Best Place for Photo Shoot in Moscow: Top 10 Cool Ideas

Moscow is a huge city, whose glitz and glamor hide unusual places, ideal for photography. Consider the idea of ​​a photo shoot for a girl, a couple in love or a friendly family with a child.

1. Kuznetsky Most Street

It is considered the oldest street in the capital. Old mansions of the Moscow elite, unique monuments of history and architecture, as well as modern boutiques and catering establishments are surprisingly intertwined here. Here you can: how to conduct a photo session in the style of a bygone era, and take glamorous and vivid photos. And you can do both.

2. Hermitage Garden

Magnificent views, shady and slender alleys, romantic sculptures – all these elements guarantee a photo session in Moscow at the highest level. For example, you can take some beautiful photos in openwork gazebos. The Hermitage Garden is perfect, first of all, for a photo session for lovers. Moreover, you can hold an event here at any time of the year. Summer will give you all the richness of colors, and in winter you can arrange a full-fledged ice-skating performance and capture it on camera.

3. Bagrationovsky Bridge

Its design amazes with the grandeur of architecture. Moreover, in this place, the lighting is always successful, regardless of the season. Therefore, make an agreement with a photographer and come to Bagrationovsky Bridge to arrange an unforgettable photo session. By the way, the famous Moscow City complex is located next to this object. You can capture it in pictures. And be sure to take a photo on the observation deck of the bridge, from where gorgeous views of the glamorous and mysterious capital open up.

4. Alley of Love in Kolomenskoye

If you choose the most romantic place for the session, then the Alley of Love is the best choice. A secluded area, from which exudes sentimentality, is located on the territory of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. Shots against the backdrop of a pretty pond, green lawns and a heart-shaped monument will surely please girls and couples in love. If you are looking for ideas for a photo shoot in spring or summer, then Kolomenskoye is the perfect option.

5. Park “Serebryany Bor”

An artificial island with a forest with centuries-old pines is another interesting place for a photo shoot. Shots against the backdrop of majestic trees are always beautiful and natural. Man connects with nature on them, also thanks to the efforts of the photographer. And on the territory of the park there is a marina overgrown with grass, where you can take mysterious photos. The main advantages of this location are the almost complete absence of people and the exciting silence.

6. Japanese Garden in The Main Botanical Garden

Of course, everyone wants to catch the cherry blossom. But this event only happens once a year in late April or early May. However, this does not mean that you should not come to the Japanese Garden at another time. On the contrary, it is always beautiful here. The garden is also suitable as a place for a wedding photo shoot. Picturesque hills, original-shaped stones, streams, an old pagoda built of stone, a pond with a wooden bridge – all these elements will allow you to get memorable pictures.

7. Izmailovsky Forest Park

Photo shoots in the forest have been in great demand lately. In nature, the pictures are natural, vivid, positive. The girl has a lot of options for posing. If one of the low branches is horizontal, you can lie on it, which will provide great photos.

It is for this reason that Izmailovsky forest park is included in our rating. All the elements for creating a chic session are present here: a pond, rivers, pretty wooden bridges, majestic trees. And in the park, you can find deserted places for an experimental photo shoot with bright, daring and exciting images.

8. Abandoned Escalator Gallery

This is a good place for a photo shoot, because it breathes with mystery. Here you can take atmospheric shots in the style of the apocalypse. If you value, above all, original photographs, then choose an abandoned escalator gallery. You can get here from the Vorobyovy Gory metro station.

Important: Photo sessions in abandoned places require special preparation. Care must be taken not to get injured by posing in hazardous areas. Plus, the preparation of equipment, including setting up lighting, is of no small importance.

9. Skhodnenskaya Bowl

Another gorgeous place where nature demonstrates its wonders, which are then captured in photographs. Did you know that the locals call the Skhodnenskaya bowl a natural amphitheatre? Here you can create a luxurious green background for your photos. And, of course, don’t forget to experiment with looks while walking through the swampy area. If you make a rating of ideas for a photo shoot in nature, then, probably, the Skhodnenskaya bowl will be in the first place.

10. Scenery Mosfilm

Here you can hold a photo session at any time of the year. The pictures taken against the background of Mosfilm’s scenery are atmospheric. You can capture the 19th century Moscow. If you have the right costumes at your disposal, unforgettable shots are guaranteed! With the help of the studio’s decoration, the photographer creates not just a series of individual images, but a full-fledged film from beautiful and original photographs. And you change your image: from a majestic queen and an elite person to a simple tourist lost in the vastness of Moscow, or a modest peasant woman. Please note that the entrance to the site is limited and will require an appointment.

You can make a photo session in Moscow in other places as well. For example, on the Andreevsky bridge, in the Kuzminki Estate, Vorontsov Park. There are a lot of locations and ideas, it is simply impossible to list them all! To find the perfect option for yourself, consult your photographer. He will tell you an interesting and unusual place, prepare all the necessary attributes to create a cool photo shoot.

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