Sports Photography: Wonderful Ideas for A Successful Sports Photoshoot

Sports Photography

Today, we’ll discuss sports photography. More and more people are making regular sports a part of their lives. And when the results of training finally manifest themselves in relief on the body, they want to share their successes with the whole world. That is why sports photography has become a real trend in recent years.

Choosing Clothes for Photography

Photos from a sports-style photoshoot demonstrate a person’s achievements in a specific sport, the result of his labors and training. To make them successful, special attention has to be paid to selecting clothes. It should emphasize the dignity of the figure and the individuality of a person, his style as much as possible.

Depending on the model’s sport, a specific image is created at the photoshoot. To do this, you can wear the following clothes: a kimono, boxing shorts, and gloves, a swimsuit, a beautiful fitness suite, branded sportswear, etc. The image is complemented by appropriate shoes (boots, sneakers) and props.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

Makeup and hairstyle are usually done in a natural style. To make a person look the same as in a regular workout. Various balls, ropes, massive chains, jump rope, dumbbells, step platforms, skis will be suitable props.

When a shooting takes place in a fitness club, it is necessary to use the gym’s equipment. If you plan a photoshoot at the stadium, you can take exciting shots in the auditorium, near the football goal, on the running tracks.

We Determine the Poses

The choice of poses for a photoshoot conceived in a sporty style directly affects its success. Dynamic positions will emphasize the strength, agility, and grace of the body with muscles. Such shots will demonstrate a person’s sporting spirit, willpower, and character.

Pictures of models in a relaxed position are also interesting. They show satisfaction after a hard workout or a state of calm during yoga.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

You can be standing, sitting, or lying down during the photoshoot. Traditional poses are used, which will favorably emphasize the features of the model’s figure. A professional photographer will determine the right angle and help you choose an advantageous position for the frame.

When shooting in a sports style, poses in which a person demonstrates the performance of any exercise will be successful: a boxing stance, push-ups, plank, yoga asanas, dumbbell press, muscle stretching, splits, gymnastic tricks.

Original Ideas for A Photoshoot in A Sporty Style

Sports photography demonstrates a person’s hobbies, love of training, strength of character, beautiful body, interest in development, and health. Shots from such a photoshoot are a great way to declare yourself outstanding and purposeful.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

For a girl who is passionate about fitness, a photoshoot in the gym will be a wonderful gift. For a coach, taking photos in the style of sports will help to advertise themselves. The purpose of the shooting and the preferences of the model determines the location of the photoshoot.

Photoshoot in The Gym

If you like gym classes, it is advisable to hold a photo session there. The setting itself will create the atmosphere necessary for filming. In addition, there will be a massive amount of props available. Successful shots are obtained on various simulators, with dumbbells or a barbell in their hands, on horizontal bars or TRX loops. There are a lot of mirrors in fitness clubs, which an experienced photographer will also be able to use perfectly for sports photography.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

Use a personal trainer to shoot at the fitness club. Such pictures will tell the story of your training process. The frames will look more natural, like individual moments from life. Wear traditional fitness clothes for the photoshoot, which will highlight the relief areas of your body.

Outdoor Shooting

Many people prefer to do sports outside. A photoshoot in the fresh air is suitable for skating, skiing, runners, and yoga lovers. As a place for filming in warm weather, use:

  • park or square with beautiful nature;
  • forest, field, meadow outside the city;
  • lake, sea, or other body of water;
  • outdoor swimming pool;
  • stadium.

Sports photoshoots are held on a skating ring or snow slopes in winter.

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Photos for Gymnasts and Dancers

For people fond of dancing or rhythmic gymnastics, a photoshoot in this style is relevant. It is best to organize it in a studio or gym. For beautiful shots, unique clothes are needed – a gymnastic swimsuit, a dance leotard. But you can also wear regular sports leggings in combination with a top.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

As a prop, a hoop, a ball, or a ribbon for gymnastics will be suitable. Poses for photos are various gymnastic tricks, twine, stretching elements, exercises at the ballet machine. An original photo session in the image of a gymnast can be arranged on the street. A girl performing various tricks looks very beautiful and unusual among nature or city buildings.

