Selfie Mirror: All You Need to Know About Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror

Today, I am bringing your attention to an original device “Selfie Mirror” that opens up vast opportunities for advertising and business. Selfie Mirror is an interactive panel that allows you to take full-body selfies. The device will make any event memorable and attract the attention of visitors.

Selfie Mirror is interactive equipment for selfie lovers that allows you to take a full-length photo without being distracted by the lens of your smartphone. In the photograph, the person will turn out exactly as he would see himself in the reflection in the mirror.

The Selfie Mirror is a state-of-the-art device that takes full-length photos. To do this, you need to touch the screen, take a suitable pose, wait for the end of the countdown. Next, you need to sign the photo and send it by mail, share it on social networks, or print the image. The device is easy to use and visitors take hundreds of pictures in one event.

Selfie Mirror
Selfie Mirror

It is how visitors see a selfie mirror, but there are many benefits to device owners and renters. User photos are excellent advertising that will allow you to promote an institution or event on social networks. During downtime, the device can display ads, which generates additional income. Also, the selfie mirror can be equipped with a bill acceptor or rented out.

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Features of A Selfie Mirror

Even though the interactive device has not yet managed to demonstrate its potential at all major forums and exhibitions, everyone should know its advantages:

  • The ability to advertise your brand. These can be videos or photos on the screen when the device is in standby mode or captions on finished photos promoting the company’s products and services.
  • You can take not only a photo but also decorate it. You can add inscriptions, stickers, and tiny pictures to an already finished digital photo on the interactive screen.
  • The mirror can conduct an interactive dialogue with guests, play music and perform other functions required by the client. In general, the device can be customized to meet the needs of the customer.
  • If there are many children at the event, you can install games on your device that are easy to play with touch. Children will be delighted!
  • Excellent quality photos can be emailed or printed immediately with a fast printer.

All displayed content can be easily changed by the mirror’s owner, even without the help of programmers. It is enough to connect to the device, download the necessary frames, video, soundtrack, and configure. Changing content for any event takes a minimum of time.

Do you want to experience unusual interactive equipment at your exhibition or celebration? You can buy a selfie mirror on Amazon for $3699 (product link) and evaluate its effectiveness.

Uses & Benefits of A Selfie Mirror

Such entertainment appeared in the USA quite recently, but it already has a lot of fans. The mirror can be installed as an advertising tool at events or simply fun in large shopping malls during holidays.

Main areas of use:

  • presentations of new products and services – a selfie mirror here creates a WOW effect;
  • large corporate parties – to maintain team spirit;
  • wedding, birthday and other holidays – all guests will remember entertainment;
  • promotional events – you can take pictures of the first customers to create content to advertise a new product;
  • exhibitions – the level of popularity of the event organizer is growing, and even more, visitors are attracted.
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How Does Selfie Mirror work?

The design of the selfie mirror is pretty simple and includes:

  • a large screen that does not differ from a mirror;
  • touch button for switching to photographing;
  • a camera is hidden behind the screen;
  • microphone and speakers;
  • a printer that prints quickly and efficiently; and
  • software for interactive work.

The interactive device pre looks like an ordinary mirror. In idle mode, the device draws attention to itself with videos, advertisements, or catchy phrases.

If you want to take a selfie, you need to touch the screen and select the photo’s format, their number (from 1 to 4). Next, the mirror starts a countdown and takes a picture of those who fit into the lens.

Women Taking Selfie with Selfie Mirror
Women Taking Selfie with Selfie Mirror

When the photo is ready, you can also edit it on the screen: paint something with brushes that can change color and thickness, glue stickers, scaled pictures such as cat ears, hearts, etc.

The photo can be sent by email, posted on a social network, or printed.

Scope of Application

The device will be an excellent purchase for:

  • night club;
  • banquet hall;
  • hotels;
  • coworking;
  • shopping center;
  • event agencies.

The device is relevant in any place where there are many people. You can buy a selfie mirror for personal use if you wish: it will become a real highlight of your interior.

The device owner can earn on the photos themselves (if the model is with a bill validator), selling advertising, renting the device. Renting a selfie mirror for one day, depending on the region, costs from 500 to 1 thousand dollars. The device pays off in just 1-2 months.

Recommended Selfie Mirrors Booth

I recommend you to buy Mirror 3 Flawless Photo Booth from Photo Booth International. This company is engaged in the production of selfie mirrors. They also offer standard options or make a device according to individual sizes. The design is excellent and the standard version of a selfie mirror costs $11,500 (check the latest price on Amazon).

Selfie Mirror By Photo Booth International
Selfie Mirror By Photo Booth International

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a selfie mirror booth, WISVANAI RIM550 Photo Booth is the best choice. It will cost around $3,100 today at the time of writing this article (check the latest price on Amazon). This mirror booth comes with a cabinet, photo frame, infrared touch frame, mirror, LCD TV, mini PC, SLR, and printer. You need to decorate this selfie mirror booth during installation.

Selfie Mirror By WISVANAI
Selfie Mirror By WISVANAI

That’s all for today. Hope you like this article, please share it with your friends on social media maybe they will be interested in renting a selfie mirror booth business.

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