, and even decorated.

2. Briefing on the rules of conduct during the shoot will help the model relax and feel free and at ease riding the horse.

3. Joint creative work of all participants in the shooting: models (people and horses), an instructor, and a photographer.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses

All seasons are perfect for communicating with horses. Pictures with these animals can be taken at any time of the year, will be beautiful and mesmerizing in their way.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses


No artificial scenery is needed for a summer photo session with a horse; a natural background of fresh green trees, lush grass, and shrub leaves is suitable for shooting. Dressed in original costumes, you can go for a walk along the alleys or the surroundings of city parks. A summer photo session with horses allows you to realize any creative idea.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

Shooting can be carried out not only during the day but also in the evening at sunset or the morning in the rising sun’s rays. Try to relax and get into the image so that the photographer can convey in the pictures all the beauty of nature, the grace of a horse, and the mood of the model.


You can take pictures not only on horseback: with the arrival of winter, do not miss the opportunity to capture sleigh rides on snow-covered roads. To do this, you can choose images in the folk style. Put on fur hats and muffs, take many bagels and a large samovar, and all the pictures will take on a bright and juicy flavor. And also, in winter, horses become fluffier and radiate exceptional warmth and kindness.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

The sun’s rays on a frosty day are reflected in every snowflake, creating a fabulous atmosphere in every shot.


The autumn season has its beauty and charm – it is bright falling leaves, yellowing grass, and a misty haze over the water. After going through another life cycle, nature prepares for sleep. People also need to reflect on their lives, reassess their values ​​and reconsider their relationships with loved ones.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

For a couple in love, this is a great excuse to move on to a new stage of the relationship or arrange a romantic photo session with horses. To get even closer to each other, you should choose clothes in the same style (jeans, sweaters in the same color, etc.). Late autumn is excellent for gothic photography, which we’ll talk about shortly.


Everyone’s favorite springtime, when the snow has not yet melted everywhere, falls on the Maslenitsa festival (in Russia). These traditional events are always fun and big for photoshoots with horses.

Best Season For A Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

At this springtime, you can choose beautiful horse-drawn sleighs, pancakes, and bagels, as well as a stuffed animal of the passing winter. In spring, nature awakens from a long hibernation. It’s getting warmer every day, which means it’s time to go for a horse ride.

Some Cool Horse Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

Some Cool Horse Photoshoot Ideas and Poses
Photoshoot with Horses

1. Classic Look

Taking pictures while riding a horse is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Classic photography is fraught with many features that must be taken into account.

Here are some tips on how to achieve perfect posture:

  • The center of gravity of the rider and the horse must be the same.
  • The arms to the rider’s elbow should be an extension of the rein that extends from the horse’s mouth.
  • Elbows should be pressed against your torso.
  • The spine should be curved in an S shape.
  • The position of the rider’s body should be such that a conditional straight line can be drawn through his hip joint and heel.
  • I will tell you a secret that at the beginning of horse riding it is recommended to slightly tilt the body forward, this is quite acceptable both during a photo session and when riding a horse.
Horse Photoshoot Ideas and Poses
Photoshoot with Horses

To summarize, if the model is sitting in the saddle astride a horse, then her back should be straight, and her posture should be perfect. If you plan to create the effect of fast riding, then you need to lean forward and snuggle up to the withers.

2. By the Water

In the summertime, you can choose any water body as a location for shooting. The sparkling water droplets on the face of the models look very beautiful in the pictures.

By the Water
Photoshoot with Horses

For a photoshoot with horses, bright accessories (hat, umbrella, glasses) and a swimsuit are suitable. A good photographer will be able to suggest good poses to models.

3. Romantic Image

All those who are so lacking in romantic deeds and noble knights have the opportunity to briefly travel back to medieval times.

Photoshoot with Horses

For a photo session, you should rent clothes in the appropriate style, as well as a black stallion such as the Vladimir Heavy Trucks or a Grey Percheron.

You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of romance while walking along the alleys of the city park.

4. Love Story

Before starting a photo session, you can ride a little horse, this will help you relax and get a charge of positive emotions. Take fruits, books, a bright blanket, and other items as accessories. Please write in the comments about your ideas for shooting a love story. Such a photo session should be a breeze since there is no need to do anything here.

Horse Photoshoot Ideas and Poses - Love Story
Photoshoot with Horses

Young people came for a walk, they are in love with each other and have a great time together. A girl can mount a horse, and a guy leads the horse by the bridle. Such shots are best taken against the background of nature or rural landscapes.

5. Wedding Procession

A wedding photo session in a carriage drawn by mighty stallions with braids and bells, which carries a young couple to their happy family life, will cause surprise and admiration at the same time. And if such a carriage is driven by a real coachman in beautiful livery, then this is already a reason for a real delight. Such portraits, taken during a wedding photoshoot with horses, will become a real decoration of the album, for example:

  • The newlyweds take a walk and lead a couple of horses by the bridle.
  • The groom leads the horse, on which his young wife sits.
  • The girl peers into the distance, and a young man downloads her towards her.
  • The bride will not always be able to pose on horseback: there are various reasons for this.
Wedding Procession
Photoshoot with Horses

In such cases, you can triple the shooting in a beautiful carriage. Such an environment will help any young lady to feel like a real princess.