Extreme Photoshoot

Extreme sports, such as rock climbing, snowboarding, downhill or water skiing, surfing, can also be captured in a sports photo shoot. The frames, in this case, are always unusual and bright. But the places for such photosets are limited. Therefore, if you are going to do extreme sports, it is worth agreeing with an experienced photographer about the shooting. Clothing and props, in this case, are determined by the sport.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

In large cities, there are specially equipped centers for snowboarding or skiing. They simulate entirely the conditions of a ski resort indoors. An extreme photo session can be held in them at any time of the year. If you are trying yourself in such a sport, invite a coach to a photo session as a consultant. He will tell you beautiful and safe poses for shooting.

Shooting on The Playground

A sports ground is suitable for a photoshoot for lovers of an active lifestyle. If there are a lot of horizontal bars and exercise machines on them, use them as props to make a photoshoot in the workout style. You can arrange shooting with a ball on a football or basketball field tennis court. This type of photoshoot is suitable for both girls and boys.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

For the women, the image of a cheerleader for your favorite team will be interesting. You can dress up in a special cheerleader uniform or just in small shorts and a top. Take posters and pom-poms as props.

Photoshoot at Home

A photoshoot in the apartment is suitable for people who prefer home workouts. It’s a little more challenging to organize it. First, the photographer needs enough light to work. Therefore, you may have to negotiate with a specialist about additional portable lighting sources.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

Secondly, for high-quality pictures, a beautiful setting is essential. Care should be taken to create a suitable photo zone. Excess furniture and interior items have to be removed. A minimalistic corner remains in the frame, which is filled with sports props: dumbbells, a fitness mat, and other equipment.

Photoshoot for Cycling Enthusiasts

Fans of cycling for a sports photoshoot will choose, of course, cycling. It depends on the clothes; what kind of image will appear in the picture. A tight-fitting top, leggings, or cycling shorts will create a sporty look. With the help of casual clothes, this effect cannot be achieved.


The place for photographing can be a city landscape, natural landscapes, and even a photo studio. Photos with a bicycle do not look as organic as on the street in the studio. But such shooting is possible in any weather.

Couple Photoshoot for Lovers

You can arrange shooting in a sporty style together with your loved one. After all, for many couples, training is a common hobby.

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

A sports photoshoot of a girl with a guy will best tell their love story. If both partners are in good physical shape, then interesting shots will turn out, for example:

  • the guy pulls himself up on the horizontal bar with the girl;
  • a man does push-ups with his partner on his back;
  • yoga asanas in which one partner holds the other on his hands or feet;
  • the girl performs pull-ups, grabbing the guy’s hands;
  • a kiss during an exercise;
  • joint synchronous performance of exercises – plank, squats, push-ups, twists for the press.

This photoshoot is also suitable for couples expecting a baby. They take pictures from joint yoga classes for pregnant women in this case.

Studio Shooting

When planning a sports photoshoot, decide whether it will be shooting in an interior studio or with photo booths. In any case, the background should be in an ascetic style. Before you agree to rent a studio, think about how many hours of photographer’s work you need. The price of the photo set depends on it. (Read more about photoshoot cost).

Sports Photography
Sports Photography

A photoshoot in the studio has several advantages:

  • shooting takes place at any time and weather;
  • uniform lighting is guaranteed, which can be adjusted, accents can be placed;
  • there is a pre-thought out interesting background;
  • comfortable conditions have been created for the model to change clothes and create a new image;
  • nothing distracts the photographer and the one who is being filmed.

A photoshoot in a sporty style will help to show your successes, both to a seasoned coach or champion and to a fitness lover. The main thing is to hire a professional photographer who will express your love for sports in the pictures.

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