Pros and Cons of Sony a6300: 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony’s a6300 Camera

I love making videos. And now this love has acquired an almost sick character. I also tried a lot of cameras: I shot with Canon, shot with Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung.

And then I got hold of Sony cameras, which I used to try to avoid. I was very happy when, unexpectedly, among the horse-price fields, the company a6300 rose like a sunflower on a sunny day, which in the window can easily get lost among the soap dishes.

I have been shooting them, or rather, them (since I have 2 Sony a6300 cameras) for the second year. And I decided to write pros and cons of Sony a6300 digital camera. Be careful, a lot of sarcasm…

Pros: 10 Advantages of Sony a6300

Pros and Cons of Sony a6300
Pros and Cons of Sony a6300

1. Price

This is the first camera from Sony to offer very rich features for a reasonable price. The camera on Avito now costs a little over $700. Thanks to Sony for releasing the a6500, for which you are asking for an unreasonably large sum of money. But every cloud has a silver lining: the predecessor has logically dropped in price, and seriously.

2. Multifunctionality

In creating this camera, the company was guided by the “shove-in” rule. As a result, we have a small box with a huge selection of functions for almost any occasion.

3. 4K Video

This camera essentially shoots 6K, upscaled to 4K. As a result, there is more detail compared to top-end cameras.

4. Hybrid Autofocus

The camera has a huge focus area dotted with phase sensors. There are 425 of them. That’s a lot. The result is high speed even in low light.

5. Rate of Fire

The a6300 is very good for reportage photography: it is capable of producing 11 frames per second with single-frame focusing.

6. Slow Motion

The camera is capable of shooting up to 120 fps, which means the ability to slow down five times without artifacts.

7. Customization

You can reconfigure up to 8 buttons to your liking, adjust the focus speed and use third-party optics seamlessly without losing features such as zebra crossing and focus-picking.

8. Work from Power Bank

The camera can be powered from the Power bank via the microUSB input without any problems. That eliminates the need to purchase expensive batteries.

9. APS-C Sensor

This sensor size is the perfect middle ground for using the camera for both video and stills, while still producing the same effects as on full frame (I’m talking about shallow depth of field). There are limitations of course, but in skillful hands they are invisible.

Cheaper optics and the ability to use optics from full-frame cameras.

10. Mobility

As the owner of two of these cameras, I can confidently declare: even with large lenses, they both fit into a small bag without any problems.

At the same time, working in the middle segment of photo and video services, you are unlikely to hear customer complaints about the quality of the picture from these cameras.

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Cons: 10 Disadvantages of Sony a6300

Pros and Cons of Sony a6300
Pros and Cons of Sony a6300

1. Distortion with Blue Glow

This camera, like many other Sony cameras, suffers from blue light artifact disease. It is cured if the temperature setting in Kelvin is raised above 6000, but this is the wrong approach to shooting in general. So beware of club shooting.

2. Small Battery

I don’t understand how a small battery from an action camera has 1240 mAh, and from a Sony a6300, being twice as large in volume – only 1040? I’m sure this is a conspiracy of the company itself.

3. There is No Folding Screen

This little thing makes you perverted and collect various technological monsters. Despite the fact that Sony has cameras where the screen can be rotated as you want. For example, Sony a99 of both generations. But, apparently, the toad strangles to realize this on mirrorless cameras, because ideas for subsequent models may dry up, and the money needs to be ripped off for something new. As, for example, a6500: they threw the consumer an inferior touch screen, inferior stabilization on the matrix and raised the price. Don’t get fooled!

4. Overheating

In 4K, you can shoot for no longer than 10 minutes, and then the camera will say, they say, it’s time to rest. An exception is shooting in winter. Probably, Sony has conceived this: “Let’s create a camera for northerners”.

5. Rolling Shutter

Again, in 4K video, with sharp turns, everything around turns to jelly, so dynamic scenes are questionable.

6. Weak Bit Rate

a6300, like all Sony cameras, “powder” our heads with many functions, but at the same time they do not consider it necessary to raise the bitrate from 50 to at least 100 Mb/s. But even my smartphone shoots with a bitrate of 120.

7. Idiotic Menu

I can’t say that Sony is unique in creating an absolutely inconvenient menu, but the completely illogical sequence and arrangement of settings and options, insane phrase reductions … and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

8. Paid Applications

In general, I do not mind buying additional applications and expanding the functionality of the camera, but the time-lapse could have been installed for free right away. In addition, installing it using a non-touch screen is not an easy task.

9. Lack of Native High-Aperture Zooms

Until recently, Sony did not have average native 2.8 aperture zooms and had to use third-party optics, which, in turn, added costs. And the deterioration of autofocus, and if the adapter is unchipped, then it will not be at all. Now the native f2.8 zoom has appeared, but it costs like your left kidney.

There is no limit to Sony’s greed, and I am sure they will shock us more than once in this regard.

10. Display Brightness

Nobody talks about this anywhere, but when shooting at 100 fps or at 4K on the a6300, the brightness of the display automatically becomes minimal, it seems like for energy saving, and there is no way to fix it. Thank you Sony! It’s nice to guess on a sunny day: what am I shooting?

Well, and as a negative bonus – a rare firmware update.

For the second year on the market, and the firmware was updated only once, and that was clumsy. Apparently, it is unprofitable to fix the jambs of old cameras, but it is better to churn out new ones and make money on their sale.

So, it were 10 pros and cons of Sony a6300 you need to read before the purchase of the Sony a6300. As you can see, in my practices and reasoning, a lot refers to Sony cameras in general.

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Pros and Cons of Sony a6300
Pros and Cons of Sony a6300

All of the above pros and cons of Sony a6300 are my personal, exclusively subjective impressions. Please share your experience in comment bellow.

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