Samyang Wide Angle 12mm F/2.0 NCS CS PHOTO Lens

Change the direction of your photography with this new good deal that we will present to you. It concerns the Samyang wide Angle 12 mm lens which is sold at $259. Want to take beautiful shots use this Samyang Wide Angle Lens.

Smile, You Will Not Ruin Yourself

This good offer for this camera lens from Samyang is proposed by Amazon. The site will offer you the delivery and as always, you will have 14 days to return the item if ever you are not satisfied with your purchase. Take about 2 to 3 weeks before receiving the product at your home. A one-year warranty extension to $13.80 is also offered.

Everything-Ready Equipment

As for the lens itself, it has been specially designed for devices equipped with a high-resolution sensor, that is to say more than 24 million pixels. Its aperture range starts at f/2.0 and it has a shooting angle of 98.9 degrees. The dispersion will also be very low thanks to the presence of three ED glass lenses.

The Samyang wide Angle lens includes a nano-crystal anti-reflection processing device that will bring even more quality to your photos. The contrasts will be higher and the light will be better transmitted. In short, you will be able to photograph everything accurately, whether it is a landscape or an interior.

Samyang Wide Angle Lens for Your Cameras

Samyang Wide Angle 12 mm

Here is the list of Samyang wide-angle 12 mm lenses compatible to different brands and models.

Sony$259Buy on Amazon
Fujifilm$275Buy on Amazon
Samsung$354Buy on Amazon
Panasonic$249Buy on Amazon
Canon$379Buy on Amazon
Photo Taken With - Samyang Wide Angle 12mm Lense
Photo Taken with Samyang Wide Angle 12mm Lens

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