Plus Size Models Photoshoot: The Best Poses for Stunning Photographs

Plus Size Models Photoshoot and Best Poses

Today, I’ll tell you about the plus size models photoshoot and the best poses for plus size girls. The fashion for skinny women has been stubbornly holding its positions for more than a decade, although the overwhelming number of girls is far from ideal 90-60-90. Fortunately, in recent years, love for your body has been actively promoted regardless of its volume and mass. Thanks to this new trend, plus size models were able to get rid of complexes and feel more relaxed.

Regardless of shape and size, any girl wants to feel the admiring glances of the opposite half of humanity. Today, the main arena for communication between people is the internet (social networks, forums, instant messengers). One of the most effective ways to show yourself can be considered a photo session, the fruits of which can be posted on your social media page.

A plus-size girl’s photoshoot is not much different from working with a skinny girl. The main point is the self-perception of the model. Accept yourself for who you are, love yourself, and not be complex – this is the main secret of success.

How to Prepare for A Photoshoot of Plus Size Models?

How to Prepare for A Photoshoot of Plus Size Models?
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

So, you’ve decided that you are quite ready to capture yourself in your current form – without long diets and torture sports. Excellent! It’s time to choose a photographer and go for a meeting to clarify the nuances of the upcoming cooperation.

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There are many important points that you should discuss long before the upcoming photo session. These are –

1. Location of The Photo Session

Location of The Photo Session
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

The model’s clothes, makeup, accessories, and the image as a whole directly depend on the location. Indeed, when shooting outdoors, a long evening dress will look rather ridiculous, and jeans and a T-shirt will not work for a photoshoot in a luxurious hall. So, we determine the place first.

2. Selection of Clothing

Decide for yourself in which image you would most like to capture yourself. Fatal Beauty? Or a cute villager? Or an uninhibited resident of a metropolis? If you are soft and timid by nature, you shouldn’t try to look like someone else.

Plus Size Models Photoshoot

Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable: dress, T-shirt and jeans, underwear and white shirt. To give yourself even more pleasure from the photoshoot, buy a couple of new things. Try to avoid catchy tight leggings, small tops, straps pulling the body.

3. Accessories for Photoshoot

Often it is the little things that are imperceptible at first glance that make the picture unique. A vintage handbag, a brutal leather belt, favorite earrings, or a brooch – all this will be a great addition to the chosen look. Even if you think that this or that accessory will look ridiculous in the shooting style selected, tell the photographer about it – most likely, it will most likely help to “beat” it in the right way and harmoniously fit your favorite thing into the image.

Accessories for Curvy Girls
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

There is an opinion that fat ladies look great in black clothes. It is difficult to say where this myth originates. It is not the black color that helps hide the flaws in the figure, but the correctly selected size and style of clothing. Pay attention to this when choosing your outfit.

Most likely, after a personal acquaintance with the photographer, most of the fears will leave you. But, as practice shows, most girls who have not had the experience of posing still feel some constraint. To minimize any discomfort, be sure to practice in front of the mirror, try to pose in comfortable positions for you – after such a workout, it will be easier for you to relax, and you will be able to show your best side.

Plus Size Models Photoshoot
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

Do not try to copy the looks and styles of other girls and famous models. If you are not a professional actress, it is unlikely that you will do it naturally and at ease. Remain yourself and be sure to listen to the advice of the photographer.

4. Photographer’s Assistants

Do you think that slim and petite models always turn out perfectly in the photo? Nonsense! A beautiful photograph results from many hours of work by the model herself and more than one week of the photographer’s work on high-quality photo processing.

Plus Size Models Photoshoot
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

There are many ways to hide the flaws of any figure (by the way, thin people also have them) or emphasize its advantages: the correct angle helps to make the volumes less lush, light smooths out too sharp transitions, hairstyle and makeup help to focus attention on the face, numerous accessories help to take a comfortable and a natural pose. Let’s take a closer look at each photographer’s “assistant”.

5. Lighting for Plus Size Models Photoshoot

Correctly placed light helps to smooth out the figure’s outlines and make it smoother and more graceful. Of course, studio shooting is ideal in this case. But an experienced photographer will do a great photoshoot with a plus-size girl, even in natural light.

photoshoot with a plus-size girl
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

The light should fall from the sides and from above, but not from below. The bottom light will undoubtedly highlight the double chin and make the figure look heavy.

