What is The Best Sony Bridge Camera Model in The Market This Year?

Sony Bridge Camera

Every photography lover dreams of having professional equipment to perfect his work. That’s why manufacturers have designed bridge cameras – equipped with a removable lens, this type of instrument guarantees high-quality photographs to its users. In the market, the Sony brand, specializing in technology, offers high-performance bridge cameras. To find the one that meets your actual needs, you will need to consider some specific criteria. This comparison of the three most popular Sony Bridge Camera will help you on this point.

Before you set your sights on a given prototype, the first thing to check is its lens that will primarily define the quality of the images. If, in particular, you plan to capture a wide field of view in an image, then make sure that the minimum focal length of your equipment is about 28 mm. By the way, the larger the focal ranges, the more versatile the lens of your bridge camera will be.

For you to enjoy accurate shots, even at a great distance, you will need to invest in a powerful zoom. The zoom usually varies from 30x, 40x, 60x, 65x, or 85x, depending on your needs.

During your quest, the sensitivity of your device also deserves your attention. Expressed in ISO, it concerns the shutter speed and the diaphragm. It is between 100 and 1600 ISO. To not alter the quality of your shots in low light, you will have to opt for high sensitivity.

For more convenience, check the essential functions of your selected camera. The presence of the burst mode is interesting to take 2-3 photos per second. The RAW format is also necessary to save taken images and retouch them. On the other hand, the backup flash is also an excellent alternative to always guarantee a good brightness of your photos.

Best Sony Bridge Cameras
Sony Bridge Camera

Recommended Sony Bridge Cameras By Experts

Sony Bridge Camera

Below I am going to present you the top three models of Sony bridge camera, these are the most recommended models by photography experts and have great ratings on popular online marketplaces.

1. Sony DSC-HX400V

The brand has endowed this model with a powerful 50x zoom that allows you to capture good quality images, even if you are far from the target.

Sony HX400V
Sony HX400V

Sony DSC-HX400V gives you more freedom to shoot between the 24mm wide-angle lens and the 1200mm telephoto lens. In addition, with the SteadyShot optical stabilizer and the smart active mode, the risk of blurring will no longer be present. It detects the slightest movement and gives you precise results.

The image quality of this camera also makes it a great asset. It has a backlit EXMO R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20.4 megapixels that promises you smooth and realistic shots.

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In addition, its Wi-Fi and NFC technologies allow you to transfer your creations, in wireless mode, to your computer and share them on sites.

2. Sony DSC-HX350

This model has a BIONZ X processor that allows you to reproduce realistic shots with well-defined colors and natural contours.

Sony DSC-HX350
Sony DSC-HX350

Moreover, its 20.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor is a guarantee of performance. It highlights images and videos with great clarity, even if you use them in a low-light location.

When it comes to the lens of your device, it offers you a wide optical zoom of 50x combined with a wide angle of 24 mm that covers everything.

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Because of this, you will have the opportunity to take detailed photos in close-up without any difficulty and with good results. The SteadyShot stabilizer’s smart active mode also ensures you snapshots without shaking, even when walking or zooming.

3. Sony DSC-H300

Its various convenient features distinguish this model of the Sony bridge camera. This bridge camera allows you to have clear shots with its advanced featured flash, no matter the lighting conditions when shooting.

Sony DSC-H300
Sony DSC-H300

It is also possible to make a panoramic image through the Panorama mode by 360° rotating your equipment. This instrument also incorporates picture effect technology that includes four photo Effects, four video effects, and three panoramic effects to retouch your creations.

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This Sony bridge camera model features a super CCD sensor with which you can record 720p HD videos without the slightest distortion. The photos obtained are of high quality and rich in colors thanks to its 20.1 megapixels. In addition, its powerful 35x zoom helps you capture distant targets in the photo.

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