Selfies Sticks – Buying Guide, Rating and Reviews

Selfies Sticks

Everyone takes a selfie, but not necessarily with the right accessory. To be one of those who immortalize every moment in comfort, you should choose a selfie stick with reflection. It is important to learn about the general characteristics of the poles before you even contact their suppliers or distributors. There are many points to check including the operation of this device, its compatibility with a smartphone and its size. In our ranking, we believe that the following models are the best in their category taking into account the reviews of those who used them.

VPROOF is compact. It is made of aluminum alloy with a plastic inner padding. It is simple to use not involving installing any software. MPow has an adjustable length between 18 and 81 cm. Its angle is adjustable to 270°. It allows you to take a selfie up to 3000 times after a charge.


Vproof Selfie Stick with Remote Control Cable for iPhone, Android (black)

Vproof Selfie Stick
Vproof Selfie Stick

This selfie stick features the Twist-lock system making using this selfie stick more enjoyable and easier. You will need only a few gestures to fix your Smartphone on the device. It fits most smartphone models with a maximum dimension of 5.5 inches.

This model is not compatible with some smartphones. It is therefore necessary to check this point thoroughly before your purchase to avoid a bad investment as some users have done.

Vproof is the best model from our list. Indeed, this device is made of quality materials that give it its durability and at the same time its lightness.

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MPow Selfie Stick Bluetooth iPhone with Wireless Monopod Button

MPow Selfie Stick
MPow Selfie Stick

The design of MPow MBT8B-EA is both rich in aesthetics and functional. Its handle is in rubber and its chrome tip. The set springs a nice design to watch. In addition, it is provided with an adjustable press button.

For some users, this perch is not very long in comparison with some models available on the market. However, it can still play its part properly.

MPow MBT8B-EA has the best value. Its purchase leads you to a selfie stick whose design does not remain appreciable to see aesthetically speaking, but also practical and functional.

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JETech Wired Selfie Stick Pole [without battery, without Bluetooth]

JETech Wired Selfie Stick
JETech Wired Selfie Stick

This device offers optimal protection of your smartphone during its use. Indeed, the perch offers you a qualitative clasp system. It protects your phone while holding it firmly in all circumstances. Its handle is also non-slip.

For some individuals who have used this article, it is a bit hard to unfold. But not all of its users complained that they had this concern.

This is the most expensive perch compared to the selected items. However, it is worth buying it if you consider the protection that it can bring to your smartphone.

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How to Choose A Good Selfie Stick?

How to Choose A Good Selfie Stick?

The Selfie Stick or selfie stick is a telescopic rod that serves as a support for a Smartphone. If you want to equip yourself with such a perch, our tips on how to choose a Good Selfie Stick are recommended to you on the price comparator. Before laying out for a specific model, take a little more time to know the operation, specifics and size of the selfie stick.

The Operation of The Poles

Equipped with a shutter release, The Selfie Stick is the “in” accessory that you absolutely must own. Before looking at how to buy a better value Selfie Stick, it’s important that you know how selfie sticks actually work. With a Selfie Stick, it will be easier for you to achieve the self-portrait you are doing with your smartphone.

Group selfies are easier to do with a pole. Since the accessory allows a better recoil, you have the opportunity to better frame the shot. The rendering of the photo will be perfect since there will be no severed head, no protruding arm. Selfie poles are equipped with two types of technology.

You will have to choose between models equipped or not with wire. Wired selfie poles literally depend on the Smartphone. In other words, these poles are powered by the device. As for wireless poles, they work with a battery installed in the sleeve. The newest models are equipped with a USB port used for charging. It is possible to charge them with a Smartphone charger.

Matching Selfie Stick and Smartphone

As there are dozens of selfie pole models on the market. This buying guide for the best Selfie Sticks recommends you to choose a pole suitable for your Smartphone. Of course, you can opt for standard models that work on Smartphones running Android, IOS or Windows Phone, but if you are looking for a specific model, you will be spoiled for choice.

Selfie sticks that work via Bluetooth are the most popular currently. This accessory is equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust the recoil well during shooting. If you’re looking for a pole that you could use for hours without having to recharge, the mini-jack selfie pole is for you. For those who prefer robustness, they will be able to opt for the pole without trigger which is rustic, but just as effective as the two models aroused.

The Size of The Perches

The ideal is to opt for a folded compact perch, because with its 30 cm it is not bulky, but it is easy to use. Once folded, this perch will fit in a small bag and even in your pocket. You could take it with you on your hikes. Some Smartphone models will require deployed poles, the length of which can reach 1.2 meters. Fear not, these perch are not heavy despite their imposing size.

Now that you know everything about selfie sticks, you can now focus on the question: Where to buy a new selfie stick?

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The Best Selfies Sticks of 2021

The Best Selfies Sticks of 2020

Selfies sticks are now available on the market so you can easily make the best selfies by yourself or in a group or to capture the present moment, wherever you are. Discover and compare the selfie sticks selected by our comparison to find the right model for your taste and budget.

