Spring Photoshoot Ideas – Top Ideas for a Beautiful Photoshoot in The City

Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Today’s topic is ‘spring photoshoot ideas.’ Spring is a fantastic time when nature comes to life, and photographers have dozens of ideas for cool spring photoshoots. After a monotonous, measured winter, the spring riot of colors, textures, and light inspires and pushes you to work. What are some ideas for a beautiful photo shoot in the spring in the city? I have collected some exciting options.

General Recommendations

You need to decide on the history and theme first. You can film a walk of light in the city and the airy young lady in flowers or a stylish businesswoman in clear silhouettes of buildings, a story with a remote location (for example, decorated for a holiday). The main thing is that the character, his image, and the environment do not conflict.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

You need to find:

  • The right outfit (can be rented from the theater);
  • Accessories (everything that reflects the idea of ​​a photo session – a bright umbrella, flowers, canvases of light transparent fabric, pancakes, a samovar, bagels, a scarecrow);
  • Location (you can make a photo zone yourself in the park or join the city festivities).

Have to Get into The Spring Weather?

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Do not undress models with the first rays of the spring sun. It may be irrelevant and even ridiculous. Every month you can find something interesting:

  • March. Cold and snowy – suitable for photoshoots with stoles, warm, soft, and cozy things. Warmer is the time to walk around the city in loose but still closed clothes. Rainy is an excellent location for a black and white photo, and you can show the transition from winter snow melting. The model is still hiding from the rain behind an umbrella – it is cold, sharp;
  • April. It is much warmer outside, clothes become lighter. Winter is finally gone; it’s time for romantic photoshoots, love stories, family shoots. The main scenery: flowering parks, fountains, dams. Pastel shades of bright colors predominate (pink, yellow, blue, green);
  • May. Life is in full swing; bright colors prevail in clothes, in locations. Models embraced by the warm sun soft light. Rainy May contrasts with March. If the March rain is cold, the model takes cover from the rain with an umbrella, then the May one is perceived joyfully: it is warm, soft, delights poets, adults, and children.

Accesories for Spring Photoshoot

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Depending on the idea, the weather can be used:

  • Spring Flowers. Roses are an overused classic. It is better to take snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, irises, daffodils, forget-me-nots – actual spring symbols. They will look bright, unusual and attract attention;
  • Birdhouses. A family photo session where birdhouses do everything – unique and bright, and also useful for birds;
  • Colorful Seasonal Clothes. Rubber boots, umbrellas, raincoats; and
  • Bicycles.
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Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

1. Walking Photo Session

Such shooting usually does not involve changing outfits but does involve changing locations. Therefore, it is important to re-think the route following the idea.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

2. Model and City

You can show a person in the city: small and insignificant against the backdrop of the power of the metropolis. Or vice versa, strong, stylish, cool, living in the same rhythm with this city. The scenery in both cases is more concrete: buildings, art objects, bridges, graffiti.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

How to show the difference in the significance of a person in the same scenery?

It depends on the model and the photographer.

Small and Insignificant: We shoot so that the person seems small against the background of buildings (the emphasis is instead on them), fear, horror, despair, discontent froze on his face. Poses are closed.

Strong and Influential: The model’s face expresses confidence, her posture is open. The buildings are just the background. Such a photo session against the backdrop of the city will demonstrate a strong and self-confident personality.

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3. Shooting in The Park

If a photoshoot in the city in spring is held in May, warm April, when everything blooms and becomes bright, then you can plan a walk through the park, the flowering alley. It is a classic scenario for a spring photoshoot in the city. It can be made non-standard with:

  • Animals. For example, dogs are often used for filming. They perfectly complement family, wedding photoshoots in spring, love stories;
  • Bike. A retro-style dress, a two-seater bicycle, a basket of spring flowers, a blooming park – you get a beautiful love story;
  • Food. If the photo session is held in a warm spring, you can have a picnic (suitable for shooting one model, couples, love stories, even a wedding story). If it’s still cold to sit on the grass, you can take coffee and dessert to go. Many cafes make Instagrammable, beautiful drinks and desserts (unusual colors, with bright decor that you want to photograph).
Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Non-Standard Spring Photoshoot Ideas

It is possible to break my first recommendation and make the model and environment conflict. Incongruous things sometimes look very cool. For example, a girl is in a beautiful dress in a location that does not match her: on the streets of a dusty city, in a bad area, in the subway, on the roof.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

4. Shooting in A Cafe

An excellent idea for a photoshoot of girls on the streets of the city in spring:

  • Suitable for both relaxed and clamped models – you can drink coffee, talk heart to heart, and the girl will relax;
  • Such a photo session can be held in both small and big cities. The cafe can be tiny and cozy, with a wicker summer terrace, wooden furniture, and flower pots. Or it could be a large restaurant, with beautiful dishes, upholstered furniture, lots of textures in the interior;
  • Such a photo shoot in the city is suitable for inexperienced models. There will be no eternal question “Where to put the arms, legs” there are many items (cup, cutlery, glass, food) that you can pick up and beat.
Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

5. Ideas with Water

Drops, thawed reservoirs, working fountains, puddles – all these are locations for shooting. Moreover, you can beat them both in cold March and warm May.

  • Before sunset and at dawn, the image by the pond looks incredibly romantic.
  • In sunny weather, the splashes of the fountain look beautiful.
  • You can have a picnic on the shore of the reservoir.
  • Near the reservoir you can rent sports: yoga, jogging.
  • The love story looks romantic in rainy weather.
  • You can jump in the May puddles with children – you will get warm, bright photos.
Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

6. Holiday Ideas

There are three big holidays in the spring: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Passover. And if photoshoots in March are usually standard – they decorate the photo zone for a holiday and take pictures around it. On Passover and Easter, you can come up with something unusual.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Valentine’s Day

The holiday falls in the mid of February. Therefore, there is still snow in most regions at this time, and the temperature is below 0. It means that you need to think carefully about the costumes not to be cold. It is optimal to choose clothes with an ethnic pattern to make the national flavor visible. But, you can limit yourself to only accessories: scarf beads.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Location for filming is usually not a problem to find. In large and small cities, public festivities are often held, with themed photo zones. If not, you can make it in the park. To do this, you will need a table with a tablecloth, a chair, a samovar, pancakes, bagels. And the photo zone is ready!


Such a photo shoot in the spring is suitable for single shooting, family, children, love stories. What can be used:

  • Bouquets and wreaths;
  • Colored eggs;
  • Wicker baskets;
  • Rabbits – when using animals, it is essential always to remember to handle them carefully. You can take them carefully in your hands. You can not grab, sharply squeeze, drop.
Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

The location for the shooting can be a park embankment.

7. Photoshoot in Cloudy Weather

Spring fog and rain can create the right atmosphere: mysterious, magical, or dramatic.

Spring Photoshoot Ideas
Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Advantages of shooting on a cloudy day:

  • The sky turns into a giant softbox – the shadows are soft, and the light is diffused;
  • Highlights are not too bright;
  • The skin tone of the model is even due to soft light;
  • Bright colors look even brighter against the background of dull shades – you can play on this. For example, dressing the model in a bright plain dress.

It is essential to remember the safety of equipment in cloudy weather. Need to use:

In the city, you can make a fascinating spring photo session. The main thing is to think through everything to the smallest detail and not be afraid to experiment.

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