6. Horse Riding

The most extreme and fearless young people can afford to arrange a photo session while riding a horse. This look requires a lot of courage and excellent physical fitness, so it is not suitable for everyone. The photographer’s task is complicated by the fact that you will have to shoot while on the move.

Horse Riding
Photoshoot with Horses

Photos in which the horse takes an obstacle or stands on its hind legs, while the rider is held in the saddle at this time, are especially emotional and cause sincere delight in those around. But these tricks require special skills, so they can only be performed by experienced riders.

7. Creative Image

This image is suitable for people of creative professions: poets, artists, musicians. You can choose a shallow body of water as a place for the photo session.

Creative Image
Photoshoot with Horses

Great shots can be made when a rider on horseback walks into the water or leads the horse under the harness along the shore. Taking this opportunity, you can triple a picnic on the beach of the reservoir and take a few shots in such a natural setting. If the shooting takes place in the evening, closer to the night, be sure to make a fire. Photos taken by the fire are always very romantic.

8. Cowboy Style

A hot horse and a cowboy hat will transform into a fearless American macho. This look will suit young guys, as well as brave girls who are not afraid of experiments.

Cowboy Style
Photoshoot with Horses

Young children will also not give up on the image of a real cowboy and will gladly take part in a photo session with horses.

9. The Middle Ages Theme

You can plunge into the traditions of the Middle Ages, as well as become a participant in a brave knightly tournament during a costumed photo session in the image of the Middle Ages. Women can wear capes or robes in bright red shades or luxurious dresses with long sleeves or trains. And you can also reincarnate as a forest sorceress.

The Middle Ages Theme
Photoshoot with Horses

For men, knightly armor or a long tunic and a bright cloak are suitable. Such riders will look great on horseback.

10. Traditional American Style

It is not difficult to bring this idea to life; it is enough to put on national costumes and rent a horse. You can take a few pictures with your friends by performing a traditional dance or a round dance around the fire in front of the camera.

Traditional American Style
Photoshoot with Horses

For shooting, you can weave beautiful wreaths or collect a pretty bouquet of wildflowers. And you can also take a picture while walking in a field or meadow, and even look into the farm and invite a cow or a goat into the frame.

11. Rustic Theme

When shooting in this style, you can feel the original atmosphere of village life. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the magical singing of birds, feel the light breath of the fresh breeze, walk along a flowering meadow or greenfield, as well as a decorated area, taking a couple of horses for a walk.

Rustic Theme
Photoshoot with Horses

At sunset, you can lie down in a haystack and admire the bright rays of the sun.

12. Family Photo Session with Horses

Even small children take part in a photo session with horses. So, this coming weekend, get your whole family together and head out into nature to add some great photos to your family album.

Family Photo Session with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

Children will be very happy about such a walk because horses are very smart and friendly animals. During a joint walk, the family will be able to escape from everyday worries, and also have a good time together.

Family Photo Session with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

When going on a family photo shoot with horses, don’t miss out on important details such as:

  • Helmet, high boots, and gloves for children.
  • Other accessories that kids can hold in their hands.
  • Unusual fabulous images for the youngest models.
  • If pre-school children participate in the photo session, then they should choose the smallest representative of the horse tribe – a pony.

13. Gothic Style

For such a photo shoot, you should rent a black handsome man. Models choose strict clothes in dark colors and go to the forest edge on a cloudy or rainy day.

Gothic Style
Photoshoot with Horses

The backdrop for Gothic shots can be reed beds or bare trees. Great shots can be taken near a reservoir when the reflection of a rider in a long cloak is captured in the photo.

14. Treats

Horses are very fond of treats. Be sure to bring something tasty for them (apples, carrots, or sugar cubes) and feed the animal as a token of gratitude for the great walk, as well as great photos. If the photoset takes place in the forest, in the fresh air, then you will want to have something to eat.

Horses are very fond of treats
Photoshoot with Horses


A photoshoot with horses requires good preparation. To not get injured during the shooting, it is necessary to use special equipment that will complement the image and help the rider control the horse. If horseback riding still raises concerns, then the horse can be led by a leash along the river bank or walk with it through beautiful places, making excellent portraits.

Photoshoot with Horses
Photoshoot with Horses

During a photo session with a horse, you can take several individual photos in nature. For this, a fabulous look with vintage accessories and medieval outfits is suitable. In any case, you will have incredible emotions from communicating with beautiful and overly strong-willed animals, a rather pleasant pastime, a charge of cheerfulness, and a lot of brilliant pictures for memory.

That’s all for today. Subscribe to my blog and leave comments – this is the best thanks for my work.

Best Regards, Devansh Pathak.

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