1. VPROOF Selfie Stick Bluetooth Compact Design

One of the main qualities of this selfie stick is its maneuverability. With a Twist-lock system, it can be handled very easily, even the most awkward will not have problems thanks to this selfie stick. In addition, it adapts to various models of smartphones.

However, with the number of smartphone models that exist, it is impossible to find a selfie stick that is compatible with all these smartphones. The selfie pole Vproof is no exception, but the most famous models are compatible with it.

Rating: 9.9 / 10

The majority of reviews agree that this model of selfie stick is undoubtedly the best. And one can even be surprised by its price if we consider all its qualities.

Vproof Selfie Stick

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Main Features Explained

Best Selfie Features


Made of very light materials, COOLREALL ST-2-BK-HB can be taken anywhere and without any difficulty. This lightness is achieved thanks to the aluminum alloy stick of which it is mainly composed. In addition, the padding is also made of lightweight material since it is essentially plastic padding.

And despite this really minimal weight, its size is not small. This selfie pole can reach a length of 73 cm, which is really convenient because we can get from this distance an angle that makes our photos perfectly successful. The materials with which it is made are also very resistant, the solidity of this article is therefore really indisputable hence the guarantee that one can have when buying it.

Very Simple to Use

When we talk about the word smartphone, some people may immediately think that these are latest Cree devices whose use is more complicated than that of the old models of mobile phones. And this idea of difficulty of use extends even to the various accessories that accompany smartphones like selfies poles. But all these people have nothing to fear since this selfie stick is the easiest to use.

No need for these electronic trifles with weird names, just plug in the cables and press a button and you get a selfie. Even the most lagging behind in new technology can take it very easily and become the best to take selfies.

Ideal for Android and IOS

It is clear that in the smartphone sales sector, two brands are the most popular in the world. And this is due to the fact that they are the best in this area. In order not to disappoint customers, the COOLREALL ST-2-BK-HB has adapted to these smartphones. When we buy our state-of-the-art phone, the accessories that go with it must also be up to those devices.

This pole for selfie being the best, so it makes sense that it is the ideal to accompany the best brands of smartphones. Whether we are a fan of American or Asian smartphones, this selfie stick will always be a safe value since it can be compatible with any device of our preference.

VPROOF Selfie Sticks
VPROOF Selfie Stick

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2. MPOW MBT8B Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The length of MPow MBT8B can be adjusted between 18 and 81 cm. During transport, it takes a compact shape that allows you to easily insert it into your bag. While when you use it, it is able to extend a long distance to capture a whole group of people wishing to get together in a photo.

Its weight is reduced to only 120 grams showing the lightness of this article that ensures its maneuverability. The pole is adjustable to a 270 ° angle so you can easily orient it according to your needs. This contributes to the perfect shot taking. This model only requires to be charged for one to two hours to allow you to take selfies up to 3000 times. It gives you the freedom to carry it without constraint on the go and capture as many times as you want.

This accessory is also very rich in aesthetics. Indeed, its handle is in rubber and it is accompanied by a chrome tip. Such a design makes its grip easier, the gum is not slippery, and the whole comes out a design that delights the eyes when you look at it.

MPow is a Bluetooth selfie stick that shows its strengths through different points.

Positive Points

Adjustable Length: This device can be adjusted to a length between 18 and 81 cm. It is compact when folded and long enough when you stretch it.

Adjustable Angle: In order to allow you to take each capture in a good condition, this model can be adjusted to an angle of 270 °.

A Very Aesthetic Accessory: This product is accompanied by a rubber handle and a chrome tip giving it an appreciable design to look at.

Prolonged Use After Each Charge: This equipment can be used up to 3000 times after each charge that lasts between one and two hours.

Negative Points

English Newsletter: This template is accompanied by a leaflet in English. However, since its handling is not complicated, its users can master its use even if they do not understand this language well.

MPow Selfie Stick
MPow Selfie Stick

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3. JETech Battery Free Wired Selfie Stick, Black

Folded, JETech Wired Selfie Stick Black measures 18 cm in length. As for its weight, it is equivalent to only 127 grams. These characteristics show that this perch is both compact and lightweight. It is simple to store and easy to carry so you can capture the important moments in your life wherever you are.

When deployed, this expandable stick can take up to 72 cm in length. This is enough to allow you to take captures without constraints whether the area to be taken is narrow or wider. This model is controllable through a remote control from the headphone jack of your smartphone. As a result, it does not require a Bluetooth connection or battery charging to play its role.

This selfie stick guarantees optimal protection of your smartphone every time you use it. Indeed, it is provided with a qualitative clasp system that protects and holds your phone when you take pictures in different postures. In addition, the handle is non-slip and the wrist strap ensures that the stick is held straight.

The selfie stick that JETech offers you is convenient either by its design or functionally.