6. Foreshortening Before Photoshoot

Most often, photographers choose a slightly overhead angle for portraits. You can easily hide the model’s double chin in this position and make her face more elongated.

slightly overhead angle
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

The undoubted plus of this angle is the girl’s neckline flaunting in the frame. If you are shooting full-length, you can use the half-turn photography technique.

7. Hair Style for Plus Size Models

With a hairstyle, you can successfully correct the oval of the face, cover too voluminous shoulders; it is beneficial to emphasize the chest.

Long Hair Poses for Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

A well-chosen hairstyle and good makeup can work wonders.

8. Some Additional Accessories & Pets

No matter where the shooting takes place, the availability of accessories is a must. For example, brightly colored pillows or large stuffed toys can help cover a specific part of your body (such as your thighs or belly). A scarf or stole can perform the same function.

Best Poses for Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

A neat hat (provided that it is correctly selected) will correct the oval of the face and give the image lightness.


A girl in an embrace with her large dog or fluffy cat will look natural and beautiful. Moreover, her close shaggy friend will help her to relax and feel “at home.”

Best Poses for Plus Size Girls with Pets
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

It is better to choose “assistants” for shooting together with the photographer. The main thing is that the whole image looks harmonious and natural.

Poses for Plus Size Models Photoshoot

Poses for a plus size models photoshoot are generally the same as for any other shooting. But there are some nuances here. Bellow, I have presented some great poses for plus size models photoshoots.

1. Standing Poses for Plus Size Models

In this position, it is best not to hunch over; keep your back straight. The shoulders need to be straightened; the chest should be brought forward. This pose will make the figure appear taller and slimmer. In no case should you press your hands to the body – place them on the waist or hips or gently lower them along the body.

Standing Poses for Plus Size Models
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

The pictures in which the model bends at the waist while raising the chin look very impressive – this is how all the irregularities of the abdomen and neck are smoothed out, and the pose acquires “appetizing” outlines. Another good option is to stand in a half-turn with one hand on your thigh and lower the other along your torso.

2. Sitting Poses for Plus Size Models

In a sitting position, you also need to monitor your posture. It is essential to make sure that the socks are stretched – this will visually give the legs additional length and make the lower leg more slender and fit. It is pretty essential to wear high-heeled shoes.

Sitting Poses for Plus Size Models
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

It is advisable to place the legs as parallel to each other as possible. In this case, hands can be taken back, as if leaning on them, or raised to the chin.

The pose in which the model sits down on a chair, armchair, or sofa looks great and stretches her legs in front of her a little to the side (not forgetting about the outstretched socks). The upper half of the body can be turned in the opposite direction from the legs.

3. Lying Poses for Plus Size Models

In the supine position, the model can raise her arms or spread out to the sides. If the arms are stretched along the body, it will look too taut and strict. The head can be tilted to the side, or you can direct your gaze into the lens. Stretching your legs straight is also not recommended – you can slightly bend them at the knees and tilt them to the side.

You can shoot in a prone position both from above and from the side. In a position lying on your stomach, legs bent at the knees look great. Lying on your side, you can throw one hand behind your head and gently lean on the other. Do not forget always to keep your back straight – this will give your image of a “royal” charm.

Lying Poses for Plus Size Models
Plus Size Models Photoshoot

During the photo session, of course, you will be photographed in several poses from different angles, so you will undoubtedly be able to choose 10-15 beautiful pictures at the exit.

Working with a professional photographer, you don’t have to worry that the photos will turn out to be ugly and dull. A true photography expert of his craft will be able to skillfully emphasize all the advantages of your gorgeous figure and easily hide its flaws.


Despite the beauty standards that the fashion world is actively trying to impose on us, beauty is in each of us. And even a girl whose volumes do not fall into the model 90-60-90 is also beautiful. Seeing the beauty in yourself and appreciating what nature has given us is a real art.

With the help of simple techniques, a professional photographer will help emphasize the charms of your figure and keep them in stylish and high-quality photos.

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