Positive Points

A Compact and Lightweight Material: This device can easily find its place either in your pocket or in a purse being able to fold up to 18 cm and weighing only 127 G.

Optimal Protection: While you use it, this equipment protects your phone in an optimal way through its clasp, non-slip handle and wrist strap.

Simple Control: This accessory is easy to handle, as it is controlled through a remote control connected to the headphone jack of the smartphone. It requires no Bluetooth connection or battery charging.

Disadvantages: Some reviews indicate that this model is not always simple to unfold, but not everyone made this remark.

JETech Wired-Selfie-Stick
JETech Wired-Selfie-Stick

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4. Fugetek Selfie Stick

Whether you are a selfie fan or a photography enthusiast, we recommend adopting the Fugetek selfie stick with Bluetooth to make your photo shoots easier. Thanks to the Bluetooth button, you can remotely and wirelessly control your Smartphone to ensure a stable and accurate shooting.

The telescopic arm of this selfie stick is extendable up to 89cm, which allows you to hold your camera further and achieve an excellent viewing angle. By the way, you can make a pleasant group photo or self-portrait with a pleasant background.

Thanks to its compact shape, small size and light weight, this selfie stick can be carried away without worry on your travels, family day or private evenings. It doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Delivered ready to use, it comes with a USB charging cable, cord and user manual.

It supports the majority of Smartphones with the Android or iOS system, including the iPhone 6 + and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4.

If you have decided to acquire a model listed in the ranking of the best selfie sticks of the moment, then you will have a high chance of stumbling upon the Fugetek Selfie Stick perch. This model is compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market.

Positive Points

Extendable Bars: It can be lengthened up to a maximum length of 89 cm, a sufficient length for selfie lovers.

Great Compatibility: This selfie stick can be used with most smartphones on the market equipped with IOS and Android operating systems, even the newest ones like the iPhone 6 + for example.

Negative Points

High Weight: Some customers are of the opinion that it is a little heavy.

Fugetek Selfie Stick
Fugetek Selfie Stick

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5. Tzumi Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

If you want to acquire a selfie stick that combines quality and cheap price, we recommend Tzumi Selfie Stick. This model works without any hook-up to delight outdoor selfie lovers and passionate photographers.

You can adjust the height and length of the extendable telescopic pole up to 80cm to have the best view angle and original photo backgrounds. Thanks to the easy pairing via Bluetooth, you just need to press a multi-function button to make beautiful selfies or group photos with friends or family every time.

Strong, lightweight and easy to take away, this selfie stick can accompany you wherever you are: on beach holidays, nature walks, family parties or evenings with friends. You can easily take photos of each of your highlights.

If you want to buy this selfie stick, know that this model is compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphones. Very convenient, it comes with a USB charging cable, a user manual and a warranty card. It benefits from a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

If you too want to succumb to the fashion of selfies, then you need a quality selfie stick. The Tzumi Selfie Stick could then arouse your interest. It is convenient, easy to use, and its price is very interesting.

Positive Points

Simple Use: It can pair to your smartphone by Bluetooth easily. The multi-function button is convenient for taking photos and selfies.

Price: It is Cheaper Than the competition, and yet, efficiency and performance level, it is not left behind.

Negative Points

Battery Charge Level: Users regret the lack of a battery level indicator.

Tzumi Selfie Stick
Tzumi Selfie Stick

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Expert Choice – Vproof Selfie Stick, BT

It is a handheld extendable selfie stick. Apart from the times when you use it, it can take a compact design that can be stored in a narrow place. Still, when you lengthen it, it can reach up to 73 cm in length. This allows you to take pictures in a good condition even if you are grouped into several numbers.

This model is compatible with most smartphones with Android and IOS system thus avoiding the risk that it is not usable with your device while you want to enjoy its advantages. Its lightness as well as its robustness are linked to its constituent materials. Indeed, this item is made of aluminum alloy with a plastic inner padding. This explains its high maneuverability and durability.

This pole is easy to use. It does not require any software installation to be put into service so that its manipulation is within everyone’s reach and does not require any special experience to control it. A simple cable connection followed by a press on the shutter is enough to take photos or record videos according to the needs of each user.

This selfie stick is an ideal accessory to take a selfie in good condition under different circumstances.

Positive Points

A Compact Device: This model can be stored in a bag to give you the freedom to carry it wherever you go.

Considerable Length: Being stretchable, this item can reach a maximum length equal to 73 cm.

Sturdy and Lightweight Materials: The pole is made of aluminum alloy which has a plastic inner padding making it durable and easy to handle.

Easy to Use: This product is easy to handle, as it does not require the installation of software to be able to put it into working order.

Negative Points

Problem of Incompatibility: Some individuals who have opted for this product have complained that it cannot be used with their smartphone even if the device is indicated to be compatible with the pole at the level of its description.

Vproof Selfie Stick
Vproof Selfie Stick

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